Our panels make beautiful doors!

Sing panels are made to order in either paint-grade or wood-grain finish.  Paint grade consists of plywood and metal skins such as aluminum, steel and copper.  Wood grain consists of  wood stave or veneer.

If cost is an issue, our paint-grade plywood door panels are one of our least-expensive finishes and our most popular panel.  Paint-grade Sing panels just need to be finished by our customers. Typically, this just means putting putty on the joints and doing some minor sanding and painting.

For a more versatile wood-grain finish, our solid wood stave laminate is thicker than veneer. However, when bonded to our patented lightweight Sing honeycomb/ torsion box core, our doors will not warp, twist, or damage the hinges and fingers. Our wood stave door blanks are long lasting and can be easily remodeled.

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If you prefer the look of veneer, our wood-grain veneer Sing panels are high-end and meant for staining. They come unfinished and ready to be stained to your liking. This is a more expensive option for those who want the elegant look of natural wood. Though Sing Core door panes are available in nearly any wood species. Our standard varieties include:

sing-maple sing-cherry sing-oak sing-vg-fir sing-walnut

The age-old warping problem has been solved!

Patented Sing Core The revolutionary patented Sing core technology has solved the warping nightmare.  Doors made with Sing panels are true flat (non-warping) and will stay true flat and can be guaranteed true flat for 50 years.  It is like Sing panels have true-flat memory!  The Sing panel core is a honeycomb/torsion box foam grid wherein the wood grain is perpendicular to the skin and held together with our patented formaldehyde-free glue.  So, our patented Sing cores are 90 percent air, which does not move, supported by the strongest structure possible.  As such,  Sing panels are:

1.  Dimensionally stable with a high precision Sing core tolerance of +/- .006 inch.  This is laser precision which produces the smoothest and most true-flat panels.

2.  Fully insulated in the protection of our patented Sing grid structure for temperature control and sound-deadening qualities.  Sing cores are 3 to 5 times more insulated than solid wood-based door cores.  Note:  Our patented Sing core structure prevents separation of the foam and the skin which preserves the original strength and insulation value.

Lightweight true flat memory!3.  Lightweight so that even a 4 inch thick door will weigh only 2 to 3 pounds per square foot. An average wood-core weighs 8 to 10 times more than our patented Sing core.

4.  High strength which has been verified by the University of Washington at above 660 PSI, making our Sing panels pound-for-pound stronger than steel. (You could drive a 12,000-pound forklift with heavy rubber wheels over them without crushing them!)

5.  Water-resistance/waterproof doors made of patented Sing core panels can be completely exposed to the weather without warping.

Sing core strength! 6.   Eco-friendly and non-toxic structure glue for bonding skins and Sing core. In summary, patented Sing core not only solves the door-warp problem, but also keeps the finished product high precision true flat, lightweight and high strength,  plus provides great insulation and sound reduction and is eco-friendly.

Click here to see how patented Sing core door planks/door panels/door blanks produce true flat stay flat (non-warping) doors in any size, shape or design with a 50-year guarantee.

Door Finish Galleries

Sing wood stave doors skins

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Sing steel doors

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