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Harness the Power of the Ocean and Power the World

Inventor Peter Sing is disclosing an idea that he came up with long ago and thought someone would have certainly done it by now, but since no one has figured out how to get the greatest yield by harnessing the power of the ocean’s tides, he decided to move forward, even toward patenting his original idea.

The idea is not unlike Peter’s vertical grain torsion box idea. Everyone was using horizontal grain to build torsion box grids, but by turning the grain perpendicular to the surface material, the torsion box was many times stronger.

The similarity here, is that everyone who is attempting to extract energy from the sea, is following the limited success of wind power, taking advantage of current. A turbine generator turns when it encounters current, as wind blows by, or the tide flows in or out. While the tidal movement is more consistent than wind, this is still old technology.


Peter’s approach is to turn this approach perpendicular to the ocean, harnessing the energy as the level of the ocean raises and lowers.

Old Approach T + (I+O) = E Tide Current vs.
New Approach T + (U+D) = ME Neutral Gravitational UP and Down

Where T = Turbine, I = In, O = Out, U = Up, D = Down. E = Energy, and M = More

And if that wasn’t enough, just as with Sing Core where the vertical grain torsion box was not enough, Peter takes it to the next level again, by further enlisting the aid of additional resources to make it even better. So, in this case, he adds the third element: Gravity (G).

Even Better Approach T + (U+D)*G = MEX Enhanced Crushing Up and Down Torque!

Here’s a video refresher that will tell you everything that we know about how we extract energy from the sea (don’t worry, ‘it’s only 10 minutes):

Now, imagine, a system that extracts all the potential energy from the ocean by taking advantage, not of the current that flows in and out, but the distance between high and low tides, and achieves exponential output due to adding extra gravitational force to the equation.

This is the new revolution of increased potential when turning naturally occurring tidal movement, without impacting the synergistic environment or interfering with sea life, and it is seamlessly invisible to the naked eye.

It does require mounting a base to the ocean floor and a buoyant device which creates the top and bottom of the Oceanic Tide Generator ( is available) which is suspended beneath the surface of the water, and would be cylindrical in shape, 30-55 feet tall, depending on the location of the Oceanic Tide Generator (OTG).

Any existing buoyant device could be used for the top piece of Sing’s New Approach Oceanic Tide Generator, but a specially designed and built top piece would need to be used to complete the Even Better Approach for exponential output.

Peter has done it again. There it was in plain sight, as were all the elements of his Sing Core invention. All he had to do was to flip it over on its side to make it better, then take it to the next level. Thanks to the success of Sing Core, he is able to pursue this next journey into revitalizing the way we extract energy from the ocean in the most environmentally friendly way.

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I Need Your Help to Build the Best Tiny House

We want you to help us build the best new generation of expandable tiny house in the world. We are moving into a new tiny home direction and we’re looking for a few good people, like you, or if not you, like someone you know. So, this opportunity is open, right now, for the right person, so please take the time to take a look at this and pass it onto the right person, if necessary and have him or her contact us right away.

Sing Core is in the process of creating a new generation of Tiny House structure building material. Our clients have built the best Tiny Homes using patented Sing Core and to say they were high-end would be an understatement as they could be valued for as high as $5 million.

Earn Extra Income at Home

You can join our growing team and community and increase your income earning potential considerably. First of all, if you are handy and have your own tools and workspace, you could be a Sing tiny home builder. We’re looking for two types, the woodworker(s) and the utility installers, those whom we will supply the materials to, and those who will provide the parts as well and will be compensated commensurately, or both. If you are enthusiastic about tiny homes and have the right skills, we need you. This could be anyone, and could be a great working retirement opportunity if you love it and are passionate about it.

Local is Better

Sure, we can work with anyone, anywhere, but we would be thrilled if you lived somewhat locally, like in the Pacific Northwest, and we will do whatever we can to accommodate any special arrangements to make this work for the right person.

