How to Build a Carriage DoorHow to Build a Carriage Door

Since Sing Core is known all over the world as the number one source for Eco-friendly insulated carriage doors that are lightweight, high-strength and can be guaranteed not to warp, bend twist or otherwise fail for fifty years, we get a lot of calls and requests from individuals seeking our specialized non-warping carriage doors. The only problem is, we don’t make carriage doors.

We make the non-warping panels that are used by garage door manufacturers and high end millworks who use Sing Panels as a base material to create their non-warp carriage doors.

Using Professional Sing Panels, you can create carriage doors that are Eco-friendly, Warp-free, Airtight, Weatherproof, Insulated, Energy-efficient, Lightweight and High-strength.

So, we thought we’d take a moment to explain how sing carriage doors are actually made.

First you start off with a custom Sing Panel.

How a Sing Panel is made

Now that you have a Sing Panels as your base material (guaranteed non warping carriage doors are made with Professional Sing Panels), your custom garage door manufacturer or high end millwork (even some savvy do-it-yourself carriage door builders DIY-style) completes the door design by continuing the process:

How Non-warp Carriage Doors are Made

Finally, coordinate with your contractor and/or installers to finish, add hardware and hang your custom non-warping carriage doors.

Non warping wood carriage doors with hardware ready to install

Warp-free wood carriage doors ready to install

This is how the best airtight, energy efficient, Eco-friendly carriage doors in the world are made, and you can make a set for yourself, too.

How to Get Sing Carriage Door Panels

  1. Know what you want
    1. Have at least an idea or drawing of the carriage doors you want
    2. Determine how many and what size of panels you will need for your carriage doors
    3. Know what exterior material you want on your carriage door panels
  2. Decide how you will manufacture your carriage doors
    1. Seek out a professional
      1. Garage Door Manufacturer, Architect, Designer, Design/Build, General Contractor, Mill Work, etc…
        1. Give them your drawing, specify Sing Core inside
        2. They will deal directly with us
  3. Congratulations!
    1. You are the proud owner of your new carriage doors that are
      1. Eco-friendly
      2. Lightweight
      3. High-strength
      4. Insulated
      5. High-performance
      6. Will last longer than anything made with any other material with these benefits

Some examples of insulated Sing Carriage Doors