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Sliding Pocket Doors

Sliding pocket doors are an elegant way to divide two adjoining spaced provided you have adequate wall space to host pocket door cavities to accommodate this type of in wall sliding door. The most attention harvesting approach to sliding pocket doors is to include a double pocket door in your presentation, where each slider separates in opposite directions to be housed within the wall for a concealed sliding door effect.



Standard sliding pocket doors, like a Home Depot pocket door or a pocket door Lowes make readily available will do the trick in most cases.


As you may already know or have guessed, if a pocket door were to warp, this could render the door inoperable, and if you’ve had a home with sliding pocket doors, you are already aware that at certain times of the year your sliders are inoperable because they have moved according to changes in the environment, and forcing them open or to close them will cause damage and result in costly repairs.

The entire door industry is aware of this and makes accommodations for the movement of standard sliding pocket doors. In fact, AWI standards allow a quarter-inch variance along any point of a standard sliding door, citing a .25-inch bend as “normal” and as such any 7 ft. or less door with ¼” warp is considered straight and not warped.

If a door has a bend which measures over a quarter of an inch of deflection in either direction among a 7-foot span, this is considered as a warped door. Therefore, all professional hardware and door manufacturers consider these variances in the hardware and installation of all sliding pocket doors and their components as standard operating procedures.

Large Sliding Door Strong Straight Warp Free

Problem Sliding Pocket Doors

This is the main problem when considering a sliding pocket door addition to your design or project, the potential warping of the material of which the door itself is made of. Of course, you could make the door of solid steel, to prevent it from warping, which many a frustrated door engineer has done, but such a heavy in wall sliding door presents a whole new set of problems which may compromise the supporting structure or certainly cause extra stress and strain on the hardware which will require more ongoing maintenance over time.

Solution Sliding Pocket Doors

Then, one day, inventor Peter Sing introduced the sliding pocket door solution which eliminated the issue of warping sliding pocket doors altogether. He is now the president of Sing Core, the manufacturer of his patented and patent-pending sliding door technologies which enables sliding pocket door companies, millworks, and custom door manufactures to create a warp-free door of any size, even large oversized pocket doors over 7 ft. to 50 ft.

Utilizing Sing’s hybrid solid reinforced vertical grain torsion box composite sliding pocket door core, builders of pocket doors are able to create the most lightweight large high precision (Sing’s core boasts .006-in. tolerances) door slabs that are stronger than steel pound for pound and can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail for 50-years!

50-Year Warp-free Sliding Pocket Doors

The only 50-year guaranteed sliding pocket door core technology is changing the way doors are made across the board, affecting both interior pocket door as well as exterior pocket doors, because Sing’s patented core provides so many additional benefits besides non-warping performance over time.

The Sing solution also includes patent-pending supporting technologies which can be included in the base-door design which provides anti-warp characteristics which can be adapted and changed according to skin facings on said door. This enables custom sliding pocket door manufacturers to create an enormous wood pocket door that will not warp, unlike a solid wood pocket door which can be guaranteed to warp not long following installation.

More Benefits of Having Sing Core Inside

Besides the warp-free enhancements, Sing, packs extra insulation inside his hybrid solid sliding door composite core material for sound-deadening capabilities and added climate control. The lightweight characteristics of Sing’s door core material is off the charts when factoring unparalleled strength, resilience, and anti-deflection. All saving the expense of using heavy duty hardware (not necessary for Sing’s lightweight alternatives) and nearly cutting out regular ongoing maintenance associated with heavy or warping sliding pocket doors.

Problem Solved

See Sing’s Sing Core for more information.

Pictures of Sliding Pocket Doors