No-fail Compensation

Our generous compensation program is designed for you, the tiny house enthusiast, who has the basic skills necessary to create a unique tiny house project, the likes of which, has never been seen before. You can work at home, in your own shop, with your own tools, or come and work with us here. This is a project you can be proud to have participated in, and it can help make the world a better place.

Shared Revenue Tiny House Hotels

While networking and building this new generation of tiny house to integrate into the tiny home community, there emerges a trend whereby Sing’s tiny houses may be available to everyone from RV park owners and operators to landowners, project developers, and community helps organizations.

Sing Tiny Homes will help book your tiny house for rent through their network, and you, the host of the tiny house will split the proceeds of the rental receipts 50/50. You supply the space to host and the hookups, Sing Core supplies the tiny house, and we share the revenue.

It is a concept worth considering, especially if you’re entertaining the idea of moving into the tiny house rental arena.


large pocket door panel perfect straight

It’s What We Do

Sing Core has done it again. Long ago we established ourselves as having the most revolutionary insulated lightweight high-strength panels in the world. They’ve been used in so many ways by the elite for science, military, outer space, government agencies, galleries, and in the homes of the most prominent billionaires. Undoubtedly the most expensive way to build a high-end tiny house in the world, which has been done by those rare people who want the best tiny home at any price.

We Need You

This is a huge leap for us to go into this new phase, changing the way tiny homes are being designed and built from the ground up, and we need a few visionaries with the skills to help us produce prototypes that include plumbing, electrical, and finish-work. We need your help in showcasing our material and making it functional and elegant in presentation.

New Expandable Design

Just to let you know what we’re looking at, this new concept is an expanding tiny house concept that starts with a central box unit that incorporates the kitchen and bath. This box is nested inside a series of nested boxes that expand upward and outward from the kitchen/bath “heart” of the home.

Open and Closed System Tiny Homes

Sing Core designs include both open and closed systems, so that these tiny homes can be deployed to any location with or without hookups. If hookups are available, such as those that would be required for traditional RV hookups, just park your tiny house, block it, and plug it in. The closed system requires no water/sewer hook up, uses a pre-installed tank system, and receives service once-a-week. With this new generation of closed system tiny house, Sing Core has revenue share opportunities available with no front end cost to property owners/managers. Talk to a representative for more information on how to get into this new faction of the hospitality industry.

We Need You Now

We have started construction on this project, and we need you now to lend us your tiny house enthusiasm, expertise, and ideas to see this project which will change the world of how small homes are designed and built.

What Changes to the Industry?

First, the expanded nested boxes concept is unique, but when we get to the next phase of manufacturing around the nation and the globe, all tiny houses will be built locally, with varying degrees of manufacture participation. Consider this, even a retired couple who love tiny houses can crowd-manufacture these tiny homes for their geographical location, by assembling and beautifying the components you are helping us design today.

Contact Us

If you would like to join our team and share this dream with us, contact us as soon as possible, as once we have assembled this team, we will no longer be accepting applications, and we will be focusing intensely on this project, and we’ll drop you a line when we are ready to introduce you to this new exciting tiny house method.

Thank You

Thank you for your years of support, for those of you who know what a great tiny house building material Sing Core can be, and now it’s only getting better, thanks to your support, and that of our high-end clients who are making all this possible.

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New Problem-solving Door-building Technologies

No other company has come to the rescue with 50-year warp-free guaranteed results utilizing such an array of patented and patent-pending new problem-solving door-building technologies as Sing Core.

Rarely does a month go by where some large door project is presented to Sing Core’s True Flat Team bringing to the table a challenge which has never been seen before. Immediately, the team gets into the lab to find a solution that solves the problems associated with the project at hand.

Since this expectation has not been met previously, there may be not existing protocol for addressing such an issue, and there may never be, but inventor Peter Sing tackles the problem exerting a great deal of effort and ingenuity based on his previous problem-solving methods, that may well result in another patented solution.

That’s why architects, door engineers, manufacturers, and millworks refer those tough, seemingly impossible door jobs to Sing Core. Because you not only want the job done right but you want the resulting door to last a lifetime or longer.

This is where Sing and his crack team of engineers with years of experience making the impossible possible comes in handy.

