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How to Use Sing Sandwich Core

With the growing number of users who can now obtain Sing Core through their local distributors, we now offer you educational resources online because we desire to see you be as successful as our high-end clientele. We think that you will discover, as they have, that Sing Core is by far the best lightweight, high strength, fully insulated core material in the world.

Here you will find the tools, tips, and techniques that will help you maximize your efforts using Sing Sandwich Core.

Free How to Build eBook

We are offering you our book, How to Use Sing Torsion Box Composite Sandwich Panels to Build Endless Products, in downloadable eBook format

How to Use Sing Sandwich

The introduction basic tutorial on to how to use sing sandwich as substrate core material.

Why and How to Use Sing Sandwich Core

Sing Sandwich Panel provides the wood worker with pre-built torsion box at an affordable price.

Sing Sandwich Closing the Edge

Sing Sandwich has Sing Core exposed on the edge. This is normal and rudimentary for millworks and the high end developers…


How to


You Have Questions?

If you have already obtained Sing Sandwich Core from your local distributor and have questions about how to use it, please post them before and check back here. It is our intention to answer your question on this page. These questions and answers make the Sing Core experience better for everyone.

Thank you for your support.

PS: Please respect that we do not have customer support set up for consumers, but in the interim, please feel free to post your questions below and we will try to answer them here the best we can.

Thank you,

-Sing Core


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Sing Core Now Available to Everyone

This may be the most important update from Sing Core ever.

Ever since the creation of lightweight, high strength, fully insulated, and warp-free Sing Core, inventor Peter Sing has sincerely desired to see this revolutionary material in the hands of the people, but due to the cost restraints of manufacturing a vertical grain small cell reinforced torsion box core, it was restricted to only high-end clientele who could take advantage of the technology.

13 foot lightweight panel strength peter sing core

Since then, Sing has invented many patented and patent-pending technologies to support these high-end architects, millworks, and door companies to make the impossible possible and still offer Sing’s unprecedented 50-year warp-free guarantee on door up to 50 ft or more.

Now, finally, Sing Core is available for you in the form of raw Sing Sandwich Core available from your local distributor.

This is good news for the thousands of craftspeople, engineers, furniture, and tiny house builders who have contacted Sing Core in the past and were disappointed with discovering that the cost was too high, or they were considered unqualified to handle such a raw substrate.

The Sing Core  factory only deals directly with architects, millworks, and door companies who have elitist clientele. This is still the case but now, Sing’s dream comes to life, as he can see his product reach the people who sincerely desire to use his technology in the real world.

There is no doubt that Sing’s reinforced insulated torsion box core invention is the most


High Strength

High Precision

Fully Insulated

Substrate in the World

Nothing else to date has been able to compare to Sing’s patented and patent-pending technologies in terms of weight vs strength, allowing architects and millworks to create lightweight works of grand size without compromising precision or performance.

Available via Your Distributor

If you are in the business, you already have distributors that you already deal with. Sing Core is now opening their most effective and popular product used by the best millworks in the United States of America to your distributor(s). So that the next time you place your order, you can simply add Sing Core to your order from the distributor that you already use, and they put it on the same truck that is delivering the rest of your products for use on your project(s). Now, it’s that easy. The product?

The Sing Sandwich Substrate

Raw, unfinished, and available in

4×8 or 5×10

This is hands down, the most popular, most powerful substrate in the world. With it you can build a structure or shelter without the need for framing,

create lightweight, insulated products of any kind,

anything from cutting boards to complete luxurious homes, and everything in between.

Keep in mind that the Sing Sandwich Substrate is raw and unfinished. It is for using as a full unfinished panel by itself, but will require trimming (as there will be exposed glue on the edges), but know this is the exact same bulk material that the most exclusive millworks use inside their creations that sell for thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of dollars.

One tiny house builder said he’d sell his tiny house built with this material for $5 million. Take a look at his $5 Million Tiny House.

Look at the many applications where you can apply the Sing Sandwich Substrate.

The Sing Sandwich Applications are nearly endless (see full list) as they are the secret ingredient inside the most expensive Building Applications and Components and it’s so versatile and easy to employ as long as you know How to Use Sing Sandwich.

Make a Table

You can use Sing Sandwich Core to make a huge table lighter in weight many times but stronger. Here’s some examples of tabletops with Sing Core inside.

This is why torsion box was originally used, but Sing’s invention takes torsion box to the next level by reducing the size of the grids, flipping the grain perpendicular, and reinforcing with rigid insulation, for incomparable compression and shear strength.

