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Concealed Hinged Doors


These hinged doors are located in the most dynamic and forward-thinking auction house in the world with annual sales of over $1.3 Billion.

Also known as Jib Doors, these hidden or invisible doors have to be perfectly straight to blend into the wall. Thanks to Sing Core’s inherit characteristics, these doors are lightweight, very strong and backed by the industry’s only 50 year warp-free warranty.

As you can see the hardware is flush and barely visible to the eye. This is thanks to Harmon Hinges.


The Wilmette Hardware Harmon Hinge allows an architect, millworker or designer to create a clean pocketed opening in his millwork plan. This hinge is also referred to as a pocketed pivot hinge. When the door is in the open position, it is contained in a pocketed section of the millwork creating a concealed panel. In both the open and closed position, no hinge ‘barrel’ projects further than the face of the door.



Curious how these doors are made? Check out the shop drawings here.

Want these doors is your next project? GET AN ESTIMATE.

Have questions? CONTACT US.



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Sliding doors at Laserfiche’s New Headquarters

Sing Core is honored to be part of making an innovative workspace for Laserfiche in Long Beach, CA.

RDC of Long Beach California designed these doors to work seamlessly with this interior workspace. Following the design of RMC, Seeley Brothers Millwork of Brea California used four custom made Sing Core panels to complete this project for Laserfiche.

These Sing Core sliding doors are used to allow these workspaces to feel like one larger room and a second later be a quiet and private meeting space. Sing Core doors naturally dampen noise of an active workspace to easily allow other employees to concentrate and be more productive. These were some of the core ideas that Laserfiche had when building their new Headquarters.

These elegant lightweight doors are extremely strong and durable. They are made of the highest quality material suitable for any museum, mansion or workspace.

As you can see these doors have to be completely straight to allow a perfectly matched seam when they are closed.

“They are the most exciting sliding doors I have ever seen” -Peter Sing, Sing Core inventor.

Simple to design, simple to order. See the shop drawings here.

See other sliding doors here.

Want these doors in your next projects? Get an estimate here.

We’d like to thank everyone that came together to make these magnificent doors come to fruition: Studio One Eleven, RDC Architects, Millie and Severson Contractor, Seeley Brothers Millwork and of course Laserfiche for wanting to improve their employee’s wellbeing with this innovated design.

Laserfiche is a leading global prover of business process and information management software. They have been part of the Long Beach community since 2001. They were founded over 45 years ago and also have offices in Washington DC, Guadalajara, Hong Kong, London, Shanghai and Toronto. 320 of the 425 employees are in the Long Beach area and they are steadily growing.

Their new headquarters was completed in May of 2022. It is over 100,000 square feet, with four floors and a parking garage. It can accommodate 550 full-time employees working in-office and up to 750 hybrid workers. Studio One Eleven’s design mirrors a landmark garden-office building across the street designed by the late Mid-Century architect Edward Killingsworth. They incorporated such Mid-Century Modern elements as large windows and terrace decks that provide amble natural lighting. The height is the same as the adjacent building allowing to blend in seamlessly. Chris Wacker, chief executive of Laserfiche, Wacker called the space “extremely functional and useful in a hybrid environment.”

The design layout shifted the service core to the western edge of the building, typically in the center. This allows a larger continuous communal and workspace environment. This also blocks the western solar heat. Now the elevator is tucked away and the stairs are front and center, promoting the healthier option of taking the stairs.

Laserfiche was committed to staying in the Long Beach area and are in the Bixby Knolls neighborhood. Here on Long Beach Boulevard near the San Diego Freeway, their Mid-Century landmark makes a bold statement to the half a million daily drivers who pass by. Before Laserfiche purchased this land, it was considered an unusable wasteland left over from oil extraction years. They capped off the old oil wells and removed the old hazardous tanks.