Thin Framed French Doors

For instance, let’s say you wanted to build a 20 ft. tall pivoting French door with only a three-inch wooden frame on the top and sides. Sing’s True Flat Team would answer, “We’ve addressed that problem before, and the French door’s frame must be at least five inches on those three sides, or it will not qualify for warranty.”

But the architect maintains that any correction in door frame width cannot be changed and has faith in Sing Core’s ability to come through in these unusual circumstances. Faced with such a challenge, Sing’s team does not give up. They go back to the drawing board to see if any of their previously collected data in combination with any latest development and/or patents can address this issue. And if not, ponders the question,

“Is there some new method that can fix the problem?”

If so, not only will there be a new way to solve this issue, but there is probably going to be a new, patented process in the works. And the next time someone brings a challenge door to Sing Core, the response will be,

“Hey, no problem. We’ve done that before.”

This is a common problem-solving occurrence taking place regularly at Sing Core, building an incredible degree of confidence between Sing Core and their high-end clientele. They know that they can trust Sing Core to do it, if there is any way possible to do it. That’s why they say,

“It’s the only way to do it.”

And while there might be a way to create a door that looks spectacular and fills the desired opening, what do you think happens not long after installation? You guessed it: Failure. Failure from warping, bending, twisting, cupping, or delamination, etc. Not so, if your door has patented and patent-pending Sing Core solutions inside.

They may be invisible to the naked eye but hidden inside these unbelievably incredible super large one-of-a-kind unique doors, Sing technology makes all the difference in the world.

Curved Doors

Another interesting problem that comes up is curved doors, where the curvature of the door must match a curved wall where the new curved door will be installed.

You might think that due to Sing Core’s reputation for spanning large distances while remaining incredibly straight and true that you would assume this not to be a perfect material to create curved doors. Right? Wrong.

Sing Core can be modified to bend to any exact curvature, and once set in place will never misshapen or move and thereby can also be covered by Sing’s 50-year Warp-free Guarantee. It’s that picket fence of patented and patent-pending Sing Core solutions that are making these doors the talk of the town.

These, thin wood framed large French doors and custom curved doors, are just two examples of Sing Core rising to the occasion to make the impossible doors possible, and not only that, but your finished door can also be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail for 50 years. No other method of building a large, oversized door can offer such a guarantee.


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I Need Your Help to Build Tiny Houses

As you know, Sing Core has been used to build the most expensive tiny houses for the high-end market, “But I want you to know that was never my intent,” says inventor Peter Sing, “I need your help to build tiny houses to meet the needs of our expanding world today.”


Sing is deeply concerned about the growing homeless crisis in the world and the congestion in metro areas which is making it difficult to work and live in the same area. Some workers are forced to live outside the area where they work, so they travel in and out of town once a week, sleeping in RVs, vans, pickup trucks, or tents during the week while they work. According to Mr. Sing, “This is not right. Hard-working Americans should have the right to dignity and having a place to live.”

“My patented torsion box hybrid reinforced structural insulated panels (RSIP) are just too costly to manufacture to make them affordable, so they are used solely by those who can afford it, the billionaires, Fortune 500 companies, as well as in scientific and military applications.”

Sing believes that if he can make his lightweight, high strength, insulated building material available for use as basic tiny house structure, then the problem could be lessened or eliminated, especially in the light of the expanding accessory dwelling unit (ADU) permissions sweeping the nation, allowing homeowners to add a casita, mother-in-law house, carriage house, or backyard cottage to your existing property.


Sing says, “I always wanted to make this material available to all tiny house builders in the world,” but those tiny torsion boxes are costly to build. And Mr. Sing sees a light at the end of the tunnel. Since his clientele can afford to pay for the material, why not let them subsidize the material making it available for tiny home manufacturers. This can make it more affordable and as we all know, it is least time-consuming method of building an ADU.

The Fastest Way to Build the Best Structure

Sing’s core material is by far the quickest way to erect a structure because the walls, the floors, ceilings, and roofs are already fabricated using his frameless designs.

