We are always excited to set a new world record for perfectly flat large doors that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist of otherwise fail for 50 years.

No other door manufacturer has been able to do this, yet this week, we have come to the rescue of some of our most demanding high-end clients to enable them to deliver two of the best large doors that have ever been manufactured on planet earth.

We invite you to join us in celebrating our latest achievements.

Case study #1


To create a perfectly flat 12 ft. x 10 ft. x 3-inch-thick mahogany pivot door with the highest tolerances possible that is lightweight, insulated and will never warp.

Highest degree of flatness ever

$100 to anyone who can build an insulated wood door that is lighter weight, stronger and will not warp

Mission Accomplished

sitting on large 12 ft x 10 ft mahogany pivot door in factory

Photo taken in front of our 14 ft. beam saw for trimming

This large door is so lightweight four men can easily carry it, so no heavy equipment is necessary for onsite installation. Also due to the significant lower weight, less expensive hardware can be used that is less likely to fail due to the torque of a heavier door for maintenance-free enjoyment.

Believe it or not these super-large doors (and any door panels made by Sing Core could be):

1 Fully insulated (choice of R 3.5 or R 6.5 rigid foam insulation)
2 Highest strength to weight ratio (compression strength 660 PSI weighing in at approximately 5 lbs per cubic foot)
3 Highest precision (the most precision door panel in the world, Sing Core within +/- .006 inch)
4 Non-warping (will not warp, bend, twist, cup or otherwise fail for 50 years guaranteed)
5 Eco-friendly (Sing Core is manufactured with 100% natural renewable wood fiber)

These large wood and metal door panels are ready to ship to the millworks to complete the process. We don’t make doors; we help these millworks make the best doors in the world.

If Sing Panels can make the best large doors then you can trust that this very same building material could be used to make any other type of product. Click to see products made of Sing Core.

Case Study #2

The Perfect Large Sliding Steel Door

Yes, in the same week, we manufactured and delivered a huge 12 ft. x 10 ft. x 4 inch steel sliding door!

All the same tolerances and specifications for a completely different high-end (confidential) application. A steel door with this degree of high precision and performance has never existed until this week.

From this day forward, Sing Core establishes the new standard for more Eco-friendly alternative lightweight, high-strength steel doors packed with insulation that will not fail, guaranteed for 50 years.

$100 Reward


The inventor invites anyone to search the world to find any door that can exceed the performance of a door made of premium Sing Core. If you can, he will give you a crisp $100* of his own money for the proof.

We’re breaking new world records:
“Until this week, this just couldn’t be done. It’s never been done before, but now we can do it whenever someone needs us to.” –Inventor Peter Sing

 * or the financial equivalent

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