Warp-free, lightweight, insulated honeycomb panels

10 Foot Steel Accordion Doors

“Nobody else out there could do it.” - Nate Neergaard, Designer at Brandner Design

Brandner Design chose lightweight, high-strength SingCore Panels when faced with the task of designing oversized accordion steel doors.

Architect: Reid Smith

Producer: Brandner Design

Hardware: Centor

Customer: Private residence in the Yellowstone Club, Montana


For the accordion steel panels:

Dimensions: 121.18″ x 25.13″ x .75″

Skin: 18 guage cold rolled steel. Brake formed edge.

Edge: 3″ wood

Watch one finger open the 10 ft steel accordion doors.

We recommend watching in full screen view.

10′ tall, 3/4″ thick aluminum accordion doors

After going through multiple design phases, Brandner Design realized the normal methods would not meet their requirements for their project. Brandner considered an aluminum core, but the sheer weight on hardware would not make it possible. Wood and wood composites weren’t an option either because of their weight and the need for a precise, non-warping material that could slide smoothly.

Hot rolled steel panels

A metal appearance and material was required by Reed Smith, so Brandner selected SingCore’s hot rolled steel panels.

“One nice thing is the r-value, which helps with insulation, especially in the Montana winters” - Nate Neergaard, Designer at Brandner Design

Hot Rolled Steel Large Sliding Doors