Sing Box Philosophy

Sing proposes to supply tiny house builders with boxes of varying sizes that can be nested for easy shipment that can be quickly and easily assembled on site.

“You could easily spend your first night in your Sing Tiny Home.”

Just set it up at the location you desire, and you can live in it as you do the finishing and decorating around yourself.

Sing’s boxes are built around the Core Box which is the heart of his nested boxes design. The heart box contains the essentials, such as kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room, around which many additional boxes may be added in any configuration to act as dining room, living room, bedrooms, and his living boxes can be stacked up to four stories.

“If you run out of square feet for your home’s footprint, just go up.”

Sing Core’s massive strength is the only material you can use to expand upward so efficiently due to its lightweight. Plus, homeowners, and their ADU tiny house occupants enjoy more safety, security, and peaceful privacy due to Sing’s sound-dampening panels being so well-insulated, which also offers greater temperature control.

Sing is ready to put his material in your hands if you’re the right person.

“I Need Your Help to Build Tiny Houses”

Peter Sing is sending this call out to all tiny house enthusiasts to help spread the word, so that he can enroll an army of tiny house builders around the nation, to help him put ADUs with Sing Core inside around the United States. Please pass this on if you know of someone who can join us in this revolution.

Help Wanted

If you can build a tiny house,

If you have a project that can use his material for ADUs, auxiliary housing, or to battle homelessness,

If you have a specialty that can support his crowd manufacturing platform,

Mr. Sing wants to hear from you.



Help Me Spread the Word

We are looking to empower the right people for the right jobs to see this project through. If you are, or know of, someone who would be a perfect part of this team, then please contact us as well. We are looking for

Wood Workers









Land Managers



Mortgage Finance




Please share this with your friends and let us know if there is anything we can do. We value your input.

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We Can Work Together to Save Home Struggling Americans

It takes two or three incomes to support a healthy loving family home in the world today. How is that even possible, especially right now in these most uncertain economic times? Oh, maybe you could house people in giant warehouses, but not during the pandemic. Now what?

People are not cattle and Americans should not be treated like livestock. We need to treat people with dignity in America and everyone should be able to have a dignified place to live. And I’m not talking about the homeless in America, yes, we need to help them to, but I’m talking about hard working parents working multiple jobs to take care of the family who live in their cars, vans, or broken-down RVs, because it’s just too expensive to rent a decent place to live and work for a living. What kind of life is that?

There is no doubt that our metro-areas are already maxed out of available living space, and the space that is available is far more than the average wage-earner can pay. You might be able to find a reasonably priced rental out in the country, but now how are you pay for a 2-hour commute to and from work every day?

The answer to save struggling Americans starts right here. In our own back yard.

According to Inventor Peter Sing, “The answer to save struggling Americans starts right here. In our own back yards.” New trends in zoning are in the process of changing as you read these words and it was not long ago that it was nearly impossible to add a mother-in-law home, carriage house, cottage, or casita to your single dwelling property. Those times are changing.

Enter the ADU

The trend of allowing an Accessory Dwelling Unit or ADU to be built onto your existing property is sweeping from Pacific and Atlantic coasts across the nation, which is the answer to our affordable housing crisis in the USA, if we seize this opportunity and work together.

This is an incredible opportunity for homeowners who are currently struggling to make their current mortgage payments while supporting their families. Adding a moderately-sized ADU top the back yard could make all the difference. And the homeowner can leverage his or her equity so that the initial startup cost is not a burden on the family, and the extra income from the rental of the ADU to someone who really needs it, could be life-changing to both families.

Sing is willing to contribute his patented building material which until now has been only available to the rich and famous. He has created a patented panelized building material which can be used to create huge sliding doors, walls, or complete structures of enormous size quickly and easily that, frankly, do not fail.

His patented structure material produces a large flat area that is fully insulated, lightweight, stronger than steel, and will not warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years. His factory, located in a secluded area in Washington State, supplies the wealthiest people, military, and science and technology industries, and large door builders with the material that brings otherwise impossible projects to life.

