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Exterior Steel Double Doors

Exterior steel double doors are an impressive way to adorn any major egress point, especially as the double front entry doors for a durable steel front or garage-to-home entryway. Exterior steel double doors are most commonly used as entry and patio doors in the most contemporary architecture and design of exclusive high-end homes.

Exterior steel double doors may feature large lite openings for glass inserts to create the French door look in the double door system, which can add an elegant element to a more industrial design style. In fact, you can specify any glass exterior steel doors, just send us your drawing.

As you might guess, solid core exterior steel doors extremely heavy and the weight could cause problems with transportation, installation, hardware, stress and strain on the structure translating to huge maintenance costs over time.

You could build a lighter weight version, using a foam or honeycomb core, but if your looking at anything over 7ft tall or 3 and half ft wide, you will have a lightweight but unstable door. That’s where inventor Peter Sing’s patented and patent-pending exterior steel door substrate comes in.

Sing’s invention enables metal door manufacturers to build lightweight exterior steel doors that are fully insulated (R3.5 to R6.5) for climate control and sound-dampening, stronger than solid steel pound for pound, incredibly resilient (660+ PSI), high precision (.006 in. tolerances), and can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years. There is no other way to accomplish all this.

Steel exterior doors could present even greater problems because one side faces the elements while the other side faces the structure’s interior, a certain recipe for failure, unless your steel exterior door has Sing Core inside. To make matters potentially worse, multiply the potential for problems times two in the case of exterior steel double doors. Admittedly a single door will present half the problems of exterior steel double doors.

Sing Core is the source of energy efficient Eco-friendly commercial steel double doors the world ‘round. Even so, the majority of Sing’s double door steel doors are found in the greater New York region. You may be surprised to find that your Sing steel double door originates from the serene Pacific Northwest in the heart of Washington state, are proudly made in the USA by local artisans of locally sourced materials, ensuring you the best exterior double door system.

Whether you’re looking for a single door entry door with insulating core or a sustainable steel patio pre hung double door, having your doors made with Sing’s patented exterior steel door blanks as the basis of your door can put you miles ahead of the other steel doors available today.

The largest door manufacturers in the world come to Sing’s True Flat Team when they are faced with a project featuring one or more large oversized exterior steel doors knowing it is the only way to guarantee customer satisfaction over time. While there are many ways to build average-sized steel doors with little threat of failure, those big exterior steel doors are problematic and are routinely excluded from the warranty which covers the remaining of the steel door schedule.

Only Sing’s premium steel doors with high definition panels inside can deliver such lightweight, high precision, and long-lasting life and satisfaction, all backed by his 50-year warp-free and full structure guarantee.

That said, many pre hung exterior steel 6 panel double doors have Sing Core inside and the end user way never even know. All they know is that their modern steel door company has provided them with oversized insulated exterior steel doors which are not excluded from the other steel doors covered by the steel door company’s warranty.

Sing Core is a key provider to government, scientific, law enforcement, and military for superior steel exterior security doors used in a variety of applications where safety and security performance is of the highest importance. When safety and security matters, you want a steel security door or steel double door which outperforms other exterior steel door entry doors in terms of sound deadening, impact resistant, bulletproof, and blast proof. Note, inventor Peter Sing says, “You kick my door, you break your leg.”

Sing’s commercial steel double doors are by far the best of class in insulated exterior steel doors and are available in prehung exterior steel 6-panel double doors as well.

Isn’t it time all your doors had Sing Core inside?