According to Chris Wacker, Laserfiche CEO, “We have abandoned the traditional vertical office building paradigm, emblematic of individual aspiration, for a horizontal environment where connections are fostered and relationships built and we’ve implemented ideas from our products into the design of the building we know that process automation makes life easier. It removes the bottlenecks and impediments to fluid operations, promotes efficiency and allows organization to thrive. This building’s open design does the same thing. It enhances the free-flowing information making our lives simpler and more creative.”

“This building is the future of work. People sharing spaces in the ways most productive for them. As we learned over the past two years, that makes the most productive for the company and the people that use our products. Just as Laserfiche is dedicated to helping people turn their data into digital assets, this building helps Laserfiche maximize the potential of its people. Laserfiche digital transformation increases your people power by eliminating the unproductive and focusing on the creative, and that’s what this building does. It’s a hybrid workspace for a hybrid workforce.”

Watch this video for a deeper look into this project from RDC.

Sing Core is proud to be a part of the continued evolution of door technology to make our customers’ lives more enjoyable. Whether that be in pivot doors, sliding doors, hinge doors, pocket doors, or any oversize door. We enjoy the challenge. We invite you to GET AN ESTIMATE and see for yourself how Sing Core’s true flat door cores can help you make the doors that your customers are asking for.

Thank you RDC and Studio One Eleven for the use of your photos and video.

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Sing Core Security Door

Sing Core Security Doors

Your front door is the gateway between your home, family, and belongings, and the outside world. Nowadays, it’s not enough to just protect your home from the elements, your door needs to provide safety and security for you as well. Sing Core’s new Security Door provides the same durable and high quality comforts you’re already familiar with, with added protection against intrusion.

What is a Security Door?

A Security Door is used to provide additional protection and peace of mind over what a standard door can do. Whether used as an exterior door, an interior door, or even a garage door, our Security Door can bring this added safety to your home or business.

Sing Core door panels are already incredibly strong, resilient, and guaranteed to last, and we stand by those qualities. However, intruders are constantly looking for ways to bypass the protection provided by traditional doors. These methods can include using anything from a chainsaw, to a circular saw, to an axe. While we trust in the strength of our standard core, with enough time and strong enough tools, even they can be cut through. With our new Security Door, that changes.

Why Choose a Sing Core Security Door?

Sing Core Security Door Panels come with our patented high-quality honeycomb core and rigid steel reinforcements. The honeycomb core provides insulation, strength, and sound-deadening features, while also remaining incredibly lightweight. By adding the steel reinforcements, we double down on the strength and durability of the panel, making it incredibly difficult to cut or break through. Plus, the door remains impressively light for the quality it provides.

A traditional door can be cut through in less than a minute, and while it would often make a lot of noise, these break-ins are often done when no one is home, meaning you won’t be there to catch them in the act. Cutting through a Sing Core Security Door with the same tools would take substantially longer, and brings other challenges to the intruder, such being much louder, the likelihood of breaking a tool on the unexpected metal reinforcement, and a significantly higher chance of being caught.

In addition, these doors can be used in many cases aside from the standard front door scenario. Businesses with expensive equipment or sensitive documents may want to secure them in a more effective way, and luxury car owners may want a garage door that can’t simply be kicked in or cut through. You could even use Sing Core Security Panels to build a mobile and lightweight cabinet for on-the-go secure storage.


When it comes to your home, security is not an area where “good enough” is all you need. There are many ways you can improve the safety and security of your home, and installing a Sing Core Security Door is one of the most effective options. A break-in happens every 26 seconds in the United States, reaching 2.5 million break-ins every year, with over half being home burglaries. Let’s keep your homes and businesses off of that list.

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The Garage Door Solution

Sing Core Garage Doors

The most common problem for garage doors is the continuous exposure to the outdoor elements. Which subjects one side of the door to daily changes in temperature while the other side sees a constant interior temperature. This is where a solid wood garage door would fail and crack due to the wood expanding and contracting inside the door. This is a major flaw which requires frequent maintenance, such as repainting and resealing to prevent water damage.


Now with a Sing Core door, a garage door can have any skin from metal to old growth Douglas-fir.