Replace Other Core Materials

We suggest cutting your Sing Sandwich Core into manageable pieces, say 1 ft x 1 ft squares, and insert into your own panel or product, cut to size, then hot or cold press between the skins you require. Just like you might use aluminum core, plastic honeycomb core, paper core, wood-based core such as LVL, interjoined wood, particle board,

Strong Hybrid Solid Composite Core

Plus, know that Sing Core is strong through and through, the voids inside honeycomb are left empty, Sing Core torsion box grids are not hollow, they are reinforced with rigid foam insulation to create a hybrid solid composite core.

Slice to Desired Thickness

You can slice Sing Sandwich Core to the thickness that you need (less the skin to be added) just like you might using a solid wood core material, then add another skin to recomplete the torsion box structure, and insert as substrate. You cannot do this with other cores as they will fall apart.

Caution: We also caution you against making anything oversized, like a 20 to 50 ft door. (See Don’t Try to Make a High-end Door below.)

Lower Price

Thanks to Sing’s new manufacturing method and subsidies provided by high-end clientele, raw Sing Sandwich Core can be manufactured at a lower price and is comparable in cost to other types of traditional core materials, so now is the time to contact your local distributor to as for Sing Core.

Empower Your Imagination

Simply buy bulk 4x8s, like the big boys do, as many as you need, cut to size and create whatever your heart desires.

Remember, Sing Core is not available from our factory, only directly from your local distributor, the 1 that you already deal with.

Do Almost Anything You Want

You can cut into smaller pieces, i.e. 1 ft x 1 ft for easy storage and inserting into anything that you want, though we caution against making anything too large. The Sing Core factory specializes in extravagant oversized projects that feature Sing Core inside, plus other supporting technologies, see disclaimer Don’t Try to Make a High-end Door below.

We Set Up Your Distributor

If they currently do not have Sing Core in stock for you, have them contact us. We will set them up, so that you can have full access to the Sing Core material you have so longed to use.

Sing Core for Everyone

This is a dream come true for inventor Peter Sing who has always wanted to see his material in the hands of every craftsman, artist, and manufacturer in the world. And now, thanks to the support of the most elite providers in the world and through this method of supplying the raw material to you through your favorite distributor, you can be using Sing Core in your projects, limited only by your own imagination.

Don’t Call Us

While we are so excited about being able to now offer Sing Core to the public, please accept our apologies in advance, as we do not offer customer support for consumers. We assume that you have the technical know-how and equipment necessary to use Sing Core responsibly, just like the professionals we supply. If you need to learn, there are many resources that can be found amongst the Sing Core website. See How to Use Sing Sandwich Core. Please feel free to check there for more information. If you feel you are in over your head, please find a professional millwork near you who can help you fix and/or finish your project to your satisfaction. By buying any Sing Core product, you do so at your own risk and accept full responsibility for doing so.

Don’t Try to Make a High-end Door (disclaimer)

You can probably use Sing Sandwich Core alone to use as substrate in a door up to 7 or 8 ft tall. A major part of what we do it to assist high-end door companies create doors of immense size that are guaranteed to remain true flat and warp-free for 50 years. While Sing Sandwich Core is found inside these huge high-end doors, it is not the only product you will find inside. Inventor, Peter Sing, has many patent and patent-pending technologies that are part of this large door segment, and his True Flat Team helps to engineer the hybrid and composite core inside these highly specialized door that lead to this level of performance. Factors taken into consideration besides the overall size of the door include but are not limited to, the surface material (skin), application, style (look) of the door, extra materials inside the door (interior blocking), how the door will be articulated (hardware), interior or exterior, location (geographic location, sea level, door facing direction, etc.), and usage, jut to name a few. Just as a word of caution that using Sing Sandwich Core alone will not result in a high precision and performance door, the type which Sing Core creates and guarantees to remain warp-free for 50 years. Please do not try this at home.


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Alternative to Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

Sing Core’s alternative to aluminum honeycomb panel. aluminum honeycomb panel is used as core material in a variety of applications such as facades, walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, inside doors and partitions. Aluminum honeycomb core also found inside workbenches, craft tables, laser cutting tables, and a wide range of other types of work surfaces, especially when there is a desire to reduce the weight of the end product.

Increasingly, Sing Core is replacing aluminum honeycomb core with its Sing HPL Sandwich Core.

Sing HPL Sandwich Core

Sing HPL Sandwich Core is far superior to any aluminum honeycomb core in the following areas:

1.  Strength-to-weight ratio

2.  Fully insulated

3 High precision

4. Longevity

5.  Eco-friendly

6.  Warp-free

7.  Low cost

Sing HPL Sandwich Core serves as base core in many industries including government, scientific, universities, military, space exploration, aeronautics, nautical, in submarines, public transportation, railways, corporate, and industrial warehousing, just to name a few.

1. Strength to Weight Ratio

Sing HPL Sandwich Core exceeds all expectations when it comes to strength vs. weight thanks to inventor Peter Sing’s patented and patent-pending technologies which are the foundation for the success of Sing’s core. Long ago, Sing coined the phrase,

“Heavy does not mean strong, and lightweight doesn’t have to be weak.”