Noteworthy: Large doors built with Sing’s patented and patent-pending technologies are the only large doors in the world backed by his 50-year warp-free guarantee. And according to his elite clientele, “There is no other way to do it.”

Who can afford it?

Sing’s only concern about his product is, “Who can afford it?” Yes, if you are fully funded science project doing work in some remote location, or you’re creating something for use in outer space or beneath the ocean, you are a Fortune 500 corporation, or a billionaire, cost doesn’t really matter, but to the average contractor or budget of an average construction project, Sing’s technologies may add stress to an already tight budget.

large pocket door panel perfect straight

Sing would rather see his invention be placed into the hands of the people, the people in America who can take advantage of the opportunity to allow hardworking people to live lives of dignity in a safe and secure environment, helping to answer the call of the need of those seeking to incorporate ADU housing to their properties quickly and easily.

Thanks to Sing’s exclusive clients, he is creating his own subsidy program to offer discounts and incentives for those building ADU projects, making it practical and affordable to utilize Sing’s technologies. He would also like to create opportunities to

Put Americans to Work

He envisions seeing a husband-and-wife team being able to assemble modular Sing ADU components which can be assembled in various configurations as necessary in their local areas. In this scenario, Sing would ship the materials to the crowd manufacturers, who would assemble build each section.

Teams located across America will provide roughing, plumbing, electric, and add the toilet, kitchen countertop, and the homeowner adds the appliances following installation on the property.

The Sing ADU Core

The base of Sing’s ADU is the power core of the structure, it is pre-fitted with kitchen and bathroom, around which all the other living space modules are added, in whatever configurations best suits your project. Telescope out to the sides, front or back, or periscope up several stories high. The lightweight and superior strength of Sing’s material empowers visionaries with many options that would not be conceivable with conventional construction methods.

The ADU core kitchen/bathroom is basically a modular box, to which you affix other boxes to represent the additional living space in any configuration you desire. The more people in the family, the more boxes you add.

Built to Last

Unlike trailers and modular homes which deteriorate rapidly over time requiring continued repairs and maintenance, remember, this is the same material used by billionaires that you can have in your own back yard and is fully

Guaranteed to Last 50 Years

And it is the only lightweight building material that can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years.

Making a Better World

Sing wants to contribute to the global community by making his material available, he is willing to have his company, Sing Core, partner with you, craftspeople in your neighborhood, builders, contractors, and bankers in your area to bring this through to fruition for a better world for this and future generations.

Just say, “No,” to paper-thin temporary structures, trailers, or RVs to expect people to live in, which will quickly deteriorate and will become an eye-sore later.

Let this ADU structure stand as a monument for years to support the strength of the family as we rebound through these unprecedented times. A structure that will stand the test of time, and not deteriorate and crumble, as America may do, if we don’t work together.

Inventor Peter Sing says,

“I want to hear from you.”

How can we best help you with the resources that we have?

How can we help you and this ADU movement grow?

Have you built a Tiny House?

You might be just the type of person we are looking for to help us move this ADU project to the next level. Sing says, Please contact me and show me what you did. You might be just the right person we are looking for.” We can help each other in any way that we can, and you can be financially rewarded for your efforts.

If you are the entrepreneurial type, we would be interested in talking to you about how we could best help each other and America as we move through this housing crisis.

We have opportunities available and may be willing to co-create the ideal opportunity specialized for you, your unique position, resources, gifts, and talents.

Contact Sing Core for more information.

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Get Your Custom Super Large Door Substrate in 1 Week

Did you know you can get your custom super large door substrate in 1 week? It’s true, thanks to inventor Peter Sing’s patented and patent-pending large, oversized door core technologies and his factory that is 100% dedicated to manufacturing nothing but large doors for you and your clients, you can get these enormous door blanks created in as little as 1 week. This is an unprecedented turnaround time and also comes backed by Sing’s full warp-free and structure guarantee for 50 years. You won’t see an offer like this anywhere else in the door industry.

Are You Getting Tired of Being Disrespected and Given Long Lead Times for Big Doors?


