In the new decade, large over-size sliding doors are landing large amount architects and design professionals all over the United States. Whether a man door type for convertible office spaces or a movable wall design for that open concept in to private meeting space ascetic, large sliding doors are set to be the hallmark of the coming decade of design. Architects, millworks, interior designers, and high end contractors all best be aware of this coming trend.

What are the best sliding doors?

SingCore makes the best sliding doors. SingCore doors are exceptionally strong, straight, and lightweight, which makes them ideal candidates for architectural projects in 2020 that push the boundaries of creative design. Tight tolerance pocket doors, 30′ or greater sliding walls, all in exotic or unusual materials can all be realized in a cost effective manner with SingCore’s core inside.

Our patented and patent pending core material is guaranteed to maintain perfect flatness over its lifetime, and comes with an unparalleled 50 year guarantee. This means when you install SingCore in your large sliding door project, you have the certainty of mind that your client will come to enjoy the use of their SingCore door for many decades. And that 2070 will arrive with your SingCore panel in fine structural shape.

New Trends in Large Sliding Door Design

In this decade of 2020, new trends are emerging in architectural design of large sliding doors.

Man Door Sliding Door Trends

Increasingly, the use of man doors, smaller 3’0 x 7’0 or similar doors built within a massive sliding door are becoming increasingly prevalent in large interior sliding doors. Man doors allows for one opening to be used for three different uses:

  1. Entrance and exit of personnel while in a privacy configuration
  2. Reconfiguration of the space for an open concept or large space for special use cases / events
  3. Movement of larger equipment or groups of people between spaces

Moveable Wall

The use of movable walls is also finding increasing use in office space design where the tenants desire the capability of an open combined use space that can be reconfigured in to smaller meeting spaces when the need arrises.

SingCore is particularly adept in large movable wall uses because our material is extremely light for it’s size, making it easy to install, easy to operate, and cheaper to install based on hardware costs. Our patented core material also boosts insulating foam material which provide excellent noise suppression and well as thermal properties.

Curved Door

In the effort to move beyond the ordinary, oversized curved doors are starting to find place in the bespoke construction industry. Curved doors offer a distinctive look that can better utilize space in many situations.

SingCore offers curved doors built to your specifications. They can be built to any size and any profile, without compromising strength or rigidity. While we can’t promise that your curved door will be “true flat,” we can promise that they will have just the right curvature for you needs, and stay that way for the duration.

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