Sing’s invention changed the way architects and engineers brought their creative endeavors and problem-solving solutions to life.

2. Fully Insulated

Sing HPL Sandwich Core is a key ingredient in breach proof impact doors, and other applications where sound proofing, refrigeration, defense, and separation is imperative. Due to the nature and construction of Sing’s HPL Sandwich Core, no effort needs to be made to achieve an acceptable degree of sound deadening or climate control.

3. High precision

When the attention to detail demands high precision, no core material is more precise or stable than Sing HPL Sandwich Core sporting an impressive .006-inch tolerance. This is why Sing HPL Sandwich Core is hands down the go-to solution for dead flat tables supplied by the best high-end millworks in America today.

4. Longevity

When it comes to composite cores, risk is assumed in the area of the lamination process which holds the various products together over time. Sing’s patented and patent pending technologies eliminate the risk of delamination over the life of the product in use. And even comes with a 50-year structure warranty which includes delamination, so you don’t have to worry about it.

5. Eco-friendly

Aluminum Honeycomb Panels are made offshore and imported for use in the USA. Why? Because the production process is so toxic to the environment that it would be nearly illegal to manufacture in the United States. Even so, we still share the same air and oceans with our neighbors outside our borders. This matters to Peter Sing who only uses USA-sourced and natural materials holding the highest standards for Eco-friendly manufacturing methods for a better world.

6. Warp-free

Sing HPL Sandwich Core is long-renowned as, “the only way” to create large, panelized structure materials that will not warp under strenuous conditions. Though note that Sing’s True Flat Team must be involved in the engineering and manufacturing of the project because many factors must be taken into consideration to create a warp-free product, such as size, skin type, location, and application. Still, the only 50-year warp-free guarantee in the industry, regardless of size.

7. Low Cost

With the rising cost of aluminum and other metals, Sing’s Sing HPL Sandwich Core is a value in comparison to other manufacturing methods. You can now achieve greater results without having to use any metal, and saving money that would otherwise be wasted on metallurgy.

Other Types of Core Materials

Sing HPL Sandwich Core is vastly in the process of becoming the replacement core of choice over other types of lightweight core materials such as paper honeycomb, and different kinds of urethane core, EPS core, wood-based core, such as particleboard, LVL, solid wood core, as well as aluminum honeycomb core to keep the working subject straight, flat, or lightweight over time without fail.

Sing MDF Composite

Going a step beyond the Sing HPL Sandwich Core, one of the most popular hybrid composite products in huge demand is Sing’s MDF Composite available in core or panelized with solid wood edges and implants. This has the embedded HPL for all the high performance results, plus it is topped with a super smooth 1/8” MDF for easy painting or lamination of nearly any material.

Try it. You’ll love it, just like the rest of our high-end clients who rely on its stability and beauty when finished.

Standardized Surplus Special

In an effort to help spread the news about Sing Core’s ability to make most anything better, we have a way that you can try some Sign Core out for yourself.

We have a limited stock of Sing HPL Sandwich Core on hand in standard sizes that is taking up valuable space in our warehouses, so you are welcomed to try it out to see what you think.

Available Sing HPL Sandwich Core Surplus Items

We have some excess stock of Sing HPL Sandwich Core in the following sizes

4×8 4×10 5×8 5×10 5×12

standard 1 1/2, 1 3/8, 2 1/4 thick

Our standard thickness is 1 ¾ inch right now. But any size you can special order.

Quantities are limited to what we have on-hand.

These materials would be perfect for projects of nominal size, such as 2 ft, 4 ft, 5 ft, less than 3×5’, 2×6’.

Of course, if you want all the positive results of Sing’s core guaranteed 100% without worry, custom order from us. We will make you a frame, as featured in Sing Panels. Which means they come with solid wood edge, with the reinforced structure inside to keep it straight. That is more expensive but is trouble-free for you, for your door company, especially if you are dealing with very large doors. Some doors 8 ft 10 ft tall by 25 ft wide or bigger. This is our niche.

Otherwise, you can use Sing Core in endless applications, such as: See Application List

Sing Core MDF Composite

This is one very basic, less expensive option, but if you want to be straight, with concern of warping, or telegraphing, would require an upgrade with special skin underlayment beneath the MDF skin on top of Sing Core.

This creates a either a core material or full panel with stable material on both sides with MDF skin for paint grade or cold press purposes. More stable translates to less chance of telegraphing, and designed for high-end precision and smoothness. The price is a little bit over than that of standard MDF-only skin.

But, if you want to do hot press, then you must take advantage of our special hot press process. That means you can accommodate the increased high temperature and high pressure without worrying about any telegraphing. This is the most expensive method for the most demanding clients.

