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The Most Expensive Tiny House in the World

When an artist and craftsman comes to you and asks “what materials would be best to use in the making of the most impressive hand-tooled woodworking tiny house project?” The answer could very well be “Sing Core.” The inventor of Sing Core, Peter Sing, asked the creator of this beautifully executed project that could easily be the most expensive tiny house in the world made completely of Sing Core what would he be willing to sell it for? The creator’s reply,

“5 Million Dollars.”

~Walter Dill

What would a $5,000,000 Sing Core tiny house look like? Something like this:

This view to the rear of this 5 million dollar tiny house on wheels exposes high quality woodworking in exquisite cabinetry throughout.

What a relaxing interior view of this elegant art deco labor of love. Magnificence exemplified and made possible by Sing Core throughout.

The long interior front facing view of this one of a kind artistic treasure offers a generous view of Monica Uhl the artisan’s 10,000 piece parquet floor an the bottom and Sing Core curved top artistically and ornately decorated.


Exterior view of the 5 million dollar Sing Core tiny house based on original 1956 Airfloat chassis.

It’s hard to imagine that such a work of art could have emerged from the humble beginnings of this original 1956 Airfloat Land Yacht chassis.

Artisans and craftspeople painstakingly rebuilt the entire structure of the 5 million dollar tiny house with sing core panels.


Let this Sing Core door be opening up new ideas and creations for tiny houses and beyond to stretch your imagination and create something new that has never been possible before, thanks to Sing Core.

Thanks to Walter Dill for sharing his labor of love with the world, and not that he might be willing to make such a treasure for the right person, who may be you. Contact artisans and dance instructors, Walter and Monica, for more information.