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State Fair Professional Modular Display Wall System and Service

Sing Core is proud to introduce a new division as an extension of our world famous trade show and museum exhibit systems. For years Sing Core has been a leader in the high tech advancement of museum, art gallery, and trade show displays around the world, and now we’ve come up with a system and associated service to take the pain out of setting up for State Fair presentations.

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State Fair Display Systems

The Eco-friendly Sing State Fair Display System is customized to meet the specifications and needs of each State Fair presentation and to maximize the available space, while offering an extremely rigid, high precision display system which is lightweight, high strength, and completely modular.

The Sing State Fair Display System can be quickly and easily assembled with the highest degree of professional accuracy, perfectly showcasing any feature. Although it does not take highly trained staff to assemble such a high end display system, the level of accuracy in assembly may require a carpenter with a good eye to supervise. No special tools are required for assembly or disassembly. The only tool required is an Allen wrench to set the built in cam locks to connect the display wall panels.

The Sing State Fair Display System can feature standard interlocking modular State Fair wall panels in 3 ft. or 4 ft. widths and in heights of 8 ft., 10 ft., or 12 ft. Custom interlocking modular State Fair wall panels can be manufactured to your specifications, for particular circumstances and accommodations.

Following the conclusion of your State Fair the entire system can easily be disassembled and flat-packed for care free storage until the next time it is needed. Your Sing State Fair Display System is built to the highest specification and is guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail (including full structure warranty) for 10 years, making it the most sustainable State Fair display system, proudly made in the USA.

We have three basic packages specifically designed for production managers of State Fairs that greatly reduce the amount of stress and strain associated with preparing for your State Fair, especially in those critical moments prior to opening day. They are:

1.) Purchase of State Fair display system
2.) Rental of State Fair display system
3.) Custom Service Contract

Purchase State Fair Display System

The first option is to purchase your State Fair display system directly from Sing Core. You specify the number of components you want and the sizes you want them in, we manufacture and ship them to your location, and your team handles the assembly and installation of your Sing State Fair Display System.

You can choose the level of assistance you can get from Sing Core, everything from “hands off” we can handle this ourselves, to our team shows up on site to train your staff, and even have our staff show up, execute the entire assembly, disassembly and perform any maintenance necessary on site for the duration of your State Fair.

Rental State Fair Display System

Renting your Sing State Fair display system allows you to control your overhead costs by renting your entire system for a single use.

Simply let us know what you need, and we bring it to your State Fair location. Our staff shows up with your system, completes the installation. Following the show our staff disassembles and picks up the rental system; no need for storage. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Of course, any level of service commitment is available with rental, just as it is with purchase.

Sing Custom State Fair Service Contract

This is where it gets exciting… Sing Core offers as much or as little service to our State Fair Production Managers as they want. It starts with training and supervising the initial set-up. A member of our staff shows up on site to train your assembly team as well as your maintenance team, so you have the confidence knowing you truly have the best State Fair Display System, proudly manufactured and serviced in the USA that is designed to have that brand new look every time you use it.

That’s on one end of the spectrum. On the other end, we offer full service. Full service includes assembly and set-up of your entire State Fair Display System for the entire project. On-site maintenance during the Fair’s run, as well as disassembly and flat-packing for storage at your location… and everything on the spectrum in between initial set-up training and “hands off” full service.

Contact Us today for your best American-made and serviced State Fair display system.

If you are not a State Fair production manager but would like to have a Sing fair booth, please visit our: Trade Show Displays to get your best vendor booth, or other state fair booths.