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Oversized Exterior Doors

Oversized exterior doors are a challenge for any door manufacturer. Oversized exterior doors can be very large and can run very heavy. These big doors require heavy duty extra strength exterior door hardware to accommodate such a weighty door. Other problems include difficulty to transport and install due to the size, stress and strain on the hardware and the structure, and the likelihood of warping at the next season change, if not before.

Now you can fully enjoy these large spanning exterior doors which are fascinating and compelling as they garner the attention of anyone who encounters the beautiful oversized front doors without any of the headaches, thanks to inventor Peter Sing’s Sing Core.

Utilizing Sing ‘s patented and patent-pending oversized exterior door blanks, the biggest and best door manufacturers, millworks, and custom large door builders are able to design and build oversize exterior door products which will not fail.

Sing’s high-quality custom front doors includes a highly diversified selection of exterior doors designed for larger and more specialized applications in educational, scientific, industrial, and military channels, where high performance, attention to detail, safety, security, longevity, and sustainability are highly valued features.

The perfect exterior doors are Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength, fully insulated, high precision, and guaranteed fail free for 50 years. Sing offers a full 50-year warp-free and structure guarantee. That’s fifty years of maintenance-free enjoyment of all your oversize exterior doors, which have Sing Core inside.

Spanning the vast variety of exterior door styles, your exterior single door, double door and doors of enormous size can feature any available flat building material, such as aluminum, brass, cement, cold rolled steel, concrete, diamond plate steel, fiberglass, Formica, FRP, galvanized steel, hot rolled steel, HPL, Kevlar, Masonite, stainless steel, and any available wood species.

Large modern front doors are fiberglass and steel exterior doors which seem to be standard fare among the large exterior door manufacturers, but thanks to Sing’s core, front doors and exterior doors and now be made of nearly any building material, even solid wood stave.

While fiberglass exterior doors are the standard response to exterior door applications, followed by hybrid steel and wood doors, thanks to Sing’s door core which is specifically designed for oversized exterior doors, any front and exterior door can be made of natural wood grain.

While Sing Core does not actually build doors, they do empower door manufacturers and millworks who design and builds wood doors and panels to your exact specifications the ability to make any door of any material and guarantee such door to remain warp-free for 50 years, guaranteed. The structure strength is also covered including not having to worry about delamination as well.


The result is you’re being able to enjoy all the elegance of solid wood entry doors, without any of the stress or stain associated with exterior doors which plague those who must deal with them endlessly over time, saving both time and money associated with regular maintenance.

Your wood entry door could have Sing Core inside, as well as each entry and patio doors, which is the perfect fit for any exterior or custom door, from exceptionally large foyers to commercial steel doors all with Sing’s comprehensive 50-year guarantee, as is the case with all of Sing’s entry and patio door products.

Even large entry doors, like these large red church doors, which are 100% exposed to the weather, replacing the regularly failing oversized 6-panel entry door system, are now able to operate as storm doors which are virtually weatherproof security doors while still retaining the appearance (or “feeling”) of the original 6 panels entry doors. This effect was achieved by adding molding to the oversized exterior flush doors prior to applying primer and paint.

Regardless of your large opening door systems, you can rest assured that you can have a 50-year guaranteed no fail exterior door system featuring the highest quality custom entry doors by contacting your favorite door manufacturer, millwork, or large custom exterior door builder, and specifying that you want, “Sing Core inside.”

Sing’s True Flat Team works in tandem with your supplier to provide you with the high-quality wood and fiberglass front doors that make the best oversized exterior doors, and many other endless applications as well.

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