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Privacy Cubicle

The Sing Privacy Cubicle is an entirely new approach to contemporary office space. While office cubicles have been an effective way to manage spacious real estate while accommodating many office workers, office work productivity has declined over time while the issue of cubicle privacy has escalated among office workers.

Due to the modular design of Sing Privacy Cubicles, your office cubicle can take on any design characteristics from a traditional half-height wall, to full length, with an enclosed top and your choice of an open door way, half-height (Dutch) door, or full-length French door with large window cut out lite opening.

The culture of the government workplace which has forced individual workers to subject themselves to a beehive-like honeycomb work structure is changing, and it is doing so to improve worker productivity and to increase employee retention.

While the cubicles of yesteryear cubicles offer limited privacy, it can be difficult to make personal calls from a cubicle without being overheard by other coworkers. That led to the Sing Privacy Phone Booth, which provided a great deal of private communication, as one could be placed just about anywhere among an open office area.


Even so, workers within these cellular-type work environments were still subject to having every sound made within a worker’s cubicle space observed by their neighboring cell mate, possibly heard many cells away. And certainly, if customer service was a concern, to those whose attention your office appealed to, they would feel as though they were talking to someone in a boiler room cell center. Not a good experience.

Granted, the fabric-covered walls of traditional cubicles do reduce reverberation and also help to contain the sound, it is not as effective as using a sound-dampening wall, which reduces sound transmission from the inside out. This is the same technology used in Sing Sound Booths which are used in offices, broadcasting, science labs, and recording studios.

Available in custom sizes, Sing Core offers interconnecting Sing Privacy Cubicle panels in the following standard sizes:

Privacy Cubicle Panels

35.5” x 21” x 2”
46” x 21” x 2”
35.5” x 44” x 2”
46” x 44” x 2”
90” x 46” x 2”
90” x 35.5” x 2”

Privacy Panel Connectors

90 x 2 x 2
46 x 2 x 2
44 x 2 x 2
35.5 x 2 x 2
21 x 2 x 2

In our ever-changing world we are faced with a growing sense of loss of privacy and individuality, the Sing Privacy Cubicle can help restore a sense of independence, creating a more valuable work environment and increasing office efficiency and positive workflow, which would otherwise be lost due to lack of privacy.

It’s about time that office sounds were reduced by sound isolation and absorption which patented sing Core has been known for throughout the years.
Corporate office space can be further maximized with custom enhancements, including additional privacy screens, doors and windows of any architectural configuration, all with the sound deadening characteristics of Sing Core built in.

Sing Privacy Cubicles are modular and connect quickly and easily. They go from flat-packed condition to fully functional workstations in minutes, and the lightweight and high strength design makes these cubicles easy to move without having to disassemble them, although they can easily be disassembled and stored when not in use.

Other advantages of being so lightweight include less work-related injuries in during setup and teardown and transportation costs between locations and or storage facilities.

Sing Privacy Cubicles