Hidden “Jib” Doors

A door that is hidden in plain sight is commonly referred to as a “jib” door. Jib doors can often be called invisible doors or frameless doors. This type of door traditionally sits flush with the wall and matches any pattern on the wall. Jib doors provide a camouflage entrance to “secret” rooms. Everyone loves a house with a hidden door or secret rooms. We can provide jib doors, concealed cupboards and riser door systems perfect for concealing unsightly riser doors, access panels and service cupboards.

Essentially, it’s a door that is flush-mounted right into the wall—and often without hardware—essentially making it “invisible.” Sing Core provides lightweight and high strength door panels. These panels are crafted with the utmost precision. Sing Core’s door panels are comprised of a specially designed torsion box honeycomb core. This special design prevents warping, even in greatly over-sized doors. Sing Core is one of the only door companies who can guarantee their doors for 50 years. No other door company can make this claim!

Known for their essential “invisibility,” jib doors are flush-mounted directly into the wall allowing them to blend beautifully with their surroundings. The most subtle jib doors often lack any visible hardware. Bookcase doors work perfectly as entrances to panic rooms or vaults for storing firearms, jewelry, documents and other important items. A jib door is nearly invisible, or at least disguised from being recognized as a door. It may have the same moldings or wall treatment as the surrounding wall, creating a door hidden in plain sight.

What is the purpose of a jib door? A jib door or set of jib doors allow you to disguise that old broom closet so no one would even know it is there. Jib doors are very popularly used to keep precious valuables safe and secure. More importantly, jib doors can and are used to conceal your home’s panic room. A jib door is only hidden as well as it is made precise. Do not take any chances, and let Sing Core build your very own custom jib door. Sing Core offers precision unlike any other door company out there. This being said, we can manufacture the most seamless jib doors on the market.

Sing Core builds the most high end and lightweight doors on the market, and remain economically friendly! We custom build every door by hand to ensure the utmost precision as well as the utmost customer satisfaction. Plus, if your invisible door has Sing Core inside, you get the added safety and security of having a fully insulated sound deadening jib door which is also highly effective in maintaining consistent temperature control on either side of the wall door.

Millworks and high-end custom door manufacturers know they can rely on Sing Core’s ability to provide a warp-free door blank which will remain straight and true enough to protect the hidden door’s secret of invisibility over time. Not only can Sing Core offer the utmost precision, but we can offer precision that lasts longer than any other door company. Traditional door materials; such as solid wood, hollow core with MDF, or plastic tend to warp as they age and some are warp the day you purchase them! Sing Core guarantees that every door produced will not warp or fail, and this is backed by the Sing Core 50 year guarantee!