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Exterior Steel Doors

Exterior steel doors are becoming more commonplace in upscale communities where safety and security are top concerns. Steel doors are a strong defense against intruders and can withstand just about anything compared to other metal doors.

An aluminum door is probably the most economical way to approach a metal door, but exterior steel doors are in a category all their own.

Modern architecture and design are incorporating more exterior steel doors in their designs, though they could run the gamut from an architectural stainless-steel door to a galvanized steel door, depending on the nature of the project at hand.

Also note that the bronze door is now making its way into the minds of designers and are on the lips of those who want something particularly unique, to in a sense, stand out from the crowd. It is this uniqueness that has them coming back for more.

If your exterior steel door is fully exposed to the elements, you’ll want to take that into consideration when you’re designing the door. Your door engineer will know what challenges you will be facing, for if this is for a high-end project, then you don’t want to leave your client straddled with long-term maintenance at every change of the season.

Solid exterior steel doors are not practical as they are far too strong, and hollow core exterior steel door provide little protection from the elements or intrusion. And when that direct sunlight hits that steel door, look out… There’s no telling what shape it will take on.

The Sing Core Exterior Steel Door Solution

Sing Core provides the perfect solution by delivering a lightweight solid composite cored exterior door that is extremely high precision, impact resistant, insulated for both climate control and sound deadening capabilities.

And you’re never limited to the type of steel door that you want, as each Sing Core exterior steel door that they are involved in is more often than not a unique piece of artwork, the culmination of a visionary idea, with the engineers, in cooperation with Sing Core’s true Flat Team, which results in an unparalleled steel door that can be guaranteed for structural integrity and warp-free performance for 50 years!

For instance, stainless steel doors, galvanized steel doors, hot rolled steel doors, cold rolled steel doors, and diamond plate steel doors are among our most popular steel entry doors. Residential steel doors come in many shapes and sizes, but when your exterior steel doors are found as part of a multi-million-dollar home, these residential steel security doors could be enormous in size.

Large exterior steel doors leave the biggest impact on those who have cone the extra mile in contemporary architecture design, where the imagination and visualization of the architect is brought to life by creating large exterior steel doors, often floor to ceiling spans.

While your steel door could be in any style, shape, or feature any light opening cut out, these big steel doors are mostly operated as steel pivot front doors.

The whole idea about having steel security doors is the possession of a door that makes a huge security advantage with the largest number of features and benefits you’d be hard-pressed to find in other security steel doors.

Whether you’re looking for residential steel doors, steel garage doors, or commercial steel doors, Sing Core gives you the decided advantage because if your steel doors have Sing Core inside, they are,

• Eco-friendly
• Lightweight
• High strength
• Fully insulated
• Sound dampening
• Increased climate control
• Dimensionally stable
• Any style
• Any size (up to 50 ft.)
• 50-year structure
• 50-year warp-free guarantee

Isn’t it time you started specifying your exterior steel doors have, “Sing Core inside?”