Aluminum and metal skinned

Aluminum is a great option for sliding barn doors. The aluminum produces a lightweight and strong finished product. To seal metal and aluminum doors from the elements we have discovered the perfect solution, vinyl wrap.




Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl wrap will adhere to any door’s surface. The glue will seal out any moisture. The vinyl is fully customizable to any design of your liking and will provide full UV protection of your door. Learn how to build a true flat long lasting carriage door here.




Wood Skinned

The best choice for a wood garage door is AB plywood or marine plywood. There’s no need to worry about the plywood cracking with the inclusion of proper finishing when using Sing Core thanks to our patented and patent-pending torsion box “honeycomb” design. This is why they are used on our Sing Core homes.

Wood Stave

A superior addition to any door is to add wood stave to the face. Our most common wood stave products are clear cedar and douglas fir. With wood stave applied, the door looks like it’s made of solid wood.
Unlike a thin .020 wood veneer; wood stave can be sanded and repaired if damaged. Making wood stave a more durable solution to high traffic areas or commercial applications.
Does your customer need a rugged wood stave skin or a thin veneer? Ask one of our knowledgeable sales engineers about the pros and cons of different skin options and they would be happy to walk you through your options.

1/8″ wood stave is all that is necessary to make your door look like it is made completely out of solid wood. But the secret inside is that your door is exponentially stronger and more stable than a standard solid wood door. Your Sing Core door is also almost a third of the weight of a comparably sized solid wood door. Being lightweight expands the choices of hardware, reduces labor costs to install, and is safer in inclimate weather. This applies to all doors with Sing Core inside; pivot doors, sliding doors, pocket doors, carriage doors, bi fold doors, and other doors with unique hardware configurations. Learn more about wood stave here.

Large Pivot Door 126.5 x 60 x 1.75 White Oak High Strength Straightest Lightest in the Industry


We have a very large inventory of wood stave in stock. We will sell the wood stave by the square foot and have a wholesale option. Wholesalers are eligible for discounted pricing on wood stave lots. Contact our sales team for details about wood stave lots here.





Below are a few of the other examples of garage/barn doors we make.

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The Legendary Curved Doors of SingCore


The Sing Door Advantage

SingCore’s Legendary Curved Door has been called upon in the most demanding situations to turn even the most stale environment into a place where luxury and creativity flourishes.  As a leader in manufacturing large, over-sized, sliding, pivot, metal, hinge, bi-fold, and man doors, SingCore has been at the forefront of our industry because of our ability to make doors that are stronger, straighter, lower in weight, more dimensionally stable, available in more materials, more warp resistant, and more visually appealing.  Moreover, we offer the best guarantee in the industry.  No one else in the industry can offer you doors that are guaranteed for 50 years against warping, twisting, breaking, cracking, and skewing.  Because we have a proven track record of producing door that stand the test of time, we have decided to divert our attention to a new line of doors that are dramatically increasing in popularity.  That is the SingCore Legendary Curved Door.


SingCore Unmatched Precision

These large curved doors have been made to the exact specifications of the client.  No one can make a door radius as precise and versatile as ours.  Most door companies are not even capable of producing a door that has a radius.  With our cutting edge methods, we can build a door with any radius.  Moreover, it will have the SingCore signature light weight core that allows us to build doors that are more structurally strong, more rigid, more dimensionally stable, less prone to skewing, breaking, and cracking under normal use.  As you can see from our photos, they are much more beautiful than doors from any other curved door manufacturer.  Our doors are solid as a rock.  They go through our rigorous strength testing, including the hammer test.


Extraordinary Door Options

For better resistance to environmental conditions, we use marine ply skin on these curved doors.