Now you don’t have to wait around for long lead times, as much as seven or eight months to get going on your project when you are waiting on the most important part, that big door.

How Sing Core is Included in Your Project

Often the Architect specifies Sing Core in your challenge, large, curved, arched, or specialized surface skinned door. In other cases, the door manufacturer or the millwork building the door says,

“There’s only one way to make this door: 

with Sing Core inside.”

And they are right. Peter Sing’s inventions are the only known methods of producing a lightweight, high strength, fully insulated door blank that will not warp, bend, twist, cup, delaminate, or otherwise fail, and can be guaranteed to remain fail-free for 50 years.

Can I Get a Door from Sing Core?

Sing Core does not make doors, but we help door manufacturers and millwork make the best doors with our patented and patent-pending technologies as the foundation.

The Door makers use our substrates as the base material to create their one-of-a-kind works of art that our clients have learned to appreciate and enjoy. It takes a concerted effort of Sing’s True Flat Team, assisting in the design and creation or the door and the highly skilled door builders and millworks to finish and bring these beautiful doors to life.

What Does Sing Core Do?

We provide the lightweight, high strength, non-warp door blanks with fast delivery so your big door does not have to hold up your production time. Our True Flat Team helps to design the core material from the inside out, takin into consideration all the specifics necessary to create a warp-free door.

What Does Sing Core Need to Know?

There are many details about the door that go into the building of the door’s substrate that Sing’s True Flat Team needs to know before they can go about building the substrate. First, and most obvious, is the size of the door. Doors over 8 ft. tall start to introduce challenges into the design. Then there is the door type. Will it be a pivot door, hinge door, sliding door, or other type of door? Where, geographically, will the door be installed? Will it be an exterior door? Will it face the elements or be isolated? What surface material is desired (some provide more challenges than others), and much more. With data in-hand the team can develop a warrantable substrate.

How Fast Can Sing Core Do It?

We can have your custom substrate ready for the manufacturer to finish in as little as 1 week, and we answer this call by clients who would rather not wait for our standard turnaround time which is four to eight weeks.

What Does the Door Mfg. Do?

We provide the fail-free door blank to the manufacturer (door builder or millwork) who cuts lite openings and hardware access locations in the door, installs glass if specified, hardware, finishes, and hangs the door. The door manufacturer or Sing Core (or a combination of them both) may be responsible for applying the final layer(s) of skin material.

How Easy is it to Get a Price Quote?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Within minutes you can submit a price quote for your specialty door, and instantly see a 3-D graphic or your proposed door and a preliminary architectural drawing of your door instantly. All you need is the length, width, and thickness of the door you want and what skin you would like to see on your door. (See How to Order and What to Expect)

How Can I Get a Door with Sing Core?

The easiest way is to have your architect specify a Sing Core door in your project. Other ways include contacting your custom door manufacturer or millwork and requesting that they build your door with Sing Core inside.

Can You Guarantee Any Door for 50 Years?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee any door for 50 years. If the door cannot be built to specs and guaranteed for 50 years, we will not participate in the building of that door in that respect. But if the architects, designers, and engineers can work with Sing’s True Flat Team, with a little re-engineering and ingenuity, it is highly likely that Sing Core can help to produce a door that can be guaranteed for 50 years.




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The Only Way to Build High End Large Doors

It is not our intention to brag about being the only way to build large high-end doors, but the insistence by our clients is that,

“Sing Core is the only way to build high-end large doors.”

This International call comes from the US distributor of a high-end European door and window manufacturer who has a job calling out many warranted large doors of different sizes over 10 ft. tall. The distributor was told that using Sing Core inside was the only way to build these doors. There was no way the European company could do it and offer a one-year warranty to the client.

So, now those doors are being created with Sing Core inside and using a local millwork for the finish work.

Creating extremely large doors that are lightweight, fully insulated, and stronger than steel pound-for-pound is what Inventor Peter Sing uses his patented and patent-pending technologies to make high precision (Sing’s core sports +/- .006 tolerances) that can be covered by Sing’s

50-year Warp-free Guarantee

That guarantees your big door will not warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail (including delamination) for 50 years. And they are right,

There is no other way to do it.

