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Trade Show Booth Ideas

Looking for trade show booth ideas that are sustainable, unique, effective, and expandable for your next trade show?

Whether you’re currently renting your trade show exhibit booth or you’re contemplating reserving your space as your first foray into the trade show event circuit, we can help you save marketing dollars that you can invest in other promotional efforts that might be wasted in and otherwise expensive trade show booth rental.

trade show booth ideas 9 trade show panels

By owning your own modular trade show display booth, you can use it over and over again, show after show, without compromising your trade show booth because your Sing modular trade show display components are designed to last, even after repeated use. This unique patented, lightweight, high strength modular trade show system is guaranteed not to fail for 10 years.

Your trade show display ideas do not have to be limited by dimensions or style(s) as you can mix and match the individual components you have and add the components you want to expand you existing trade show display system for nearly unlimited booth designs for trade shows, ensuring you always have the best possible trade show exhibits.

trade show booth ideas 4 trade show panels

There’s no need to have multiple trade show displays for different shows, because now you can use and modify your existing system to accommodate any trade show. Sing Core offers a wide variety of trade show booths pre-configured as kits that are in-stock and ready to ship. You could have your trade fair booth delivered in one week or less, depending on your location.

The default finish of your trade show exhibit booth kit features white Formica which is impressive left alone, or can easily host the application of your own vinyl trade show graphics.

trade show booth ideas 6 interlocking trade show panels

Trade Show Booth Ideas

Here are some of our trade show booth ideas which are available in pre-configured trade show displays, which can be used as your portable trade show booth from one of the fastest-growing trade show display companies in the industry. Plus, you can rest assured that your booth for trade show is guaranteed to be used over and over again without fail for 10 years, and no one would ever know that your trade display was not an ultra expensive custom trade show display.

trade show booth ideas 8 trade show panels

trade show booth ideas 6 trades show panels

trade show booth ideas 15 trade show panels

Sing Core is leading the pack in emerging booth designs for trade shows with what has been touted as some of the best trade show booth ideas to hit the trade show industry in years.

With our unique lightweight (a fraction the weight of stick build trade show displays), high strength (660 PSI, stronger than steel pound for pound), and long life sustainability (back by our 10 year no fail reusability guarantee) you may never have to see out trade show exhibits ever again. Your Sing modular trade show display is the most fully reconfigurable and expandable trade show display booth bar none.

You can enjoy a low-cost entry point to achieve your base trade show booth from any of our trade show booth ideas available and pre-packaged and pre-configured trade show displays and enjoy them delivered to your door within a week.

Your brand new top of the line modular trade show exhibit display is near.

Slatwall Trade Show Booth

Introducing the fully sustainable slatwall trade show booth, backed by our reusable 10 year guarantee. All the flexibility and expandability of our other modular trade show display components seamlessly but featuring our patented lightweight slatwall. Slatwall trade show booths are available in pre-configured trade show booth kits and also in custom slatwall trade show booths built to your specifications.

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High Performance Trade Show Displays

The secret inside the worlds best trade show displays is natural wood torsion box foam compositeIf you’ve been going to trade show events for some time, you know – even though you have learned how to accommodate and settle for existing trade show booth displays – you’ve dreamed of having a better trade show exhibit display system.

Realize your perfect trade show booth design

We have been honored to help some of the most discriminating clientele – who only want the best representation of their company, product or service – see their trade show booth ideas come to life.

Here’s a true story:

Recently we were contacted by a high-end consumer designer who has been going to trade shows for 30 years. Facing the limitations of the trade show industries offerings (even the most high-end solutions) left him wanting more. Over the last 30 years, he had developed what he believed was the best trade show system ever conceived.
This designer presented Sing Core’s inventor with some simple drawings of his dream trade show display. Between the two of them, three weeks later the designer’s dream did come true thanks to patented Sing technology that made it all possible.
Isn’t it time you made your trade show dream come true? Contact us and make it happen.

This high end one of a kind 70 ft trade show display dream come true started with this simple drawing

This is the designer’s drawing (above) that started it all.

70 ft trade show display modular walls flat pack easy set up

That simple drawing turned into this (above). See the first assembly video (below)

Only patented Sing trade show panels can deliver the high tech and high performance requirements that are second to none, resulting in our being recognized as the manufacturers of the best trade show booths.

Imagine being able to custom design your own tradeshow display system that would be:

  • High tech
  • Lightweight
  • High-strength
  • Insulated
  • Guaranteed

Back to our story:

In three weeks, after the designer began to work with the inventor of Sing Core, the ultimate trade show system had come to life. Custom crates on wheels were manufactured to the designer’s specification to house all the flat packed trade show display wall panels. The first time the 70 foot long display was assembled by one person who had never connected two panels previously. This one man completely assembled the entire system in less than an hour by himself.

High tech

lightweight-high-strength-modular-trade-show-displays-with-floating-shelvesSing trade show panels are the newest revelation in trade show panel design that uses patented natural wood torsion box filled with solid foam insulation wall-to-wall as the interior substrate of the moveable trade show walls. This Eco-friendly technology is used all over this planet – from beneath the sea to outer space.


Sing trade show wall panels are a fraction of the weight of other wall panels, weighing in at one-third the weight or less.


No other affordable trade show booth panel can compare to Sing trade who wall panels in terms of shear strength that has been independently tested at the University of Washington to be over 600 PSI.


You can offer your visitors the added comfort and convenience of having fully insulated walls naturally imbued with sound deadening characteristics.


Only museum quality Sing trade show wall panels can fully guaranteed to remain structurally sound and not to warp, bend, twist, cup or crack for 10 years.

Bring us your trade show display ideas

By working with us, you can design your own custom trade show displays into any configuration to have the most incredible trade show exhibit modular displays.

Imagine designing a system that could be fully packed flat and shipped for pennies on the dollar. Wall panels can be easily transported and assembled by one person.

70 foot custom trade show display complete with storage room and office assembled in 1 hour

The designer and the inventor proud of their creation.

In fact, this 70 foot trade show display (that includes fully enclosed storage and office areas) was assembled by one person in less than one hour (see photo above).

This 70 feet of museum quality custom display includes:
trade show display wall panels packed inside crate on wheels

  • 14.5 x 10 foot trade show booth
  • 7 x 10 foot trade show store room
  • 14.5 x 10 foot trade show booth
  • 12 x 10 foot office space (enclosed)
  • 22 x 10 foot trade show booth

… and all of this could be easily flat packed into a crate on wheels for easy transport.

There is no limit to your trade show booth design ideas being realized for your upcoming trade show exhibits.

Think about it; no more heavy walls, expensive transportation and construction expenses. Every wall locks firmly into place with our cam lock wall panel design by one person with less risk of on-site injury. Plus, your system can easily be modified and upgraded to your needs – not replaced – for 10 years.

If you’re using tradeshow displays and you want to take away the pain associated with traditional trade show booths, you owe it to yourself, your company and your desire to build a better world to contact Sing Core.

Achieve the high performance trade show display results that you can be proud of in your exhibit design for the perfect expo display.

Order now!