Our panels are incredibly strong, plumb straight and ultra-lightweight. To meet the harsh needs of today’s ever-changing climate, SingCore equips you with a panel’s sub straight made of patented and patent pending core material. We can manufacture doors with countless diverse skin types due to our state-of-the-art methods and unique engineering. Sky’s the limit on what type of door skin you want as we built our doors to order with your specs. We manufacture the doors using any form of hanging arrangement, any skin, and any dimensions. Due to our innovative blocking system, you can install any hardware. Our revolutionary system allows you choice any kind of blocking you may need to complete your door.  Due to every door being made to order, we are extremely flexible, just ask and we will make it happen.

Ahead of the Game

The buzz about our Legendary Curved Door Line has been tremendous.  We would like to thank everyone who has reach out to us about these our curved doors.  We would also like to thank Wirth Woodworking for doing such a fine job finishing and installing these doors with hardware available at ghostop.com.  To get your own curved doors, please click the “Pricing” button and submit for a price quote.  You never know.  You might just become the proud owner of SingCore Legendary Curved Doors even before your friends and neighbors install them in their homes.


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Hinged Entry Door 3x13x1.75

Here’s another great example of how straight a SingCore door is.

See other great examples of SingCore hinged doors here.

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Sliding door room partition

Sing Core is honored to be a part of creating an intimate space inside restaurant Osteria Mornini in Miami, FL.


Nusla Design helped imagine this space and spearheaded the design. Following Nusla’s design, Sing Core fabricated four stunning door panels to be used in the Osteria Morini restaurant.

Watch the video below and hear the difference Sing Core’s true flat doors make.


These Sing Core sliding doors are used as a temporary room partition for private parties or meetings.



Sing Core doors naturally dampen the noise of the bustling restaurant. These doors were designed without the addition of acoustic skin layers or acoustic seals. Miami crowds can be lively, and this sliding door room divider creates a separate space to break up that sound transference.

The doors stack up flat parallel against one wall when not in use. Then each of three doors slides independently to the far wall to line up in a perpendicular position. And finally, the fourth door is a fixed pivot door that can swing in or out to completely close off the space. When completely closed the sliding doors and pivot door create a completely flat wall that is camouflaged to blend into the background of the restaurant. And with the use of the pivot door can still be used to serve the guests in a private setting while maintaining the look of a flat wall.




Notice how flat and straight Sing Core’s sliding doors are, even after two years of heavy use in a commercial space. Sing Core doors are created specifically to remain flat for 50 years using our patented and patent pending door technology.

These look like one single panel, but are actually to perfectly straight flush panels next to each other

This sliding door and temporary wall system was made using four Sing Core professional door panels. The panels are each 38.875” wide by 108” tall and only 1.75” thick. Each door was hot pressed with .020 vertical grain oak veneer. A professional millwork then received the true flat door slabs and stained the veneer to match the various other wood details throughout the restaurant and installed the sliding door hardware. Sing Core is able to provide solid wood blocking in our customers’ specified locations to suit their hardware requirements. As in this case where no blocking is needed for door pulls to keep the illusion of a flat wall when in use.


Each panel can be slid on the track with only one finger. Sing Core’s lightweight door technology keeps the weight of each panel down to less than 150lbs.



Sing Core is proud to be a part of the continued evolution of door technology to make our customers’ lives more enjoyable. Whether that be in pivot doors, sliding doors, hinge doors, pocket doors, or any oversize door. We enjoy the challenge. We invite you to GET AN ESTIMATE and see for yourself how Sing Core’s true flat door cores can help you make the doors that your customers are asking for. Here’s to a Happy holiday for you and yours from the entire Sing Core family.




It was a pleasure to visit this breathtaking restaurant in Miami Beach, FL. And we encourage you to have a meal at this New York Times voted best Italian restaurant in Miami, FL.

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How to Use Sing Sandwich Core

With the growing number of users who can now obtain Sing Core through their local distributors, we now offer you educational resources online because we desire to see you be as successful as our high-end clientele. We think that you will discover, as they have, that Sing Core is by far the best lightweight, high strength, fully insulated core material in the world.

Here you will find the tools, tips, and techniques that will help you maximize your efforts using Sing Sandwich Core.

