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How Does It Work?

Standard Sing Doors are Made Locally

Sing Core works with local door shops, door manufacturers and millworks in your area to provide the best service at reasonable pricing while supporting your local economy. This is how to do it:

  1. You pick the door that you want and pay one price.
  2. The standard Sing door blank of your choice is delivered to your local door shop.
  3. Your local door shop finishes and pre hangs the door to your specifications.
  4. You pick up your door from your favorite door distributors’ location.

Congratulations, you now possess one of the best doors available in the world today, that is:

  1. Types of doors standard door sizes doors for sale pre hung doorsEco-friendly
  2. Lightweight
  3. High strength
  4. Fully insulated
  5. Sound deadening
  6. Warp and rot resistant

The Advantages

  1. Have your local craftsman do most of the work even install the door with complete turn-key service, creating more jobs for your local economy.
  2. Save crate and shipping cost
  3. Your customer could have more custom design than any door manufacturer without the high cost. Click here to see the choices.
  4. Make any style of door, even the most complicated door with our simple door building method.
  5. Our simple pricing method will make it easy for you to sell any type of door

Local Door Service

Our partners, who help to provide you with the best pre hung doors in the world, are also ready to help you handle any service details that you might have associated with your pre hung door or need for any other Sing doors in the future.

Sing Door Partners

Sing Core partners with the best door manufacturers in the industry throughout the United States to bring you the best doors at the best prices.

All Sing door partners are certified to deliver only the best most high-precision results to our trusted clients who seek only the best doors available today, especially in terms of lightweight and high strength insulated doors.


If you’re interested in becoming a Sing Core partner for our new standard door program, please feel free to contact us and start expanding your world of high-end possibilities today.

Sing Core provides the high-end homes with the best doors in the USA, but we do not even know how to make doors. Instead, we supply our door panels to the door shops and mill works who create and deliver the best doors to your customer (under our strict production guidelines combining the invention and innovative systems that are changing how the standard door is made.

Click Here for Sing Standard Doors

As a door professional or specialist you are familiar with how conventional doors are made and promoted. Get ready for something new: Introducing a new technology in door core and manufacturing that is making a huge impact in the extremely high-end door market.

If you Google true flat doors you will see what the latest technologies are, and you might be surprised to find that Sing Core is leading the wave of this new generation of doors that can be true flat in any size (even extremely oversize), super strong, yet lightweight and Eco-friendly. Add to that, our commitment to you, to do everything in our power to support you in your efforts to remain competitive and win the bid. Sing Core might be the perfect match for your discriminating clients/customers. Why not give them a better door that costs less?

What to Expect from a Sing Core Door

1. Strength and Insulation

Sing Core doors offer a 10 year structure warranty. This is possible due to the extreme strength that is far superior when compared to other core materials (aviation industry cores rate at 10 to 110 PSI, yet Sing Core weighs-in at 660 PSI, crushing the competition). A 12,000 lb vehicle w/rubber tires cannot cause Sing Core to fail. Sing Core is about 10% of the weight of solid wood is based on patented wood torsion box and foam design that provides insulation and noise blocking.

2. Fast Delivery, Any Size/Style & Fast Delivery

Sing Core can make any type of door in any style or size with window/light openings at very affordable pricing. Sing Core shines when it comes to oversize doors, because no other material can produce a door that is extremely large and lightweight, yet strong enough to remain true flat, warp and twist resistant. Each door is made in the USA which enables us to deliver rapid response and our factories excel at producing large quantities of doors in little time at reduced cost per door.

3. Sing Core – Your Door Resource

We routinely make and ship doors servicing the best clients from coast to coast at competitive prices. We can make and ship fast, and also ship inexpensively because of the doors being so lightweight enabling us to actively export to other countries. In fact, we recently delivered a 700 door job for a client in Atlanta in less than 7 days to meet their deadline and expectations. Sing Core doors can feature any material, like, any wood species, aluminum, concrete, FRP, MDF, stainless steel and can be fire retardant or bullet-proof to meet your client’s expectations.

4. Eco-friendly Door

Every step of our manufacturing process is ecologically comprehensive as we use less energy, use renewable and long-life materials to build Sing Core doors with little or no waste in the USA. We use formaldehyde-free adhesives and contents while meeting the most stringent tolerances for each door.

Take the Sing Core Challenge

If you have a customer who desires or deserves to have the highest quality door at the lowest possible price, call us and allow us to help you make a cost comparison to any other door manufactured anywhere else. We will help make your clients “Sing” your song.