SINGCORE is Torsion Box

Sing Core is introducing our new torsion box technology. (click here to see Google image search of torsion box).

With our patented Sing torsion box core we can create wood and metal composite panels or post and beams that make solid wood and other solid material such as concrete, aluminum, steel, plastic less desirable.

Sing Core Torsion Box panels are dimensionally stable, lightweight, and have a very high strength/weight ratio.

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Products made with the Sing Core torsion box technology:


Museum & Trade show Panels

Sing Core Sandwich Panels

Sing Metal Composite Panels

Sing Post & Beams

Sing Ceilings



Log Homes

Sing Tiny Houses


Unique Applications:

Sing Dunnage and Storage Solutions

Sing Panel Applications:

Sing Core Sandwich Panels

Sing Panels

Our panels are sandwiched using the patented Sing Honeycomb core. Our Honeycomb core has been tested by the University of Washington to reach 660 psi compression strength, a sizable improvement over foam door cores, which reach less than 2 psi compression strength. Sing Honeycomb Core is the strongest, most lightweight, and most eco-friendly core ever made.

Sing Honeycomb DoorsDoors

Patented Sing Honeycomb doors are lightweight, high strength and insulated. Sing Honeycomb doors have been used as carriage doors, sliding doors, sliding walls, bifold, and industrial sliding doors, to name a few. The surface can be metal, fiberglass, wood, ceramic tile, or even cement board. We guarantee all doors for flatness and straightness. We offer custom sizes for specialty projects!


Sing Core Museum PanelsMuseum & Trade Show Panels

Trade show panels weigh an average of <1/2-1 lb. per square foot. Our panels will enhance the visual quality of your products and display, especially when used in combination with Sing Honeycomb flooring. Perfect for artists, welders, salesman and anyone else looking for a beautiful lightweight display booth.


Sing Core Metal Composite PanelsAluminum & Other Metal Composites

Our metal composite panels are sandwiched using the patented Sing Honeycomb core. Sing Honeycomb is the strongest, most lightweight, and most eco-friendly core ever made.


Sing Core Metal Composite PanelsFiberglass Applications (FRP) & Plastics

Our fiberglass- and plastic-skinned panels have all the benefits of typical fiberglass or plastic panels but with the added strength and weight savings of our Patented SingCore.


SingCore Post and BeamsSing Post & Beams

Our Posts & Beams are stronger, lighter, straighter and more eco-friendly than anything else available. The versatility offered on our posts and beams is astonishing. Take a look for yourself.


Sing Core Ceiling PanelsSing Ceilings

Sing Ceilings are the most unique ceilings on the market.

The strength, weight and custom properties offered by Sing Ceiling Systems will blow you away. Your imagination is the only limiting factor.


Sing Core FurnitureFurniture

Sing Honeycomb Furniture offers style, strength and light-weight in one attractive package. Made from our patented Sing Honeycomb Core, you are assured that the furniture you purchase could last beyond your lifetime.


Sing Core Insulated FlooringFlooring

Sing Honeycomb wide plank flooring uses our torsion box core, and is the widest and longest insulated flooring ever made. The flooring is extremely dimensionally stable. We use 5 coats of urethane at our factory. The floor is quiet, warm and inviting.


Sing Log HomesLog Homes

Our log homes have the highest insulation and precision ratings in the log home industry. We offer DIY: Log Home Kits & Design Friendly log homes. Builds quick and easy, looks fantastic and lasts hundreds of years!


Sing Tiny House, Sheds and Storage BoxesSing Tiny house, Sheds and Storage Boxes

Lightweight insulated panels (R6.5-sq. in.) make up the exterior of the Tiny house. Using Sing technology, Tiny houses are structurally superior to anything else on the market! Create a livable space during home remodeling, on a place where you could not normally build, or at a campsite or wilderness location; as with all Sing Honeycomb products, the possibilities are limitless. Our Honeycomb sheds and storage containers are an excellent choice for all of your storage needs!