Free How to Build eBook

We are offering you our book, How to Use Sing Torsion Box Composite Sandwich Panels to Build Endless Products, in downloadable eBook format

How to Use Sing Sandwich

The introduction basic tutorial on to how to use sing sandwich as substrate core material.

Why and How to Use Sing Sandwich Core

Sing Sandwich Panel provides the wood worker with pre-built torsion box at an affordable price.

Sing Sandwich Closing the Edge

Sing Sandwich has Sing Core exposed on the edge. This is normal and rudimentary for millworks and the high end developers…


How to


You Have Questions?

If you have already obtained Sing Sandwich Core from your local distributor and have questions about how to use it, please post them before and check back here. It is our intention to answer your question on this page. These questions and answers make the Sing Core experience better for everyone.

Thank you for your support.

PS: Please respect that we do not have customer support set up for consumers, but in the interim, please feel free to post your questions below and we will try to answer them here the best we can.

Thank you,

-Sing Core


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Sing Core Now Available to Everyone

This may be the most important update from Sing Core ever.

Ever since the creation of lightweight, high strength, fully insulated, and warp-free Sing Core, inventor Peter Sing has sincerely desired to see this revolutionary material in the hands of the people, but due to the cost restraints of manufacturing a vertical grain small cell reinforced torsion box core, it was restricted to only high-end clientele who could take advantage of the technology.

13 foot lightweight panel strength peter sing core

Since then, Sing has invented many patented and patent-pending technologies to support these high-end architects, millworks, and door companies to make the impossible possible and still offer Sing’s unprecedented 50-year warp-free guarantee on door up to 50 ft or more.

Now, finally, Sing Core is available for you in the form of raw Sing Sandwich Core available from your local distributor.

This is good news for the thousands of craftspeople, engineers, furniture, and tiny house builders who have contacted Sing Core in the past and were disappointed with discovering that the cost was too high, or they were considered unqualified to handle such a raw substrate.

The Sing Core  factory only deals directly with architects, millworks, and door companies who have elitist clientele. This is still the case but now, Sing’s dream comes to life, as he can see his product reach the people who sincerely desire to use his technology in the real world.

There is no doubt that Sing’s reinforced insulated torsion box core invention is the most


High Strength

High Precision

Fully Insulated

Substrate in the World

Nothing else to date has been able to compare to Sing’s patented and patent-pending technologies in terms of weight vs strength, allowing architects and millworks to create lightweight works of grand size without compromising precision or performance.

Available via Your Distributor

If you are in the business, you already have distributors that you already deal with. Sing Core is now opening their most effective and popular product used by the best millworks in the United States of America to your distributor(s). So that the next time you place your order, you can simply add Sing Core to your order from the distributor that you already use, and they put it on the same truck that is delivering the rest of your products for use on your project(s). Now, it’s that easy. The product?

The Sing Sandwich Substrate

Raw, unfinished, and available in

4×8 or 5×10

This is hands down, the most popular, most powerful substrate in the world. With it you can build a structure or shelter without the need for framing,

create lightweight, insulated products of any kind,

anything from cutting boards to complete luxurious homes, and everything in between.

Keep in mind that the Sing Sandwich Substrate is raw and unfinished. It is for using as a full unfinished panel by itself, but will require trimming (as there will be exposed glue on the edges), but know this is the exact same bulk material that the most exclusive millworks use inside their creations that sell for thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of dollars.

One tiny house builder said he’d sell his tiny house built with this material for $5 million. Take a look at his $5 Million Tiny House.

Look at the many applications where you can apply the Sing Sandwich Substrate.

The Sing Sandwich Applications are nearly endless (see full list) as they are the secret ingredient inside the most expensive Building Applications and Components and it’s so versatile and easy to employ as long as you know How to Use Sing Sandwich.

Make a Table

You can use Sing Sandwich Core to make a huge table lighter in weight many times but stronger. Here’s some examples of tabletops with Sing Core inside.

This is why torsion box was originally used, but Sing’s invention takes torsion box to the next level by reducing the size of the grids, flipping the grain perpendicular, and reinforcing with rigid insulation, for incomparable compression and shear strength.

