Panel doors are a longstanding stylistic type of door which has withstood the test of time. One of the best features of the panel door is its potential to stay straight and not warp. In the traditional manner of building a stile and rail panel door is to use many pieces of wood with grain orientation in differing directions to help counteract wood’s potential to move. Sing Core is proud to bring you the New Modern Panel Doors.

New Modern Panel Doors

Many faux styles of panel doors have been approached, for instance molded door skins made of plastic, fiberglass, or vinyl where the style of the traditional panel framing is 3D molded into the face material. What you get is a weather resistant door that looks like a traditional panel door.

New Modern Panel Doors

Enter new modern panel doors, the next generation in panel doors that are far superior to other panel doors of any kind. Unlike traditional panel doors, new modern panel doors are fashioned of a superior flush or flat panel door with 3D molding added to the surface material as decoration, to imbue this door with the visual characteristics of a traditional panel door.

What makes new modern panel doors superior to traditional panel doors?

New modern panel doors have Sing Core inside, which means they are Eco-friendly, extremely strong, lighter in weight than other panel doors, and fully insulated for increase sound dampening, and climate control. All impressive attributes, but the most impressive are that these doors are the very same doors that are considered the best doors in the world, and are the only doors that come with a 50-year warp-free guarantee.

Inventor Peter Sing is responsible for making his patented Sing Core available to the biggest and best door manufacturers, millworks, and custom door builders in the United States. Sing’s patented core helps make possible the building of extremely large doors lightweight, high strength, fully insulated, and warp-free for 50 years. That is why you find doors with Sing’s core inside anywhere from beneath the sea (US Navy) to outer space (NASA) and everywhere in between.

Sing is patenting these new modern panel doors which include his patented core inside complete with panel enhancements to make this new generation of panel door appear to be a panel door without any of the negative side effects.

What are the less than desirable characteristics of a traditional panel door?

1. Panel doors are weak

Kick a panel door at nearly and juncture where two or more panels meet, or a stile or rail, and the door will collapse and fall apart with an average degree of force. In comparison, Sing says, “Kick my door and you will break your leg.”

2. Panel doors are not insulated

Panel doors are made of wood. Just wood. Which is pretty but only has an R-factor or R1 to offer as insulation resistance, while doors with Sing’s core inside host R3.5 or more per square inch, depending on the insulations specified in the door.

3. Panel doors are heavy

As they are made of wood, wood is very heavy, so any door you make with only wood will reflect your choice in materials in the overall weight of the door. Doors made with Sing Core inside weight a fraction of solid wood doors but look like solid wood thanks to Sing’s patented hybrid composite core material.

Now you can have a door that is every bit as elegant as any traditional panel door that can be guaranteed to stand the test of time while providing high precision (+/- .006 in. tolerance) and high performance (50-years fail-free service) in an Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength, fully insulated door, thanks to Sing Core.

No other door in the world is backed by a

50-year Warp-free Guarantee

Unless it has Sing Core inside.

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