Make-your-own-Sing-Panel-Cold-press-methodUsing Sing Sandwich Substrate, it’s easy to build your own Sing Panels on demand.

This is the most popular in-house technology used by craftsmen and millworks.

You might have never known how easy it is to build your Sing Panels using this cold-press drop-in method.

How Easy Is It?

This is how simple it is to for you to use our substrate.


All you have to do is to coat the underside of your bottom skin with regular carpenter glue…


Place your wood edges atop the glued-side of the skin…







Then fill the void with Sing Sandwich substrate pieces until full.


Place glued top skin onto your completed work…


Finally cold-press until dry.

It’s that easy: Congratulations; you just made your own Sing Panel.

Details, photos and instructions compliments of Lightweight University.