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High Precision Warp-Free Metal

Sing Core provides lightweight, high precision, and warp-free metal products to industries; such as military, aerospace, construction, high-end millworks, and door companies in panel or post and beam configurations.  These configurations are stronger than steel pound for pound and are guaranteed not to fail for 50 years.

Inventor Peter Sing provides his patented and patent-pending weldless metal technologies to solve the problems associated with the limitations of metal products.  Welding causes imperfections in the surface area and compromises strength.  Solid metal can look very nice but is so heavy.  It is highly impractical, expensive to handle, install, and the cost of hardware is outrageous.

Warp-Free Metal Doors

Oversized metal doors are a challenge for architects, designers, and engineers.  Standard-sized metal doors can even be a challenge, depending on your expectations.  The bigger a metal door is, the more problems you will face in; the building, transporting, installing, and ongoing maintenance of the door, hardware, and structure over time.

Sing Core’s solution solves the problems associated with metal doors by offering their patented alternative to traditional metal door manufacturing methods.  Thus resulting in the highest precision large doors in the industry with the highest performance across the board for lightweight and Eco-friendly metal doors.  So far advanced that each door is guaranteed to remain true flat and fail free for 50 years.

Looks Like Solid Metal

Whether your metal doors are made of; aluminum, brass, cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, copper, diamond plated steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, or any other metals you can think of.  When you encounter one of Sing Core’s metal doors, it looks and feels like a piece of solid metal, but achieves the high-end precision and performance that any other type of metal door cannot achieve.  If your metal doors need to be precise and true, it must have Sing Core inside.

Sing Warp-Free Metal is

Eco-friendly Lightweight  High Strength
Fully Insulated  Sound Deadening  Climate Control
High Precision  High Performance  Guaranteed 50 Years
Impact Resistant  Hybrid Composite  Solid as a Rock

Compare Your Metal to Warp-Free Metal

Standard Metal  Sing Warp-free Metal
Heavy  Lightweight
Welding  No Welding
Welded Frame  No Frame
Hollow  Solid
Strength Variance  Stronger than steel lb. for lb.
Inconsistent Tolerances  Sing Core Tolerance +/- .006-in.
Inconsistent Surface Area  Perfectly Smooth as fresh-milled
Expensive Hardware  Less Expensive Hardware
Expensive to Install  Save $ on Installation
Increased Maintenance  Little or No Maintenance
Potential to Fail  50-year No Fail Guarantee

If you’ve worked with long spans of metal, you know the limitations of how metal performs.  Take a look at inventor, Peter Sing, standing amidst a 13 ft. span on an aluminum panel that is only one-inch thick.

Inventor Peter Sing standing on a one-inch panel 13 ft. span w/little or no deflection

No other metal panel could perform like this.  Only warp-free Sing Core metal panels could accomplish such a feat and remain just as lightweight and strong for 50 years without fail.  This has been unheard of, until now.

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Exterior Steel Double Doors

Exterior steel double doors are an impressive way to adorn any major egress point, especially as the double front entry doors for a durable steel front or garage-to-home entryway. Exterior steel double doors are most commonly used as entry and patio doors in the most contemporary architecture and design of exclusive high-end homes.

Exterior steel double doors may feature large lite openings for glass inserts to create the French door look in the double door system, which can add an elegant element to a more industrial design style. In fact, you can specify any glass exterior steel doors, just send us your drawing.

As you might guess, solid core exterior steel doors extremely heavy and the weight could cause problems with transportation, installation, hardware, stress and strain on the structure translating to huge maintenance costs over time.

You could build a lighter weight version, using a foam or honeycomb core, but if your looking at anything over 7ft tall or 3 and half ft wide, you will have a lightweight but unstable door. That’s where inventor Peter Sing’s patented and patent-pending exterior steel door substrate comes in.

Sing’s invention enables metal door manufacturers to build lightweight exterior steel doors that are fully insulated (R3.5 to R6.5) for climate control and sound-dampening, stronger than solid steel pound for pound, incredibly resilient (660+ PSI), high precision (.006 in. tolerances), and can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years. There is no other way to accomplish all this.

Steel exterior doors could present even greater problems because one side faces the elements while the other side faces the structure’s interior, a certain recipe for failure, unless your steel exterior door has Sing Core inside. To make matters potentially worse, multiply the potential for problems times two in the case of exterior steel double doors. Admittedly a single door will present half the problems of exterior steel double doors.

