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Simple Price/Order Process

sing-core-green-lightweight-strong-low-costIt is not uncommon for potential Sing Core users to get overwhelmed by the ever expanding wide variety of products and applications of Sing Core. There are hundreds of Sing products available covering dozens of industries, but the pricing method is just as simple as buying lumber or solid metal.

We understand that it is easy to get confused… but as vast as our offerings are, our ordering and pricing process is very simple and easy.

Basically, everything we make is a panel, post or beam. Every order can be broken down into 3 measurements: the length, width and thickness. Then the only piece that you have, after that, is what surface you want on your end product; we call that the “skin.” It really is that easy: we have reduced everything down to a unique, standard ordering process.


Ordering is as just as easy as any lumber or solid metal, except instead of specifying the wood species, you tell us the final “skin” of the surface material. Check out our pricing section to see how easy it is.

Sing Core offers methods that make it easy to price and order your product.

Length + Width + Thickness + Skin = Your Cost

It is so simple to obtain a price quote, for instance, all you need is the length, width and thickness of the piece that you desire, then determining the surface that you want on the exterior of your panel, post or beam. It’s that easy.

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Here are some resources that will help you in pricing your patented Sing Core product:

Price Quote

Pricing Details

When ordering your Sing Panels, though all you need to do is supply us with the length, width, thickness and desired exterior material, you do have many customizable options that can help make your order more specific. They are:

Size and location of internal wood (or other specified material)

  • Implants
  • Stiles and/or rails
  • Lock blocks

Trimmed or untrimmed

Standard ready-to-ship panel condition is, “untrimmed.” This leaves unfinished exterior edges that may have exposed adhesive and are ½ inch oversized for trimming at your location.

An additional fee will be assessed for trimming and sizing in our factory. All trimmed edges are 1/2 inch over width and ½ inch over length. After trimming, your Sing Panel will be 1/2 inch less (4 x 8 will be 47.5 inch x 95.5 inch).

Standard solid wood edging with 1.5 inch will be reduced to 1.25 inch after trimming.

True Flat

All Sing Core product are guaranteed true flat; that is to say that they far exceed AWI industry standards or ¼ inch deflection to be considered flat. Specific degrees of flatness can be achieved and guaranteed based on your requirements, specifications and application. See What is True Flat? for more information.

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Other tools and resources include


Sing Core Sales Department

Office Hours: 8:30-4:30 Monday-Friday

Phone: (360) 495-3577

Fax: (360) 495-4585


Mailing Address:

PO Box 1691

McCleary, Wa 98557


  • Under $2,000 pay in advance
  • Over $2,000 1/2 down, 1/2 prior to shipment


Soon, we will be inviting all our clients, network associates and friends to offer their ware for sale in this public venue at no charge to you.

This is a moderated, free service.

Our only requirement is that the item(s) that you offer for sale must be pertinent to our industry.