Green Characteristics

1) Our environmentally friendly honeycomb structure is made of 100% vertical grain wood veneer. This is the foundation for the strength of our panels. The close up image of the vertical grain wood veneer material is what makes up our honeycomb core.

Honeycomb Core – This is the strongest, lightweight, affordable, earth-friendly honeycomb core ever invented. Sing wood veneer honeycomb core takes less energy to produce than other honeycomb cores such as aluminum, plastic, and paper.


2) Rot Resistant – Sing Panels and Beams are rot resistant even with ground contact. They can withstand extreme moisture and humidity. Sing Panels and Beams are also able to withstand extreme dryness and heat.

 watertight panel

3) High Strength – Sing Panels are the strongest and stiffest insulated wood panels in the world. The strength of Sing Panels is unmatched.

Sing Honeycomb Core Concrete home building system. It is the strongest lightweight insulated low cost home in the world—-We prove our claim by the picture below and to the right. $1000.00 dollar reward if you can prove otherwise.

Pictured to the right is a one ton truck on a piece of 1/4″ inch thick Hardy Plank wrapped around our Honeycomb core. it does not crack under the pressure of a 1 ton truck. This is the future economical, concrete home structure. The picture is proof. Can you drive a 1 ton truck over a conventional frame home wall without it cracking??


  1. Sing honeycomb core structure materials are made of 100 % natural wood veneer. A similar engineered wood product is paper honeycomb. The honeycomb structure in this material is made of paper. Paper requires more energy and chemicals to produce.  Paper honeycomb requires chemicals to breakdown the wood fiber and requires energy for the drying process to produce the paper.
  2. Sing honeycomb is the strongest lightweight material available at a low cost. We can be found at the top of Google’s image search under the search phrase “Lightweight, high strength, low cost. High strength means a longer life span for the product. Sing honeycomb will last many times longer than paper honeycomb. Furniture that is built to last will not end up at the landfill.
  3. You can have your choice of the type of foam you will use for insulation and sound deadening properties. The choices of foam we have are urethane foam, recycled EPS foam, phonolic foam, or soy based urethane foam.
  4. Sing honeycomb is easy to machine and can be cut just like solid wood. It does not require a special saw or a smooth cutting surface.
  5. Sing honeycomb panels make it easy to apply edge banding. Any edge banding machine and regular cutting tools can be used to apply the most beautiful edge.
  6. Sing Honeycomb works just like paper honeycomb and uses solid wood for fastening hardware, but has much stronger mechanical bonding than paper honeycomb. It is made of solid wood veneer instead of paper. Paper honeycomb loses its strength as moisture content increases. Sing honeycomb can be exposed to the rain and sun in a wet climate such as Washington for 3 years and will remain structurally solid, when paper honeycomb would only last a matter of days.

Cement board wall

Paper Honeycomb

The picture above shows a 2 inch paper honeycomb panel failing.

Super Honeycomb

The above picture shows a 1 3/4 inch Sing Wood Veneer Honeycomb panel with a heavy load resting on the top.

4) Flat and Straight – Sing Panels and beams are manufactured to be the most flat and straight. When force is applied to a panel its performance is measured in stiffness and deflection (How much it bends.) Sing Panels stiffness and deflection properties exceeds current panel manufacturing requirements for performance.


5) Lightweight – Sing Super Honeycomb Panels and Beams are the lightest and strongest, earth friendly, affordable, honeycomb structures on the Market.


Lightweight Beam

6) Sound Deadening Properties – Sing insulated wood panels offer unsurpassed sound deadening properties. This ensures that you can enjoy the quiet solitude of your home or cabin. Experience the quiet, calm in your home even during a storm with Sing Insulated Paneling.