Sing Core is the source of energy efficient Eco-friendly commercial steel double doors the world ‘round. Even so, the majority of Sing’s double door steel doors are found in the greater New York region. You may be surprised to find that your Sing steel double door originates from the serene Pacific Northwest in the heart of Washington state, are proudly made in the USA by local artisans of locally sourced materials, ensuring you the best exterior double door system.

Whether you’re looking for a single door entry door with insulating core or a sustainable steel patio pre hung double door, having your doors made with Sing’s patented exterior steel door blanks as the basis of your door can put you miles ahead of the other steel doors available today.

The largest door manufacturers in the world come to Sing’s True Flat Team when they are faced with a project featuring one or more large oversized exterior steel doors knowing it is the only way to guarantee customer satisfaction over time. While there are many ways to build average-sized steel doors with little threat of failure, those big exterior steel doors are problematic and are routinely excluded from the warranty which covers the remaining of the steel door schedule.

Only Sing’s premium steel doors with high definition panels inside can deliver such lightweight, high precision, and long-lasting life and satisfaction, all backed by his 50-year warp-free and full structure guarantee.

That said, many pre hung exterior steel 6 panel double doors have Sing Core inside and the end user way never even know. All they know is that their modern steel door company has provided them with oversized insulated exterior steel doors which are not excluded from the other steel doors covered by the steel door company’s warranty.

Sing Core is a key provider to government, scientific, law enforcement, and military for superior steel exterior security doors used in a variety of applications where safety and security performance is of the highest importance. When safety and security matters, you want a steel security door or steel double door which outperforms other exterior steel door entry doors in terms of sound deadening, impact resistant, bulletproof, and blast proof. Note, inventor Peter Sing says, “You kick my door, you break your leg.”

Sing’s commercial steel double doors are by far the best of class in insulated exterior steel doors and are available in prehung exterior steel 6-panel double doors as well.

Isn’t it time all your doors had Sing Core inside?


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Oversize Door Design Ideas

Oversize doors are the new big thing in 2019, 2020, and beyond. Don’t worry about the engineering and getting everything straight. We have that covered.

Instead, think about the stunning new styles of oversize front and back, interior and exterior. Let SingCore exceed what you thought was possible

Oversized Exterior Doors

This stunning beverly hills overside exterior pivot door is the very finest in both style and construction. Constructed entirely with patented SingCore inside, and gorgeous teak wood stave on the interior. With a stainless steel pull that pulls the timeless style of the stained wood in to the modern era.

Front Door Ideas Photos

Ready for something different? This massive front door constructed of classy walnut wood stave is surprisingly light and and guaranteed straight.

Here at SingCore, we always say that a photo is worth a thousand words, and a photo with a human in it can show scale like no other oversize door photos can. Take our panels and use them to fulfill your most extreme door ideas. For us almost no design or door concept is to big!

Front Entry Door Ideas

Your entry door is the focal point of the home. Break free of the chains of the standard door opening with SingCore custom door panels. We make all our products custom, to order, and designed to meet YOUR specifications exactly. Now, you have the freedom to install a top of the line, one of a kind, and priceless sing panel in your home. Stand out from the neighbors

Modern Front Door Ideas

Wood and metal is the new face of the modern front door. Our doors seamlessly blend the two with unsurpassed wood grid and foam core with a sprinkling of aluminum. On the outside, we offer a wide variety of wood species, aluminum, steel.

Oversized Interior Doors

Our panels are light, strong, yet warp free. That means you are free to design an interior sliding door, hinge door, pivot door, or even pocket door of almost any size. You are able to let your imagination run wild with the security of a 50 year warp free guarantee.

Oversized doors need not be a chore to operate. You will be surprised how sturdy yet functional our doors can be.

Above you see a prime example of door creative ideas, with one face covered by a chalk board like durable reinforced plastic surface. We offer a wide range of “Formica” HPL skins that include chalkboard, white board, magnetic boards,

Front Door Entrance Ideas

An entrance door is like the cherry on an ice cream Sunday — by far the most visible component of the construction. Skimping on a font door design is not advised. For the most expensive million dollar homes, a front door should be $10k or more!

Any shape or size is in our wheel house. Try out these cutting edge front door ideas:

  • Curved door
  • Square door
  • Non-rectangular door
  • One piece sidelight door
  • Gull wing door
  • Concealed or hidden door
  • Round door (hobbit style)


Front Door Ideas 2020

The coming year may not be the end of the world, but rather the start of a whole new era of front door design. With SingCore, a lightweight, high strength, sound and heat insulated panel can exist and be available to contractors, millworkers, and architects across the country and around the world.