Note: We normally have a minimum order of $4,000 and orders under that amount are assessed a $500 surcharge. During this event for these items only, we are reducing the surcharge to $100.

Plug-in to Sing’s Core Group

As you become a regular customer you can achieve platinum status at Sing Core which plugs you into Sing’s Core Group. That means you get regular updates and training in all the latest news and developments that are happening here at Sing Core.

Platinum members may also be eligible for elimination or reduction of rush fees, when in a hurry.

$10,000 Doors

Doors with Sing Core inside can sell for tens of thousands of dollars due to the high precision and high quality.

If you are in the Core Group, you will access to all the training and knowledge necessary to qualify you to make $10,000 doors, too. And we’ll show you how to use the glue applied to make it stronger to last. As a platinum member, you will be a well-informed in any new technology developed by us.

So, this is the best opportunity for you to contact us. So, that means we can establish something in long-term relationship in support of your creativity because Sing Core has endless applications.

You can create anything from a full exquisite home with all the bells and whistles to a high functioning tiny house. You can build replacing traditional lumber including components as post and beam.

There is no doubt that Sing Core is the most environmentally friendly material, not just as building material, but for longevity, lifespan, and the highest precision so that you can create the masterpiece demonstrating your strength as a creative woodworker.

Your skill combined with the invitation of what we can do, together we can change the world.

Meet Inventor Peter Sing

Besides all this, if you would like to know more about Peter Sing, the inventor and his creativity, click here. We have a four-minute video to give you an idea about how Peter Sing’s mind works. You should see it. Please tell your friends, because these inventions are needed.




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Sing Core Secret Weapon Special

Sing Core is renowned for being the secret ingredient in some of the most high-end work performed by millworks, craftsmen, furniture builders, and door manufacturers. They refer to our 50-year guaranteed warp-free substrates as the “secret weapon” inside their products that makes all the difference, and their clients are happy to pay a higher price for an exclusively high-performance result. To celebrate this Sing Core win, we are offering a 50% off sale on the most common lightweight, high-performance, warp-free solutions which our current clients depend on to deliver to their best customers.

The Most Popular Secret Weapon

The most popular secret weapon is Sing Core wrapped in Formica and MDF. Specifically, 1/8″ MDF over Formica with lightweight, high-strength, fully insulated, high-precision, warp-free Sing Core inside. This unique composite of natural and hybrid materials saves considerable weight when compared to MDF over ply.

Not only that, but that hidden layer of Formica provides greater rigidity for your panels to remain true flat over time. These panels are fully covered by our 50-year structure and warp-free guarantee.

You can see why people in-the-know are so excited about working with this high-end material, and why certain architects are specifying this combination inside their designs.

The Most Popular Sizes

We are prepared to temporarily reduce the prices of these secret weapons in the most popular sizes, so that you, too, can make the best high-performance goods in your industry.

MDF over Formica Sing Panel Sizes

4’x8′ or less $1,200 $600
4’x8’+ to 4’x10′ $2,400 $1,200
4’x10’+ to 5’x10′ $4,000 $2,000

Secret Weapon Details

These prices are only good for 30 days.  You can lock in price for 90 days by placing your order today and paying your deposit (within the first 30 days of this offer).

No Minimum Order

Usually, Sing Core charges a minimum order fee if your order is less than $4,000 there is a $500 fee. Minimum order is waived for this offer as you are offered to try Sing Core for yourself.

Industry Professionals Only

These prices may seem expensive to the average woodworker. Although Sing Core is highly sought after by many woodworking enthusiasts, it is only available to high-end millworks, and door manufacturers who will use this material to create products that their clients will pay $10,000 or more for, where the Sing Core secret weapon is only the key ingredient inside their resulting product. You must be in the business, a door manufacturer or millwork, not a door distributor. You must have a shop or millwork to finish door to take advantage of this offer.

Anything You Want

Sing Core can help you create or recreate anything you want in superior Sing fashion. Just send us a picture of the door you want (any style or material) and we can match it, or work with your team to create the original or replacement door.

No Size Limitation

Sing Core specializes in providing this amazing unprecedented high-performance substrate material in any size up to 20 ft. or more, though these massively over-sized panels are not included in this offer.

We Want to Do Business with You

If you become a repeat customer, you will get a good discount.

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Harness the Power of the Ocean and Power the World

Inventor Peter Sing is disclosing an idea that he came up with long ago and thought someone would have certainly done it by now, but since no one has figured out how to get the greatest yield by harnessing the power of the ocean’s tides, he decided to move forward, even toward patenting his original idea.

The idea is not unlike Peter’s vertical grain torsion box idea. Everyone was using horizontal grain to build torsion box grids, but by turning the grain perpendicular to the surface material, the torsion box was many times stronger.

