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Sing Core is seeking fans of our patented Eco-friendly, lightweight high-strength building material that enable even the most inexperienced builders to build a Tiny House in a day.

May be Hard to Believe – BUT IT’S TRUE

In fact, we astonished a wide-eyed public when we introduced our lightweight, high-strength, insulated, hurricane-resistant Smallest House in the World that can be build from the ground floor up in 7 minutes. This structure has huge implications in the homeless, emergency shelter and recreationally as Ice Fishing Shanties.

Sing Core is hiring due to rapid growth and expansion and we need your help to find just the right people who are best-suited to keep us on this path into a better world in the future for our Eco-friendly patented lightweight, high-strength structural building material.


In our international headquarters location in McCleary, Washington, we’re looking to add staff in the following areas:

In the office:

  • Office Help
  • Switchboard Operators and Dispatch


In the factory:

  • Manufacturers
  • Millwright
  • Wood Craftspeople
  • Team Leaders
  • CNC Operators

 Send and email and resume’ to


Yes, we even have opportunities for supporters to work with us from the convenience of their own homes, if they are a good match.

Opportunities outside our local area include:

As well as partnering with contractors across the nation to win the bid.

We back you up with the best lifetime warranty on high precision true flat products that can be guaranteed to stay flat and not to bend, warp, twist, rot or fail regardless of application or use.

Help us keep up with the increased demand for Sing Core as more and more people recognized its unlimited applications.

If you would like an exciting career with us and helping us to promote this revolutionary true green technology, please contact us.

Build a House in 7 Minutes

Granted, it would take a little longer to build a complete Tiny House than 5 minutes… Sing Tiny Houses can easily be built in a day. For instance build this 20 ft. x 8 ft. storage shelter was easily built in a day by two people:


Tiny House built in 1 day – last forever!

This could only be possible with patented Sing Panels, and now – more than ever – we need your help spreading the word about this revolutionary Eco-friendly building material that is not only lightweight, but stronger than steel. See comparison to other building materials.



If you are a fan of Sing Core and want to help us make the world a better place, we want you to


And help us spread the word while creating a more sustainable planet for all earth’s creatures.


360-495-3577 as space is limited

And you can start telling your story – and telling the Sing Core story – to others and start earning $ today.

Even if you’re a casual user or believer in Sing Products, we can offer substantial discounts to our Sing Consultants.

PS: We are also looking for Tiny House Drivers to deliver Tiny Houses across the USA. Click Here for Details.

Additional opportunities include earing a free tiny house, or getting paid for referrals.