Tell us your grand front door idea today, and we can make the door of the future a reality today.

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Steel Sliding Doors

Steel sliding doors are a specialty of Sing Core’s utilization of patented and patent pending alternative steel manufacturing methods which empower architects, designers, and engineers to product the highest precision steel sliding doors that are lightweight, yet stronger than solid steel pound for pound.

Especially when combining steel & glass sliding doors, or creating large glass sliders, or steel sliding French doors. Thanks to inventor Peter Sing’s steel manufacturing methods extremely large sliding glass doors are no problem for steel sliding doors made with Sing Core inside.

This is a far more effective way to create steel top hung sliding doors of enormous size, even as large steel sliding doors specifically designed for the aviation industry, such as large hangar doors for aircraft. The light weight, extraordinary dimensional stability, and ultra-high precision (+/= .006 in. tolerance) cannot be matched by any other sustainable metal manufacturing method.

Regular use of large exterior steel sliding doors present problems over time, which are normally associated with the overall size and weight of the exterior steel doors which adds to the wear and tear of both the steel sliding door hardware, and the structure to which it is attached.

This same revolutionary technology is what makes steel patio doors with Sing Core inside so increasingly popular with high-end contemporary architects, modern designers, and elite metal fabricators across the United States as all sing’s sliding steel patio doors and steel sliding doors of any kind are proudly made in the USA, using locally sourced materials. So, if you’re looking for that steel sliding patio door that is unlike any of those other steel sliding patio doors, then you’ve come to the right place.

Steel barn doors are also top hung steel doors which are popular both indoors and outdoors. Contemporary interior designers and architects are specifying interior steel barn doors in various formats, such as stainless-steel barn doors, hot rolled steel barn doors, cold rolled steel barn doors, galvanized steel barn doors, and even diamond plate steel barn doors. Whether you’re in search of the best stainless steel sliding barn door or any other of the many types of steel sliding barn doors, your wish is our command.

Steel building sliding doors are very substantial providing safety and security for the invaluable contents of the most secure large metal buildings. In this instance industrial steel sliding doors provide added concerns of the steel sliding door engineers tasked with designing insulated large sliding doors which offer both sound deadening and climate control characteristics, which Sing’s core provides with integrity and style. This is creating a higher demand for acoustic steel sliding doors to meet the specific qualities often sought in sliding acoustic steel doors, and then some.

Whether in the hospitality industry of in hospitals, Sing’s bi-parting stainless steel sliding doors are fully customizable as each and every steel door is a one of a kind work of art designed and built as the perfectly sustainable steel sliding double door. And the only door of its kind which comes backed by Sing’s unparalleled,

50-year Guarantee

Regardless of your metal building system, Sing Core can provide you with the right custom steel sliding doors which meet the performance requirements of the most demanding commercial, agricultural, or industrial steel sliding door’s specifications.

It’s easy to say, “We’ve seen it all,” such as hydraulic doors of various sizes, types, and styles of any possible stainless-steel sliding door which is perfectly matched for the most discriminating commercial sliding door systems, no matter how large or complex.

Photos of Steel Sliding Doors

Steel Sliding Door Images


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Modern Steel Door

As time keeps on slipping into the future, a new generation of modern steel door was born with an Eco-friendly approach to conservation and sustainability, a true evolution in the modern steel door industry with revolutionary implications, changing doors made of steel in the USA as we move well beyond traditional modern steel door manufacturing.

These are not your parents modern steel doors. This new generation of modern front doors uses a combination of patented and patent-pending contemporary steel door manufacturing processes to build the lightest weight, hybrid solid core steel door that is fully insulated and stronger than steel pound for pound.

This new door making technology has empowered architects and door engineers to design the most intriguing custom modern architectural steel doors that nearly defy the laws of physics, allowing the creation of extremely large modern steel doors to be used as a one-of-a-kind signature front door, all while preserving the valuable resources of Mother earth.

These unique custom modern steel doors were introduced to us by inventor, Peter Sing, who garnered national attention by offering us his patented Sing Square Log Homes which revolutionized the log home building industry, his square log invention opened the door to the new generation of modern steel doors which would follow.

Sing’s handcrafted front doors are made in the USA in his factory located in the heart of the serene Pacific Northwest without the use of welding which leads to being able to create a high precision modern steel door core material which is not only fully insulated but boasts +/- .006 in. tolerances and is stronger than solid steel pound for pound.