The similarity here, is that everyone who is attempting to extract energy from the sea, is following the limited success of wind power, taking advantage of current. A turbine generator turns when it encounters current, as wind blows by, or the tide flows in or out. While the tidal movement is more consistent than wind, this is still old technology.


Peter’s approach is to turn this approach perpendicular to the ocean, harnessing the energy as the level of the ocean raises and lowers.

Old Approach T + (I+O) = E Tide Current vs.
New Approach T + (U+D) = ME Neutral Gravitational UP and Down

Where T = Turbine, I = In, O = Out, U = Up, D = Down. E = Energy, and M = More

And if that wasn’t enough, just as with Sing Core where the vertical grain torsion box was not enough, Peter takes it to the next level again, by further enlisting the aid of additional resources to make it even better. So, in this case, he adds the third element: Gravity (G).

Even Better Approach T + (U+D)*G = MEX Enhanced Crushing Up and Down Torque!

Here’s a video refresher that will tell you everything that we know about how we extract energy from the sea (don’t worry, ‘it’s only 10 minutes):

Now, imagine, a system that extracts all the potential energy from the ocean by taking advantage, not of the current that flows in and out, but the distance between high and low tides, and achieves exponential output due to adding extra gravitational force to the equation.

This is the new revolution of increased potential when turning naturally occurring tidal movement, without impacting the synergistic environment or interfering with sea life, and it is seamlessly invisible to the naked eye.

It does require mounting a base to the ocean floor and a buoyant device which creates the top and bottom of the Oceanic Tide Generator ( is available) which is suspended beneath the surface of the water, and would be cylindrical in shape, 30-55 feet tall, depending on the location of the Oceanic Tide Generator (OTG).

Any existing buoyant device could be used for the top piece of Sing’s New Approach Oceanic Tide Generator, but a specially designed and built top piece would need to be used to complete the Even Better Approach for exponential output.

Peter has done it again. There it was in plain sight, as were all the elements of his Sing Core invention. All he had to do was to flip it over on its side to make it better, then take it to the next level. Thanks to the success of Sing Core, he is able to pursue this next journey into revitalizing the way we extract energy from the ocean in the most environmentally friendly way.

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I Need Your Help to Build the Best Tiny House

We want you to help us build the best new generation of expandable tiny house in the world. We are moving into a new tiny home direction and we’re looking for a few good people, like you, or if not you, like someone you know. So, this opportunity is open, right now, for the right person, so please take the time to take a look at this and pass it onto the right person, if necessary and have him or her contact us right away.

Sing Core is in the process of creating a new generation of Tiny House structure building material. Our clients have built the best Tiny Homes using patented Sing Core and to say they were high-end would be an understatement as they could be valued for as high as $5 million.

Earn Extra Income at Home

You can join our growing team and community and increase your income earning potential considerably. First of all, if you are handy and have your own tools and workspace, you could be a Sing tiny home builder. We’re looking for two types, the woodworker(s) and the utility installers, those whom we will supply the materials to, and those who will provide the parts as well and will be compensated commensurately, or both. If you are enthusiastic about tiny homes and have the right skills, we need you. This could be anyone, and could be a great working retirement opportunity if you love it and are passionate about it.

Local is Better

Sure, we can work with anyone, anywhere, but we would be thrilled if you lived somewhat locally, like in the Pacific Northwest, and we will do whatever we can to accommodate any special arrangements to make this work for the right person.

No-fail Compensation

Our generous compensation program is designed for you, the tiny house enthusiast, who has the basic skills necessary to create a unique tiny house project, the likes of which, has never been seen before. You can work at home, in your own shop, with your own tools, or come and work with us here. This is a project you can be proud to have participated in, and it can help make the world a better place.

Shared Revenue Tiny House Hotels

While networking and building this new generation of tiny house to integrate into the tiny home community, there emerges a trend whereby Sing’s tiny houses may be available to everyone from RV park owners and operators to landowners, project developers, and community helps organizations.

Sing Tiny Homes will help book your tiny house for rent through their network, and you, the host of the tiny house will split the proceeds of the rental receipts 50/50. You supply the space to host and the hookups, Sing Core supplies the tiny house, and we share the revenue.

It is a concept worth considering, especially if you’re entertaining the idea of moving into the tiny house rental arena.


large pocket door panel perfect straight

It’s What We Do

Sing Core has done it again. Long ago we established ourselves as having the most revolutionary insulated lightweight high-strength panels in the world. They’ve been used in so many ways by the elite for science, military, outer space, government agencies, galleries, and in the homes of the most prominent billionaires. Undoubtedly the most expensive way to build a high-end tiny house in the world, which has been done by those rare people who want the best tiny home at any price.

