Door FAQ

What makes your cores different from paper honeycomb door cores?
A: Our door cores use recycled eps foam and our patented vertical grain grid system, which provides much more strength and is as light/lighter than paper honeycomb.


Can our company purchase only the Sing Core to make our own door cores?

A: The different options of our Sing Core and Sing Core Panels and our Sing Honeycomb Door Cores allow you to decide how you want to work with our technologically advanced core material. You can choose how much or little work you want to apply to the core*. (*when applying skins you will need to use a cold-press method)

Purchase just the core, you would then apply the skins on both sides and solid wood edging* (*place edging before apply top skin) or
Purchase core with skins* (*birch or luan) and apply the edge-banding yourself or hire someone to do it or
Purchase the core as an all in one component* (core, skins [birch or luan ] & solid wood edging) and receive your panels complete, just paint/seal and finish as you desire and install hardware.


How strong are your door core panels?
Our Sing Honeycomb Door Core Panels (4’ x 8’ x 1 3/8”) can support the weight of 4 people between 2 saw horses with no other support and with negligible bending and are significantly more water resistant than paper honeycomb door cores.
Our Sing Honeycomb Door Core Panels come with a 10 year limited structural warranty.

How light are your Sing Honeycomb Door Cores & Oversize Doors?
Our Sing Honeycomb Door Cores are at least one-third or more lighter in weight.


How do we assemble an Over-sized Door?
We will ship your door core in crates to ensure their safe arrival.
Our largest panel is 12’ x 10’, but you can combine these to make almost any size door you desire.
Once your door cores have arrived, take the panels to the room where they will be installed in and do the following:
1. Arrange your door panels on a level plane so that they can be joined precisely.
2. Join the panels in the horizontal position and applying glue in the grooved “biscuit” cut
3. Insert biscuit joint to one side of panel, apply glue to groove in second panel that will be attached to the first panel.
4. slide panel so that the other half of biscuit is inserted into the biscuit groove and allow all glued areas to dry completely.
5. Once all of the panels have been assembled together, and the glue has completely dried, you may then lift and begin installing your door with your hardware.
Contact us if you have further questions/concerns on how to install our Sing Honeycomb Door Panels.


How much do your Sing cores, Sing panels and Sing honeycomb panels cost?
That is an excellent question and one that cannot be answered here on our Q & A page as our pricing depends on a number of factors
Do you want Sing Cores only, Sing Core Panels or Sing Honeycomb Panels?
How many would you like to purchase?
How thick would you like the panels to be?
Please email us your questions and we will respond within 1 business day.


What types of material can I laminate to honeycomb?
Any substrate (skin) that is capable of carrying a load, can withstand daily use being opened/closed.


How do you ship?
LTL Freight Company – common carrier,
Arrange for pickup by your preferred carrier
Customer pick up from our facility here in McCleary, Washington


What is your lead time?
Usually three to four weeks, but this has been know to extend out to five or more weeks on occasion. For our regular contract customers, we block out production time for them and for others we will “work with them” as our production schedule allows.


How does my company become a “Regular Contract Customer”
You can become one of our “Regular Contract Customers” by entering into a contract to order at least 50 cores per month with our company (this allows you to receive better discounts and reserved production and shipping times)


What size are your panels?
We can manufacture panels up to 5’ x 10’. However, the most commonly ordered size is 4’ x 8’* (*finished size is 47” x 95”) and are usually determined by the size of the skins available. Sizes are limited somewhat by shipping company restrictions as well.
We also offer oversize door cores, these would be done in 4’x8’ sizes and then you would attach using biscuit joints


How much pressure to I use to apply skins myself?
Enough for intimate contact with our honeycomb core with or without solid wood edging but too much pressure can cause damage to the core.


Do you have distributors?
No, at this time everything is sold directly by us from our manufacturing location in McCleary, Washington.


Do you keep any panels in stock?
All of our Sing Cores, Sing Core Panels, & Sing Honeycomb Panels are made to order for each of our customers.


How do I get price information for your doors?
Consumers:  We ask that you contact your local door or wood working manufacturer to contact us regarding making your door with our Sing Honeycomb Door Panel.

Door Manufacturers: Please see pricing link


Are your doors difficult to install?
If you are good with your hands and have prior experience then depending on the size of the door and what veneers were used to finish your door it should only take 1 or 2 people to install, but we generally recommend that you have a professional door installer do this part to ensure a good tight fit.


Do you offer jambs or pre-hung doors?
No we do not do jambs or Prehung products but we do have an industry link page that can assist you with just about anything you would need for your door.


Do you build overhead garage doors?
We do not manufacture finished ready to hang doors, but our door core panels can become overhead, standard lift garage doors and carriage doors, along with barn-style, sliding/pocket door cores and interior/exterior residential door cores, and oversize industrial door cores.


Where are you located and do you have distributors?
We are located in McCleary, Washington, but we are always looking for reputable companies that are interested in innovative products and would be like to know more about promoting/selling our products


What are typical shipping costs?
Shipping costs vary depending on several factors:
# of items being shipped
Destination product is being delivered to,  commercial vs. residential.

*One of the major factors in shipping of course is weight.   Sing Door Cores beat the competition because our door cores are lighter than particle board or solid wood and are as strong so they are more economical to ship


Do the doors come finished?
Our door cores come with lock and hinge blocking and a paint grade birch skin, you need to finish it yourself or have your contractor or local door manufacturer get your door core to its finished state.