There is no known lightweight, Eco-friendly way to build these enormous doors, that can have such a guarantee associated with them. Even though Sing offers the 50-year guarantee, the European door and window company will only offer its standard 1-year warranty, because that is all they need for the job. And they know that if anything happens to those doors, Mr. Sing will have their back.

And They Are Ready and Willing to Pay for It

They are prepared to pay high prices for such a solution to those big door challenges. These companies are paying as much as you might expect to pay for a new Mercedes to have a warp-free large front door with Sing Core inside. Fancy doors with Sing Core inside are the crown jewels of high society and can be found in luxury homes valued at $10 Million or more.

DHL Delivers Huge Doors with Sing Core Inside Anywhere

This International door and window distributor will be flying enormous doors with Sing Core inside all around the planet with confidence to fill the gap in all those projects with any doors over 10 ft. tall, whether they are specified by the architect or not. Why?

Because they know, using Sing Core is the only way to create such a beautiful behemoth which can operate faithfully for 50 fail-free years.

Architects Love Sing Core

Architects spec Sing core in their huge doors because they trust Sing’s core to provide the high-precision, lightweight and dimensional stability, which makes them look good when it comes to these oversized egress points, building credibility with their clients. They know there is no known door construction method that can accomplish such a feat.

Unlimited Possibilities with Sing’s CNC Doors

Mr. Sing’s latest pursuits include filling the need for large warp-free canvases for CNC artists to create the most intriguing architectural doors on the planet. This melding of technologies yields the most artistically creative door designs and Sing’s doors can emulate the look and feel of any large door of any kind, including stile and rail door.

Imagine a perfectly flat and smooth MDF surface to work to your heart’s delight with incredible high precision and structural integrity guaranteed for 50 years. Now that is art.


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Best Wood Veneer Substrate

One of the most unique design elements in contemporary architecture and design includes the use of wood veneer as an artistic outlet and creative expression as an alternative to solid wood. Doing so increases unique design characteristics exponentially, due to nearly unlimited matching options to create a one-of-a-kind wood grain Objet d’art as a feature presentation piece. Not only is wood veneer just as beautiful as solid wood, but it is a green approach to modern building and design due to the responsible use of natural wood grains.

High-end millworks who specialize in the most exclusive veneer work for the least cost inhibited clientele must have not only the artistic eye but have a keen sense of detail and a great deal of expertise to create one of these masterpieces flawlessly, and they have many methods that they use to assemble and manufacture the veneer while maintaining strength, precision, and to guarantee the overall performance over time for ultimate customer satisfaction.

Woodworkers who take on veneer projects must use a substrate to apply the veneer to. Particleboard and plywood are the most common for general use though they may not meet the needs of more discerning clients. Cabinet-grade plywood and MDO are considered upgrades to particleboard and standard-grade ply. And most upscale millworks prefer the smooth surface of MDF to adhere their veneer to.

When using thin veneers, the smallest imperfections in the substrate are magnified on the surface area, so most high-quality jobs are cross-banded for a more satisfactory and natural overall appearance.

In basic cabinetry and furniture making, these are reasonable solutions for substrate due to there being plenty of reinforcement and supporting structure throughout the piece.

Architects and designers who have experience with creating veneer art realize that there are limitations when using veneer designs when factoring in size. If a piece features a span greater than 8 feet in any direction, many challenges begin to arise when trying to manifest the artist’s vision in the real world.

The most common obstacles to creating large spanning veneer projects, like large doors or conference room tables, are heavy weight, decreased dimensional stability, and increase surface flaws.

Surface flaws become apparent anywhere there may be a seam in the substrate material. Carefully pre-finishing and treating the surface material will conceal the seams upon creation of the piece, but any movement in the piece may expose the seam which will become immediately apparent on the surface area and may lead to delamination of the surface material, resulting in product failure.

The country’s biggest and best veneer artists and architectural door manufacturers know that there is an alternative for veneer projects of large to massive size, and for their most important projects they specify Sing Core as the best wood veneer substrate.