It is this patented modern door technology which allows Sing to partner with the biggest and best door manufacturers in the world, as well as the high-end millworks and metal fabricators to build the best architectural steel doors in the world which are not limited in size.

With this huge reduction in weight the creative impulses of eclectic visionaries are expressing themselves in the form of large modern entry doors which were just not possible to manufacture with the technology of the past. To attempt to build such a feature would have resulted in manufacturing a steel door which was very heavy, expensive to operate and maintain, and potentially dangerous throughout the manufacturing process as well as amidst the service life of the front door of yesteryear.

Not to fear, Sing Core is here. Now, you too, can have lightweight, fully insulated modern steel panel doors which are of the highest precision, stronger than steel, and are guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years.

All you have to do is to go to your favorite manufacturer of steel entry doors, tell them the height, the width, and the thickness of the steel exterior doors, being certain to tell them you want, “Sing Core inside.” Then Sing’s factory will work together with your favorite builder of modern metal doors (residential, commercial, or industrial) to deliver to you the best modern and contemporary steel exterior doors made in the USA.

And you’re not limited to using patented Sing Core just for your modern front door, because contemporary entry doors, are not the only modern doors which are manufactured with Sing Core inside.

As you may have guessed, the next logical step for these contemporary exterior doors is to revolutionize the way modern steel garage doors are made. Not unlike our large contemporary doors, modern steel garage doors can also be made with Sing Core inside.

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Exterior Steel Doors

Exterior steel doors are becoming more commonplace in upscale communities where safety and security are top concerns. Steel doors are a strong defense against intruders and can withstand just about anything compared to other metal doors.

An aluminum door is probably the most economical way to approach a metal door, but exterior steel doors are in a category all their own.

Modern architecture and design are incorporating more exterior steel doors in their designs, though they could run the gamut from an architectural stainless-steel door to a galvanized steel door, depending on the nature of the project at hand.

Also note that the bronze door is now making its way into the minds of designers and are on the lips of those who want something particularly unique, to in a sense, stand out from the crowd. It is this uniqueness that has them coming back for more.

If your exterior steel door is fully exposed to the elements, you’ll want to take that into consideration when you’re designing the door. Your door engineer will know what challenges you will be facing, for if this is for a high-end project, then you don’t want to leave your client straddled with long-term maintenance at every change of the season.

Solid exterior steel doors are not practical as they are far too strong, and hollow core exterior steel door provide little protection from the elements or intrusion. And when that direct sunlight hits that steel door, look out… There’s no telling what shape it will take on.

The Sing Core Exterior Steel Door Solution

Sing Core provides the perfect solution by delivering a lightweight solid composite cored exterior door that is extremely high precision, impact resistant, insulated for both climate control and sound deadening capabilities.

And you’re never limited to the type of steel door that you want, as each Sing Core exterior steel door that they are involved in is more often than not a unique piece of artwork, the culmination of a visionary idea, with the engineers, in cooperation with Sing Core’s true Flat Team, which results in an unparalleled steel door that can be guaranteed for structural integrity and warp-free performance for 50 years!

For instance, stainless steel doors, galvanized steel doors, hot rolled steel doors, cold rolled steel doors, and diamond plate steel doors are among our most popular steel entry doors. Residential steel doors come in many shapes and sizes, but when your exterior steel doors are found as part of a multi-million-dollar home, these residential steel security doors could be enormous in size.

Large exterior steel doors leave the biggest impact on those who have cone the extra mile in contemporary architecture design, where the imagination and visualization of the architect is brought to life by creating large exterior steel doors, often floor to ceiling spans.

While your steel door could be in any style, shape, or feature any light opening cut out, these big steel doors are mostly operated as steel pivot front doors.

The whole idea about having steel security doors is the possession of a door that makes a huge security advantage with the largest number of features and benefits you’d be hard-pressed to find in other security steel doors.

Whether you’re looking for residential steel doors, steel garage doors, or commercial steel doors, Sing Core gives you the decided advantage because if your steel doors have Sing Core inside, they are,

• Eco-friendly
• Lightweight
• High strength
• Fully insulated
• Sound dampening
• Increased climate control
• Dimensionally stable
• Any style
• Any size (up to 50 ft.)
• 50-year structure
• 50-year warp-free guarantee

Isn’t it time you started specifying your exterior steel doors have, “Sing Core inside?”