We Need You

This is a huge leap for us to go into this new phase, changing the way tiny homes are being designed and built from the ground up, and we need a few visionaries with the skills to help us produce prototypes that include plumbing, electrical, and finish-work. We need your help in showcasing our material and making it functional and elegant in presentation.

New Expandable Design

Just to let you know what we’re looking at, this new concept is an expanding tiny house concept that starts with a central box unit that incorporates the kitchen and bath. This box is nested inside a series of nested boxes that expand upward and outward from the kitchen/bath “heart” of the home.

Open and Closed System Tiny Homes

Sing Core designs include both open and closed systems, so that these tiny homes can be deployed to any location with or without hookups. If hookups are available, such as those that would be required for traditional RV hookups, just park your tiny house, block it, and plug it in. The closed system requires no water/sewer hook up, uses a pre-installed tank system, and receives service once-a-week. With this new generation of closed system tiny house, Sing Core has revenue share opportunities available with no front end cost to property owners/managers. Talk to a representative for more information on how to get into this new faction of the hospitality industry.

We Need You Now

We have started construction on this project, and we need you now to lend us your tiny house enthusiasm, expertise, and ideas to see this project which will change the world of how small homes are designed and built.

What Changes to the Industry?

First, the expanded nested boxes concept is unique, but when we get to the next phase of manufacturing around the nation and the globe, all tiny houses will be built locally, with varying degrees of manufacture participation. Consider this, even a retired couple who love tiny houses can crowd-manufacture these tiny homes for their geographical location, by assembling and beautifying the components you are helping us design today.

Contact Us

If you would like to join our team and share this dream with us, contact us as soon as possible, as once we have assembled this team, we will no longer be accepting applications, and we will be focusing intensely on this project, and we’ll drop you a line when we are ready to introduce you to this new exciting tiny house method.

Thank You

Thank you for your years of support, for those of you who know what a great tiny house building material Sing Core can be, and now it’s only getting better, thanks to your support, and that of our high-end clients who are making all this possible.

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New Problem-solving Door-building Technologies

No other company has come to the rescue with 50-year warp-free guaranteed results utilizing such an array of patented and patent-pending new problem-solving door-building technologies as Sing Core.

Rarely does a month go by where some large door project is presented to Sing Core’s True Flat Team bringing to the table a challenge which has never been seen before. Immediately, the team gets into the lab to find a solution that solves the problems associated with the project at hand.

Since this expectation has not been met previously, there may be not existing protocol for addressing such an issue, and there may never be, but inventor Peter Sing tackles the problem exerting a great deal of effort and ingenuity based on his previous problem-solving methods, that may well result in another patented solution.

That’s why architects, door engineers, manufacturers, and millworks refer those tough, seemingly impossible door jobs to Sing Core. Because you not only want the job done right but you want the resulting door to last a lifetime or longer.

This is where Sing and his crack team of engineers with years of experience making the impossible possible comes in handy.

Thin Framed French Doors

For instance, let’s say you wanted to build a 20 ft. tall pivoting French door with only a three-inch wooden frame on the top and sides. Sing’s True Flat Team would answer, “We’ve addressed that problem before, and the French door’s frame must be at least five inches on those three sides, or it will not qualify for warranty.”

But the architect maintains that any correction in door frame width cannot be changed and has faith in Sing Core’s ability to come through in these unusual circumstances. Faced with such a challenge, Sing’s team does not give up. They go back to the drawing board to see if any of their previously collected data in combination with any latest development and/or patents can address this issue. And if not, ponders the question,

“Is there some new method that can fix the problem?”

If so, not only will there be a new way to solve this issue, but there is probably going to be a new, patented process in the works. And the next time someone brings a challenge door to Sing Core, the response will be,

“Hey, no problem. We’ve done that before.”

This is a common problem-solving occurrence taking place regularly at Sing Core, building an incredible degree of confidence between Sing Core and their high-end clientele. They know that they can trust Sing Core to do it, if there is any way possible to do it. That’s why they say,

“It’s the only way to do it.”

And while there might be a way to create a door that looks spectacular and fills the desired opening, what do you think happens not long after installation? You guessed it: Failure. Failure from warping, bending, twisting, cupping, or delamination, etc. Not so, if your door has patented and patent-pending Sing Core solutions inside.

They may be invisible to the naked eye but hidden inside these unbelievably incredible super large one-of-a-kind unique doors, Sing technology makes all the difference in the world.

Curved Doors

Another interesting problem that comes up is curved doors, where the curvature of the door must match a curved wall where the new curved door will be installed.

You might think that due to Sing Core’s reputation for spanning large distances while remaining incredibly straight and true that you would assume this not to be a perfect material to create curved doors. Right? Wrong.

