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Coronavirus Quarantine Tiny House

Our Coronavirus Quarantine Tiny House is pre-built and ready to ship in an emergency support response from headquarters of patented Sing Core in McCleary, Washington to any Coronavirus disaster location with preference to New York and Washington State, which are two of the most severely affected Coronavirus pandemic areas.

As the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) spreads to various Americans, more and more people are experiencing the coronavirus symptoms and in an effort to affect some control, the answer is quarantine.

Quarantine can be a brutal approach as families can be fractured and broken due to separation of those infected with the virus.
Inventor and president of Sing Core, Peter Sing, is offering his Coronavirus Quarantine Tiny House at a huge discount to those most affected by the coronavirus outbreak. This is the best way to establish quarantine at home without having to go to an away-from-home location to establish quarantine.

Coronavirus Quarantine Tiny House

Dimensions: 8’6 x 14’5, 10′ tall
Sing Core Price: $19,500
Previous half-off Sale Price: $9,750.00
Coronovirus (COVID-19) Quarantine Price: $7,750.00
(contact Ivan at (360) 495-3577)
102” x 173” exterior dimensions 117” sloping to 98” tall

Includes: Two double-hung windows (30.5” x 39.75” window in front, 35.5” x 47.5” rear window). Mahogany trim, both interior and exterior. Ondura roofing panels installed on top of synthetic roof underlayment. Sing Core door installed with mahogany trim and aluminum threshold.

Interestingly, New York is a Sing Core sister-city, that is to say that more than 70 percent of all patented Sing Core products ship to New York regularly. New York is by far the number one destination for Sing Products, and we are honored to help to share the load in responding to the coronavirus outbreak State-to-State, from Washington State to New York State.

Coronavirus updates from the CDC and Washington State Department of Health indicate that the coronavirus symptoms and COVID-19 is spreading across other areas of the United States of America and the entire continental USA is at risk of being placed on lockdown in an attempt top establish containment and stop the spread of the Coronavirus disease.

In stock. Sold first come, first serve to the following areas in descending order:

Areas receiving preferential shipments of the Coronavirus Quarantine Tiny House include, in order of preference (1) New York, (2) Washington, (3) California, (4) New Jersey, (5) Massachusetts, (6) Florida, (7) Louisiana, (8) Colorado, (9) Georgia, (10) Illinois, (11) Pennsylvania, (12) Tennessee, (13) Ohio, (14) Virginia, (15) Michigan, (16) Texas, (17) Minnesota, (18) Maryland, (19) Utah, and (20) Oregon.

Other areas, please allow time for fabrication and shipment.

Washington State is the home of patented Sing Core, the lightweight high strength building material enabling tiny house builders to assemble tiny homes in less time than any other building method, and the area of the USA where the 2019 Novel Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) was discovered.

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