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Unique Exterior Doors

Unique exterior door can be the detail which makes any project come to life. Certainly, the most impressive detail which leaves the most lasting impression are the unique front doors which are appearing in the most significant contemporary architecture and designs.

High end custom architectural doors are sprinkled throughout all the latest emerging structure designs as not only attention grabbing unique front doors but are included as a unique home designs security door which add to the appeal of the vast array of unique exterior doors appearing across the most modern architectural designs.

Leading the pack, are the designers who push the envelope of size and materials. While extremely large doors command the lion’s share of the most attention commanding performances, there are many kinds of unique front doors and another emerging technology includes the unique home designs security door, where Sing Core is playing an important part.

These doors may look unique at the surface level but far more unique goings on have taken place deep inside these doors, so what’s happening inside these doors is far more unique than was observable with the naked eye.

Inside the unique front door décor you will find inventor Peter Sing’s patented “Sing Core” along with other patent and patent-pending anti-warp technologies hard at work to keep these doors perfectly straight and true, regardless of what challenges they might face.

Whether you’re looking at individualized high security impact doors or unique storm doors, Sing’s core delivers not only warp-free door tech but also imbues these doors with other satisfying characteristics, such as being fully insulated to provide sound deadening and climate control. These are exciting features which can be found from installing a door with Sing Core inside.


Your unique front doors can possess all these exciting attributes found inside the highest quality architectural doors across the nation and the world, just by having your architect specify Sing Core doors.


Sing’s patented core technology enables his factory to pump out solid hybrid door blanks which weigh in at a fraction of the weight of other wood-based solid core doors. Rivaling the weight of a hollow core door which has virtually no strength, tends to warp and is damaged easily, Sing’s substrate, while extremely lightweight is not weak. In fact, the strongest and straightest lightweight doors in the world, have Sing’s core inside.

13 foot lightweight panel strength peter sing core


Talk about strength, Sing’s invention has allowed the biggest and best door companies, millworks, and custom door manufacturers to design and build enormous oversized large doors, that are lightweight (see above) and extremely strong. In fact, independently rated at 660+ PSI, Sing’s core is stronger than steel pound for pound, yet very lightweight. See inventor, Peter Sing, standing amidst a 13 ft. span of a one-inch panel with little or not deflection. Any other material would have crashed to the ground.


Among high-end, scientific, and military circles, Sing’s core is the only known method to build a lightweight warp-free door of any material known to man, especially if the door sis very large, or features a natural woodgrain material (which is the most notorious for moving in response to changes in the environment). That’s why you’ll find Sing’s core in use anywhere from beneath the sea (US Navy) to outer space (NASA) and anywhere in between. Sing is so successful at building warp-free doors and other products that he offers a 50-year warp-free guarantee.


While standard project allows for give and take of available building materials, such as AWI Standards’ allowance for ¼” variance at any time or location amidst a standard-sized door (7 ft. tall or less), Sing’s core hosts the highest tolerances (+/- .006 in.) enabling you to build high precision unique doors of any kind, whether made of wood, synthetics, or metals, even stainless steel.



While most end-users who seek out Sing’s core are looking for something lightweight that doesn’t warp to solve existing issues which have arisen in a current project, having a product to build such a door that is fully insulated offers a huge advantages, even if it wasn’t your primary focus when you first sought out the Sing Core solution to solve your door problems.


Whether for security reasons, studio separation, or just privacy and peace of mind, Sing’s sound deadening door core is the way to go when attempting to address issues related to sound transmission. Sing Core is routinely used in the manufacture of soundproof doors because it can bear the weight of dense and heavy sound proofing materials without fail.


Unique front doors can also offer smart climate correction which can be offered by a door which is fully insulated but still not be compromised by exposure to the elements. Sing’s patented climate control door core is used in refrigeration, heat and moisture exposed applications (like saunas) and can still outperform other available Eco-friendly lightweight building materials in side-by-side comparisons.


You don’t have to be in a high-security environment, a government or military facility to appreciate the added safety and security of having a unique front door with Sing’s core inside because a door should be more than just visual separation, you should be able to feel safe on your side of the door. Inventor, Sing, says, “If you kick a standard 6 panel door, it will crash. If you kick my door, you will break your leg.” That is to say, you will break your leg before you can break Sing’s door.


Sing’s door substrates are manufacturing using the strictest Eco-friendly methods of manufacture. They are made with little energy, feature recycled materials, extremely responsible use of natural materials such as wood fiber and Sing uses formaldehyde-free adhesives, while producing no toxic material waste. Sing’s substrates have an extremely small carbon footprint even though they are shipped around the world because their transport costs less and consumes less fuel due to being so light weight.

That’s just a few of the reasons why more architects are specifying Sing Core inside their doors.