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Aluminum Panel Applications

Sing Core Aluminum Panels have a wide variety of applications.

Quite frankly, when most people think of using patented Sing Core aluminum homeycomb panels as solutions to their eco-friendly design challenges, they have something in particular in mind…In comparision to other aluminum honeycomb panels, sing core aluminum panels are lighter in weight, stronger than steel pound-for-pound and are “true green” building materials.Many people are surprised to find that sing core panels are used in such a wide variety of methods covering nearly every category of project design and development.


When your project demands lightweight, superior strength, and sustainability, Sing Core metal composites are the logical solution.


To the right, is a general list of just ome of the many applications, where people have accepted the Sing Core challenge.






sing-core-animal-enclosuresAnimal Housing Labs & Vivariums
Clean Room Walls
Ceiling Panels
CMM Rooms
Cold Storage Rooms
Computerized matte cutting tables
Controlled & Critical Environments
Digital X-Ray Systems
Equipment Enclosuressing-core-clean-room-laboratory
Fixturing Panels
Impact Attenuation Panels
Inspection Rooms
Interior and exterior cladding
Laser Rooms
Machine Components
Machine Enclosures
Manufacturing Cells
Metrology Labs
Microelectronics Manufacturingsing-core-laboratory-environment
Moveable Floors and Covers
Nano Technology
Oil Mist Enclosures
Packaging Rooms
Paint Finishing Enclosures
Paint System Enclosures
Parts Storage & Control
Pharmaceutical Packaging
Plant Space Dividers
Powder Coating Enclosures
Reflector Panels
RV panels
Server Rooms
Specialized Doors
Sporting electronics
Storage Rooms
Telescope Mirror Covers
Temporary rooms
Truck/trailer doors
Walk Ways and Platforms

Transportation – Ships, railcars, semitrailers, truck bodies, luxury yachts



Can be used inside transportation vehicles as raised floor, storage, or handling cargo.

Raised floor in van for handling cargo (see photos above)