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Wood Sliding Doors

Wood sliding doors are by far the top sellers of all door types besides hinged doors of any kind of doors. Wood sliding doors serve a wide variety of applications from residential to hospitality, business, commercial, and industrial wood sliding doors.


A wood sliding door is a very elegant statement in nearly any environment, and can be operated by hand, or electronically articulated and operated by remote control. Remote control wood sliding doors can have problems when operating a large sliding door which is very heavy over time.

If you’re replacing a wooden sliding door, you might consider reducing your regular maintenance costs over time by obtaining wooden sliding doors with Sing Core inside, which provides you with a lightweight impact resistant wood sliding door that is fully insulated and stronger than steel pound for pound.

Modern sliding barn doors are among the most popular trends in interior sliding doors of late, and a large wooden barn door is definitely the most challenging to attempt of all sliding door systems, because the more wood grain in the sliding barn doors, the more tendency they will have to warp, unless you have a warp-free Sing wood sliding barn door.

Inventor Peter Sing is famous for providing the highest precision and functionality in large lightweight wood sliding doors relieving the stress on wooden sliding door hardware as well as the structure, delivering high performance and each individual door can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail for 50 years, regardless of size.

Sing’s modern sliding patio doors are the most impressive wood patio doors. Each one of these individual sliding glass doors is essentially a one of a kind piece of artwork, specially designed and engineered from the inside out by Sing’s True Flat Team. The individual characteristics of each of these modern doors results in every wood sliding door being specifically engineered to perfectly fit the application, exposure to the elements, type of sliding door hardware, impact resistance, sound deadening qualities, any type of exterior surface material.

If you’re in search of the ultimate sliding patio door, you pretty much need to have Sing Core inside, if you want a high precision gliding patio door, which outperforms all other sliding glass patio doors. Now, thanks to Sing’s invention, you can have sliding patio doors that are commonly referred to the best patio sliding doors. It’s no wonder you find them in the most expensive multi-million-dollar homes in America.

The most common sliding French wood patio doors you find with Sing’s core inside are the perfect balance between wood and glass, with a beautiful wood frame holding transparent glass in the center of the sliding French wood doors.

The insulation value of Sing’s core allows him to provide both sound dampening and climate control to wood sliding doors, either on purpose, or as a pleasant added benefit, even if you’re designing a custom wood glass sliding closet door.

Often referred to as the best sliding wood doors, sliding doors with Sing Core inside are the latest evolution of sliding door ideas, since, (well, sing forever).

So, how would you go about obtaining sliding wood doors with Sing Core inside for your home? It really is very easy, but you won’t get them from Sing’s factory. The inventor is very clear in his assertion that,

“We do not make doors.” ~ Peter Sing

How can that be, when Sing’s doors are featured in so many of the most upscale projects in the world?

According to the inventor and CEO, Sing Core only provides the base door or sliding door blank to the millwork, door manufacturer, or custom door shop. The rest is up to the other professionals to finish creating this work of art, as well as installation. It takes a village to design and build the best wood sliding doors.

You are not limited simply to wood doors, as Sing Core also supplies the world’s biggest and best door companies with large custom aluminum wood multi slide door blanks and large aluminum wood sliding doors. See our new C Series line of Affordable Barn Door and Sliding Closet Doors.

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