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Indoor Barn Doors

Interior barn doors are the fastest and easiest way to fill an opening. Depending on the wall and it’s opening, a creative interior barn door solution might be something that you might like to look into before you decide on your final indoor barn door specs.


And when it comes to indoor barn doors, size makes a big difference. If your sliding barn door is over wider than a 48 inch barn door or taller than an 8ft barn door, you should consider seeking out a millwork or custom barn door manufacturer who specializes in big barn doors.

The reason you need to seek out a professional large sliding barn door builder is because it takes extraordinary skills and abilities to create a tall or extra wide barn door will not fail long after installation due to warping.

Sliding barn doors need to remain fairly straight and true to operate efficiently. The industry (according to national AWI standards) allows for up to ¼ inch deflection over a 7 ft. span to be considered straight. Hardware manufacturers and installers are conscious of movement of indoor barn doors and they allow for the quarter-inch movement.

If your large modern barn doors are over standard sized interior sliding barn doors, you will have problems with warping barn doors which will move in excess of AWI standards when there are environmental or climate changes. The bigger the indoor barn doors, the bigger the problems are due to being so large. It is exponentially more problematic for oversized wood sliding barn doors.

So, if you are particular about your interior sliding barn door, whether it is among the categories of rustic barn doors, classic barn doors, or modern barn doors, you want indoor barn doors that are not going to warp or cause you headaches due to requiring constant maintenance or replacement of your barn door.

Or, the next time you go to specify or purchase a barn door, you might look for a door that is the perfect match for this request,

“I want warp-free indoor barn doors that are guaranteed for 50 years.”

Asking that question will get you what you want because there’s only one way to build an Eco-friendly lightweight and high strength tall or wide barn door that can remain warp-free for 50 years, and that’s with,

“Sing Core inside.”

Now, you could try to build yourself some diy barn doors because for the most part, your local door company is not going to even offer to attempt building a barn door which is very big, because they know if they do it, they’re going to look bad when it fails. If the end user insists, they make have the barn door custom made for you, but it will likely to be excluded by means of a waiver from any warranty that might cover the rest of the job.

But, if you’re working with the biggest and best door companies in the world, when you ask for

Warp-free indoor barn doors

They give you warp free interior barn doors that can be guaranteed to remain straight and true for 50 years.

How do you build a warp-free rolling barn door?

After your sliding barn door company gets your specs, they contact inventor Peter Sing, the creator of patented Sing Core as well as other patents and warp-free solutions which are patent pending. His factory, located in the lush Pacific Northwest’s Washington State, creates the lightweight high strength warp-free barn door substrate which is revolutionizing the way indoor barn doors are made.

To answer the question, “How do you build warp-free sliding barn doors,” you must start by having the basic details about the measurements of your sliding barn doors. You will need to know the height, width, and thickness of the indoor barn doors you want.

Will your order consist of one big modern barn door, or will there be many sliding barn doors in many different sizes?

It’s also a good idea, early on, to know what type of material you would like your interior barn doors to be made of.

You can specify nearly any flat building material to be used for your custom sliding barn door. Some types of indoor barn door include:

Aluminum Barn Doors

Brass/Bronze Barn Doors

Ceramic Barn Doors

Cold Rolled Steel Barn Doors

Copper Barn Doors

Diamond Plate Steel Barn Doors

Fiberglass Barn Doors

Formica Barn Doors

FRP Barn Doors

Galvanized Steel Barn Doors

Hot Rolled Steel Barn Doors

HPL Barn Doors

Laminated Barn Doors

Masonite Barn Doors

Stainless Steel Barn Doors

Wood Species Barn Doors

Just to name a few.

Plus, Sing’s patented and patent pending indoor barn doors offers many other characteristics that are the envy of any other method of manufacturing any kind of door in the world. Some of the features you will be happy to have, thanks to Sing’s core include (but are not limited to):

1. Eco-friendly

Made naturally in the Pacific Northwest with low energy consumption and conscious use of raw materials such as natural wood grain stock, recycled goods, formaldehyde-free adhesives, and the light weight of Sing’s core consumes less energy in the shipping process, reducing the carbon footprint of every door with Sing Core inside.

2. Lightweight

Sing’s sliding barn door solutions weight one-third or less the weight of other wood based indoor barn door core material. The lightweight of sliding barn doors with Sing’s core inside means, less expensive hardware (which is based on the weight of the door), less stress and strain on hardware and structure over time, easier to handle, ship, and install.

3. High Strength

No Eco-friendly lightweight structure material is stronger than Sing Core. Other honeycomb cores are weak (only 10 to 110 PSI), while Sing’s core has been independently tested at 660+ PSI, that’s stronger than steel pound for pound. Mr. Sing’s strength demonstrations are well known as he stands on unsupported large spanning one-inch panels with little or no deflection.

4. High Precision

Patented solid composite hybrid Sing Core is very high precision with high tolerances (+/- .006) with the most impressive shear strength, and can be precision-sanded within thousands of an inch.

5. Fully Insulated

Sing’s core is fully insulated for both sound deadening and climate control. Standard R-rating is R3.5 to R6.5 per inch and can be re-engineered to meet higher specifications and STC ratings.

6. Any Size Barn Door

Sing’s core enables him to help create warp-free large sliding barn doors or immense size up to 50 ft. or more that can be guaranteed for 50 years.

7. Any Style Barn Door

Using Sing’s core as the base material of your indoor barn door you (or more correctly, your custom door manufacturer, millwork, or door company) can create any style of barn door from complex architectural surfaces to stile and rail designs of all kinds, supporting any available flat surface material.

Wood Sliding Barn Doors

Large wood sliding door are making a comeback. While wooden barn doors have the striking look and visual appeal, just trying to keep them straight was a real problem. Before the invention of Sing’s core, the answer was to use faux wood doors. Doors that were stamped and made of synthetic materials but made to look like wood. Now, you can have your real wood doors back again, thanks to Sing Core.

Top 10 Wood Sliding Barn Doors

Here of some of the more popular natural wood indoor barn doors that people order from Sing Core:

1. pine barn door

2. knotty alder barn door

3. oak barn door

4. walnut barn door

5. knotty pine barn door

6. alder barn door

7. white oak barn door

8. cypress barn door

9. black walnut barn door

10. cedar sliding barn door

Stile and Rail Barn Doors

Peter Sing and his True Flat Team have many specialized methods of creating indoor barn doors to meet the specs of architects and designers who want the best most sustainable doors on the planet. And when it comes to Sing’s infamous stile and rail doors, you might be surprised to find that they aren’t made of stiles and rails at all.

According to Sing,

“Stile and rail doors are weak. If someone kicks your door, it will break. If you kick my door, it will break your leg!”

Though Sing’s stile and rail and multi-panel doors look like they’re made of many pieces, it’s really just a Sing Core slab door with decorative wood or molding added to make it look like a panel barn door, or stile and rail door. It’s really Sing’s impact resistant barn door panel treatment.