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How to Order and What to Expect

Answering your questions about how to order, how to solve your oversized and super large door challenges, and with patented and patent-pending solutions from Sing Core.

In these unprecedented times, our sales staff are telecommuting and may be unavailable to take your calls, but everything you could possibly want to know is online, and readily accessible to you.

Just click on the orange search tool found in the upper right-hand corner of your screen

Then enter what you’re looking for in the dropped-down top of your browser and hit ENTER

The SingCore web site is full of a vast array of valuable information that is instantly available to you by using our on-site search tool.

How to Order and What to Expect

We show you how.

Easy Pricing Method

You can use the same method as our previous customers.

All you need to know is the height, the width, thickness of the door, plus what type of surface material you would like.


To start, click on the orange PRICING button…

You will see our fillable form with blanks for each detail of your application.

First you will see the Company section. Enter your company name and website here.

The next section is for your contact information.

Next you will see the section titled ‘Project’. This is looking for the basic information about your project. You can create a project name, input the project’s address, and the date you need your panels.

The following section will be titled ‘Panels’ and is looking for the specific details for your application. There will be a blank to enter your door’s ID, which is for your use and especially useful if ordering multiple doors. The other blanks will look for dimensions, surface material, thickness, and you can decide here if you want your panels trimmed, untrimmed (raw), light openings, and add edgebanding.


Instantly, you can see a basic 3D rendering of your door based on the information you entered online,

Click on SHOPS

and you can download the drawing of your door based on these preliminary steps.

This is an example (above) of a free instant drawing available for you to download before even completing your price quote request. Just click on SHOPS

Press Submit and get a basic price quote.

Once your price quote is submitted, a salesperson will present you with a preliminary invoice for the details you entered.

How Much Does a Sing Core Door Cost?

You will receive your price quote via email.

There are more things involved in accurate pricing which is far more involved than this simple pricing form. That’s why,

Price Quotes Are Not Final

So many details go into the actual design and pricing or your door, your initial price quote may just be a round number which is in the general ballpark of the door you desire with Sing Core inside.


Now you have learned how to place an order. This is the start to build the biggest and best door in the world. Our patented and patent-pending technology can make you achieve the strongest lightweight and non-warping door that is nearly unlimited when it comes to size. We have several methods to help you build the best door and we are the only company that can guarantee our doors for 50 years.

We supply door panels to the best high-end door manufacturers or millworks in the US. We are glad to be spec’d by major architectural firms because they couldn’t find a door company who could guarantee their doors for even one year. There are ways to save you money if you are on a tight budget and are willing to do some work, as long as it is a realistic budget. To save some money, we can tweak the thickness, alter or remove the skin, and change how we build the door panel. The more labor we save, the more money you will save. If you have an issue with our price, speak with your sales consultant.

As long as you can appreciate our quality, we can make sure your job is successful. Usually we have people order only the very large doors, but you can receive big savings if you give us your whole door schedule.

Save your labor costs by having us prepare your door panels. Everyone knows, our technology is the best for building the best doors.

Let us do what no one else can do, and then you can take over and finish it how you would like. If you trim the door panels, you save money. If you can apply the skin, you will save money. If you are capable of doing these things, then you dont need to hire us to do them. The more work you put in, the more money savings will occur. Of course we can do it whether you do not have the time but you will have to pay the price.

Sales Staff

There are many options and considerations which may not have been taken into consideration in your initial price quote. Once we have received your prices quote request, you will be assigned to one or our experienced sales staff who will help guide you through the rest of the process.

The Entire Sing Team

The entire Sing Team is here for you to help you get the best door in the world for your door dollar. All details will be taken into consideration.

Will the door need to be redesigned to meet your expectations?

What geographic area of the world is this door going to be installed?

Is the door too thick or too thin?

Is it an interior door or exterior door?

How warp resistant is your desired exterior mater



If an exterior door, what direction will it face?

Do you have insulation requirements for sound proofing or temperature control?

What kind of finish will be applied to the door?

What kind of hardware will be used on this door?

So many things go into making sure that you get the best door in the world, and the only door in the world that comes backed by Peter Sing’s unsurpassed 50-year guarantee.

50-Year Warp-free and Structure Guarantee

Only doors made with Peter Sing’s patented and patent-pending core inside come fully guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail, for a full 50 years, which includes structure, even warranted against delamination over time.

“No matter what you order, if we cannot guarantee it, we will not do it for you.”  -Peter Sing

What Kind of Skin Do You Want?

Normally, what we do the best is the smoothest for finishing, and any skin can be applied.


What About My Budget?

Sometimes, one of our clients might be facing a limited price budget. Oftentimes, we can make changes in the design, size, details, or finishing of your door with Sing Core inside to meet any limitations of your price budget.

Check with your salesperson to see if Sing’s True Flat Team can help in re-engineering your door to meet your budget constraints. Many times, we are able to do this for our clients when necessary.

When you submit your price quote request, you will know ahead of time, roughly the weight, how straight it will be, and how strong your initially designed door can be.

You do not want to spend 50 or 100 thousand dollars on a door that cannot even be guaranteed for 1 year. If you are looking for the world’s best door with the best and only 50-year guarantee, then Sing Core is the right company for you.

We will work together to build the best door in the world for you.