Sing Core can be modified to bend to any exact curvature, and once set in place will never misshapen or move and thereby can also be covered by Sing’s 50-year Warp-free Guarantee. It’s that picket fence of patented and patent-pending Sing Core solutions that are making these doors the talk of the town.

These, thin wood framed large French doors and custom curved doors, are just two examples of Sing Core rising to the occasion to make the impossible doors possible, and not only that, but your finished door can also be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail for 50 years. No other method of building a large, oversized door can offer such a guarantee.


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I Need Your Help to Build Tiny Houses

As you know, Sing Core has been used to build the most expensive tiny houses for the high-end market, “But I want you to know that was never my intent,” says inventor Peter Sing, “I need your help to build tiny houses to meet the needs of our expanding world today.”


Sing is deeply concerned about the growing homeless crisis in the world and the congestion in metro areas which is making it difficult to work and live in the same area. Some workers are forced to live outside the area where they work, so they travel in and out of town once a week, sleeping in RVs, vans, pickup trucks, or tents during the week while they work. According to Mr. Sing, “This is not right. Hard-working Americans should have the right to dignity and having a place to live.”

“My patented torsion box hybrid reinforced structural insulated panels (RSIP) are just too costly to manufacture to make them affordable, so they are used solely by those who can afford it, the billionaires, Fortune 500 companies, as well as in scientific and military applications.”

Sing believes that if he can make his lightweight, high strength, insulated building material available for use as basic tiny house structure, then the problem could be lessened or eliminated, especially in the light of the expanding accessory dwelling unit (ADU) permissions sweeping the nation, allowing homeowners to add a casita, mother-in-law house, carriage house, or backyard cottage to your existing property.


Sing says, “I always wanted to make this material available to all tiny house builders in the world,” but those tiny torsion boxes are costly to build. And Mr. Sing sees a light at the end of the tunnel. Since his clientele can afford to pay for the material, why not let them subsidize the material making it available for tiny home manufacturers. This can make it more affordable and as we all know, it is least time-consuming method of building an ADU.

The Fastest Way to Build the Best Structure

Sing’s core material is by far the quickest way to erect a structure because the walls, the floors, ceilings, and roofs are already fabricated using his frameless designs.

Sing Box Philosophy

Sing proposes to supply tiny house builders with boxes of varying sizes that can be nested for easy shipment that can be quickly and easily assembled on site.

“You could easily spend your first night in your Sing Tiny Home.”

Just set it up at the location you desire, and you can live in it as you do the finishing and decorating around yourself.

Sing’s boxes are built around the Core Box which is the heart of his nested boxes design. The heart box contains the essentials, such as kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room, around which many additional boxes may be added in any configuration to act as dining room, living room, bedrooms, and his living boxes can be stacked up to four stories.

“If you run out of square feet for your home’s footprint, just go up.”

Sing Core’s massive strength is the only material you can use to expand upward so efficiently due to its lightweight. Plus, homeowners, and their ADU tiny house occupants enjoy more safety, security, and peaceful privacy due to Sing’s sound-dampening panels being so well-insulated, which also offers greater temperature control.

Sing is ready to put his material in your hands if you’re the right person.

“I Need Your Help to Build Tiny Houses”

Peter Sing is sending this call out to all tiny house enthusiasts to help spread the word, so that he can enroll an army of tiny house builders around the nation, to help him put ADUs with Sing Core inside around the United States. Please pass this on if you know of someone who can join us in this revolution.

Help Wanted

If you can build a tiny house,

If you have a project that can use his material for ADUs, auxiliary housing, or to battle homelessness,

If you have a specialty that can support his crowd manufacturing platform,

Mr. Sing wants to hear from you.



Help Me Spread the Word

We are looking to empower the right people for the right jobs to see this project through. If you are, or know of, someone who would be a perfect part of this team, then please contact us as well. We are looking for

Wood Workers









Land Managers



Mortgage Finance




Please share this with your friends and let us know if there is anything we can do. We value your input.

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We Can Work Together to Save Home Struggling Americans

It takes two or three incomes to support a healthy loving family home in the world today. How is that even possible, especially right now in these most uncertain economic times? Oh, maybe you could house people in giant warehouses, but not during the pandemic. Now what?

People are not cattle and Americans should not be treated like livestock. We need to treat people with dignity in America and everyone should be able to have a dignified place to live. And I’m not talking about the homeless in America, yes, we need to help them to, but I’m talking about hard working parents working multiple jobs to take care of the family who live in their cars, vans, or broken-down RVs, because it’s just too expensive to rent a decent place to live and work for a living. What kind of life is that?

There is no doubt that our metro-areas are already maxed out of available living space, and the space that is available is far more than the average wage-earner can pay. You might be able to find a reasonably priced rental out in the country, but now how are you pay for a 2-hour commute to and from work every day?

The answer to save struggling Americans starts right here. In our own back yard.

