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4×8 Slatwall Trade Show Display Walls

One of the most popular requests we receive for custom slatwall trade show displays is for the larger 4×8 ft. slatwall trade show display wall. Note, we have half-height slatwall panels featured in our Modular Trade Show Systems.

12×8 slatwall trade show displays. Lightweight, high strength. Set up in minutes. 10 yr guarantee

The format specified by trade show display designers and engineers is the huge full 4×8 slatwall panel with patented Sing Core inside. Since the request for these configurations are so common, we are making these 8 foot tall slatwall panels available to the public for the first time.

The Sing Slatwall Display Panel Scoop

The full-sized Sing slatwall panel is 8 ft tall (95.5 in. actual finished height), 4 ft wide (47.5 in. actual finished width), and the walls are 2-inches thick with 6-inch slatwall slots. Each slatwall panel features slatwall on both sides of the panel without compromising Sing Panel strength, yielding twice the display space. Standard 6-inch slatwall slots accommodate all standard slatwall hardware and display components.

One of the great features of these slatwall panels is the lack of monkey business. There are no special gizmos or connections for complex assembly or disassembly. There is nothing here but the 4×8 slatwall panels which lock together with cam-lock technology. The only tool needed is an Allen wrench to construct your Sing slatwall system. See the video:

Sing slatwall panels weigh a fraction of the weight of other slatwall panels, are Eco-friendly, high strength, and guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or structurally fail for 10 years, even with regular (repeated) use over time.

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The following are the basic configurations which you can buy now to mix and match to your heart’s desire.

4 Ft. Slatwall Display

The basic Sing 4 ft. slatwall display features one double-sided 4 ft slatwall panel, with two 2 ft. slatwall T’s (also with slatwall on each side) for stability on the end. These 4 ft. display panels are 8 ft. tall for even more display possibilities.

8 Ft. Slatwall Display

The basic Sing 8 ft. slatwall display features two double-sided 4 ft slatwall panels, with two 2 ft. slatwall T’s (also with slatwall on each side) for stability on the end. These 4 ft. display panels are 8 ft. tall for even more display possibilities.

12 Ft. Slatwall Display

The basic Sing 12 ft. slatwall display features three double-sided 4 ft slatwall panels, with two 2 ft. slatwall T’s (also with slatwall on each side) for stability on the end. These 4 ft. display panels are 8 ft. tall for even more display possibilities.

Double-sided 12 ft slatwall trade show display

10-year Guarantee

Just like the Sing Modular Trade Show Displays, these components are guaranteed to be used over and over again, assembled, disassembled, flat packed, transported, stored, over and over again for 10 years of repeated warp-free performance over time, making it one of the best sustainable investments in your trade show display future.

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Slatwall Trade Show Display

You could get your custom slatwall trade show display custom designed and built like this one for thousands of dollars, or you can do it yourself with Sing modular slatwall display panels, creating your own individual booth design by mixing and matching the trade show wall panels in any configuration you want.

Start with any exhibition booth you want using modular trade show display components. When you want to expand or change your exhibition booth design, no problem; just order the modular trade show components in either lightweight slatwall or standard trade show panel configurations, and you’re on your way.

Slatwall Trade Show Display

Sing modular trade show components come in two standard panel width, 22 inches and 36 inches. Each trade show panel connecting standards come in a variety of configurations, making it easy for you to alter or completely change your entire display at any time.

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slatwall trade show display

Slatwall trade show display

Freestanding Slatwall

freestanding slatwall

Freestanding Slatwall

You can also enjoy the expanded trade show booth design capabilities of adding as many freestanding slatwall displays inside your trade show booths. Our free standing slatwall display features slatwall w/6-inch slots on both sides of the display and can be placed at any location inside your slatwall trade show display.

Patented Sing lightweight slatwall panels not only weight a fraction the weight of heavier slatwall panel designs, they are so very strong.

How strong are Sing lightweight slatwall panels?

Sing Core was independently rated at 660 PSI; that’s many times stronger than any other lightweight trade show booth panels ever seen in any slatwall trade show display.

If you care about how your trade show display stands compared to others, you can rest assured that your Sing lightweight trade show system is designed to survive multiple builds, dismantles, trade show booth redesigns, transports and storage. This Eco-friendly and sustainable trade show system solution puts an expandable display in your hands to be used over and over again without fail.

In fact, your modular lightweight slatwall trade show booth wall panels are guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 10 years of faithful service. No other slatwall trade show display system in the world can have such an amazing guarantee.

How can you guarantee your trade show panels for 10 years of use?

The secret is inside each lightweight slatwall trade show panel. They are extremely high precision, lightweight and high strength due to having Sing Core inside each trade show wall panel. It’s the only way to make such a claim; by using the same patented technology that is used for the most high end large doors enjoyed by governments, scientific laboratories and high security headquarters.

You will find this material everywhere on planet earth from beneath the sea (US Navy) to outer space (NASA) and now you can have this same material featured in your DIY high tech lightweight slatwall trade show displays.

Double-sided 12 ft slatwall trade show display

Unlimited Versatility and Expandability

You can change, grow and expand your trade show booth design at any time. For instance, if you start out with a 10×10 trade show booth, and you find you want to expand your slatwall trade show display to say a 10×20 trade show booth, in most cases you’d have to get a completely different trade show display to accommodate your additional trade show space. No so, with your Sing display. All you have to do is add the modular trade show components you need to expand your display and you’re on your way.

And you can change your trade show displays at any time, adding components and connectors as you like to reconfigure your booth design at will.

You can even add separate office space, a theater, or conference room, by utilizing trade show panel “D” which is a door built in to a 36-inch door panel which snaps into place just like any other modular Sing trade show wall panel, placing it anywhere you want in your slatwall trade show display booth design.

This revolution in tradeshow displays allows you to create your own trade show booth any way you want using Sing modular components for exciting trade show displays that feature patented lightweight slatwall solutions and standard trade show panels, maximizing your creative trade show booth design possibilities.