Replace Other Core Materials

We suggest cutting your Sing Sandwich Core into manageable pieces, say 1 ft x 1 ft squares, and insert into your own panel or product, cut to size, then hot or cold press between the skins you require. Just like you might use aluminum core, plastic honeycomb core, paper core, wood-based core such as LVL, interjoined wood, particle board,

Strong Hybrid Solid Composite Core

Plus, know that Sing Core is strong through and through, the voids inside honeycomb are left empty, Sing Core torsion box grids are not hollow, they are reinforced with rigid foam insulation to create a hybrid solid composite core.

Slice to Desired Thickness

You can slice Sing Sandwich Core to the thickness that you need (less the skin to be added) just like you might using a solid wood core material, then add another skin to recomplete the torsion box structure, and insert as substrate. You cannot do this with other cores as they will fall apart.

Caution: We also caution you against making anything oversized, like a 20 to 50 ft door. (See Don’t Try to Make a High-end Door below.)

Lower Price

Thanks to Sing’s new manufacturing method and subsidies provided by high-end clientele, raw Sing Sandwich Core can be manufactured at a lower price and is comparable in cost to other types of traditional core materials, so now is the time to contact your local distributor to as for Sing Core.

Empower Your Imagination

Simply buy bulk 4x8s, like the big boys do, as many as you need, cut to size and create whatever your heart desires.

Remember, Sing Core is not available from our factory, only directly from your local distributor, the 1 that you already deal with.

Do Almost Anything You Want

You can cut into smaller pieces, i.e. 1 ft x 1 ft for easy storage and inserting into anything that you want, though we caution against making anything too large. The Sing Core factory specializes in extravagant oversized projects that feature Sing Core inside, plus other supporting technologies, see disclaimer Don’t Try to Make a High-end Door below.

We Set Up Your Distributor

If they currently do not have Sing Core in stock for you, have them contact us. We will set them up, so that you can have full access to the Sing Core material you have so longed to use.

Sing Core for Everyone

This is a dream come true for inventor Peter Sing who has always wanted to see his material in the hands of every craftsman, artist, and manufacturer in the world. And now, thanks to the support of the most elite providers in the world and through this method of supplying the raw material to you through your favorite distributor, you can be using Sing Core in your projects, limited only by your own imagination.

Don’t Call Us

While we are so excited about being able to now offer Sing Core to the public, please accept our apologies in advance, as we do not offer customer support for consumers. We assume that you have the technical know-how and equipment necessary to use Sing Core responsibly, just like the professionals we supply. If you need to learn, there are many resources that can be found amongst the Sing Core website. See How to Use Sing Sandwich Core. Please feel free to check there for more information. If you feel you are in over your head, please find a professional millwork near you who can help you fix and/or finish your project to your satisfaction. By buying any Sing Core product, you do so at your own risk and accept full responsibility for doing so.

Don’t Try to Make a High-end Door (disclaimer)

You can probably use Sing Sandwich Core alone to use as substrate in a door up to 7 or 8 ft tall. A major part of what we do it to assist high-end door companies create doors of immense size that are guaranteed to remain true flat and warp-free for 50 years. While Sing Sandwich Core is found inside these huge high-end doors, it is not the only product you will find inside. Inventor, Peter Sing, has many patent and patent-pending technologies that are part of this large door segment, and his True Flat Team helps to engineer the hybrid and composite core inside these highly specialized door that lead to this level of performance. Factors taken into consideration besides the overall size of the door include but are not limited to, the surface material (skin), application, style (look) of the door, extra materials inside the door (interior blocking), how the door will be articulated (hardware), interior or exterior, location (geographic location, sea level, door facing direction, etc.), and usage, jut to name a few. Just as a word of caution that using Sing Sandwich Core alone will not result in a high precision and performance door, the type which Sing Core creates and guarantees to remain warp-free for 50 years. Please do not try this at home.