According to Inventor Peter Sing, “The answer to save struggling Americans starts right here. In our own back yards.” New trends in zoning are in the process of changing as you read these words and it was not long ago that it was nearly impossible to add a mother-in-law home, carriage house, cottage, or casita to your single dwelling property. Those times are changing.

Enter the ADU

The trend of allowing an Accessory Dwelling Unit or ADU to be built onto your existing property is sweeping from Pacific and Atlantic coasts across the nation, which is the answer to our affordable housing crisis in the USA, if we seize this opportunity and work together.

This is an incredible opportunity for homeowners who are currently struggling to make their current mortgage payments while supporting their families. Adding a moderately-sized ADU top the back yard could make all the difference. And the homeowner can leverage his or her equity so that the initial startup cost is not a burden on the family, and the extra income from the rental of the ADU to someone who really needs it, could be life-changing to both families.

Sing is willing to contribute his patented building material which until now has been only available to the rich and famous. He has created a patented panelized building material which can be used to create huge sliding doors, walls, or complete structures of enormous size quickly and easily that, frankly, do not fail.

His patented structure material produces a large flat area that is fully insulated, lightweight, stronger than steel, and will not warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years. His factory, located in a secluded area in Washington State, supplies the wealthiest people, military, and science and technology industries, and large door builders with the material that brings otherwise impossible projects to life.

Noteworthy: Large doors built with Sing’s patented and patent-pending technologies are the only large doors in the world backed by his 50-year warp-free guarantee. And according to his elite clientele, “There is no other way to do it.”

Who can afford it?

Sing’s only concern about his product is, “Who can afford it?” Yes, if you are fully funded science project doing work in some remote location, or you’re creating something for use in outer space or beneath the ocean, you are a Fortune 500 corporation, or a billionaire, cost doesn’t really matter, but to the average contractor or budget of an average construction project, Sing’s technologies may add stress to an already tight budget.

large pocket door panel perfect straight

Sing would rather see his invention be placed into the hands of the people, the people in America who can take advantage of the opportunity to allow hardworking people to live lives of dignity in a safe and secure environment, helping to answer the call of the need of those seeking to incorporate ADU housing to their properties quickly and easily.

Thanks to Sing’s exclusive clients, he is creating his own subsidy program to offer discounts and incentives for those building ADU projects, making it practical and affordable to utilize Sing’s technologies. He would also like to create opportunities to

Put Americans to Work

He envisions seeing a husband-and-wife team being able to assemble modular Sing ADU components which can be assembled in various configurations as necessary in their local areas. In this scenario, Sing would ship the materials to the crowd manufacturers, who would assemble build each section.

Teams located across America will provide roughing, plumbing, electric, and add the toilet, kitchen countertop, and the homeowner adds the appliances following installation on the property.

The Sing ADU Core

The base of Sing’s ADU is the power core of the structure, it is pre-fitted with kitchen and bathroom, around which all the other living space modules are added, in whatever configurations best suits your project. Telescope out to the sides, front or back, or periscope up several stories high. The lightweight and superior strength of Sing’s material empowers visionaries with many options that would not be conceivable with conventional construction methods.

The ADU core kitchen/bathroom is basically a modular box, to which you affix other boxes to represent the additional living space in any configuration you desire. The more people in the family, the more boxes you add.

Built to Last

Unlike trailers and modular homes which deteriorate rapidly over time requiring continued repairs and maintenance, remember, this is the same material used by billionaires that you can have in your own back yard and is fully

Guaranteed to Last 50 Years

And it is the only lightweight building material that can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years.

Making a Better World

Sing wants to contribute to the global community by making his material available, he is willing to have his company, Sing Core, partner with you, craftspeople in your neighborhood, builders, contractors, and bankers in your area to bring this through to fruition for a better world for this and future generations.

Just say, “No,” to paper-thin temporary structures, trailers, or RVs to expect people to live in, which will quickly deteriorate and will become an eye-sore later.

Let this ADU structure stand as a monument for years to support the strength of the family as we rebound through these unprecedented times. A structure that will stand the test of time, and not deteriorate and crumble, as America may do, if we don’t work together.

Inventor Peter Sing says,

“I want to hear from you.”

How can we best help you with the resources that we have?

How can we help you and this ADU movement grow?

Have you built a Tiny House?

You might be just the type of person we are looking for to help us move this ADU project to the next level. Sing says, Please contact me and show me what you did. You might be just the right person we are looking for.” We can help each other in any way that we can, and you can be financially rewarded for your efforts.

If you are the entrepreneurial type, we would be interested in talking to you about how we could best help each other and America as we move through this housing crisis.

We have opportunities available and may be willing to co-create the ideal opportunity specialized for you, your unique position, resources, gifts, and talents.

Contact Sing Core for more information.