The Best Wood Veneer Substrate

For years, since inventor Peter Sing introduced his patented Sing Core to millworks and high-end large door manufacturers, his veneer substrate has been the flawless answer to the questions and challenges facing architects and designers who have overcome the obstacles to long spanning veneer designs.

This unique hybrid composite core consists of a small (2 to 3 inch) metric torsion box made of vertical wood grain fiber, where the cell voids are filled with rigid foam sandwiched between smooth MDF faces for an incredibly lightweight and dimensionally stable high precision base for veneering.

Sing’s core is so substantial that it sports tolerances of +/- .006 in. and is guaranteed not to warp, bend twist, or otherwise fail (including delamination) for 50 years.

With such a high-precision non-warping substrate, seams will not fail due to movement, and the longevity of the beauty of your creation is preserved over time.

This is the answer that the millworks and veneer shops have been looking for to address the inherent problems associate with large spanning veneer projects for clients who demand the best and will not settle for less.

Therefore, Sing Core is considered the best veneer substrate in the world, and why it can be found inside the most expensive and oversized veneer artistry in multi-million-dollar estates, corporate and industrial projects, museums, and ultra-chic installations.

If your veneer project requires flawless excellence, high precision, and long fail-free service life, you should use the best veneer substrate, so that you and your clients can rest assured because there is Sing Core inside.


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Secrets of Warp-free Large Sliding Barn Doors Revealed

Large sliding barn doors are an important feature in the biggest warehouses and industrial locations in the United States, from military to aerospace a big sliding barn door is often specified in the architectural designs for practicality and ease of use. But the larger the door opening the harder it is to keep these huge sliders from warping. If you cannot keep the door straight, you may have reduced access due to door failure.

Ceiling mounted barn doors 14 ft. x 3.5 ft. x 2.5 in.

For years, inventor Peter Sing’s patented warp-free sliding barn door solutions have been the answer to these massive sliding barn doors, which using his patented and patent-pending anti-warp solutions can be built lightweight, high strength, and be guaranteed not to warp for 50 years, unheard of before the invention of Sing Core.

Ceiling mounted barn doors closed

Entryway door


If you would like to see the story behind the doors pictured above, click here or either photo.


Interior Barn Doors

As interior design has evolved, the integration of interior modern barn doors in everything from residential to commercial projects has seen rapid growth. Of course, standard-sized interior sliding barn doors do not pose much of a challenge, but if the door exceeds 8 feet tall or a 4-foot width, now you are heading into dangerous territory if you are hoping for a non-warping sliding barn door.

Commercial Steel Barn Door

Warped Large Sliding Barn Doors

Regardless of the application, large sliding barn doors are going to be problematic, so much so that years ago, the biggest door companies in the USA excluded offering the large barn door from their door schedules, instructing contractors to seek out custom door makers or millworks, because they could not cover these enormous sliding barn doors with any warranty because they were destined to warp and fail not long after installation.

After a while, even the millworks started turning down jobs for large sliding barn doors for the same reason, too many service calls during the warranty period, though this did open a door for door service companies whose job it was to regularly maintain doors, though this was extremely expensive for end user of the warping big sliding barn door.

Not Faulty Design

The problem, it turns out was not with the design, as large sliding barn doors were both stylish and practical, so the architects could not be blamed. The problem is with the limitation in building materials. A dimensionally stable door could be made of a thick solid material such as solid steel, but the bigger the door gets, even solid steel will move according to changes in the environment. Sing is able to bring the ideas of the architects and designers to life in such as way as to provide a 50-year solution to such visionary ideas.

Barn Door Veneer

Warp-free Solution

When inventor Peter Sing introduced his warp-free technologies to the large sliding door companies, they embraced Sing’s solutions for warped large sliding doors. Thanks to Sing, they were able to get back into the oversized door market once again. According to them, in their own words. Sing’s core,

“Is the only way to build a lightweight warp-free large door.”

The only way.

Commercial Steel Barn Door

A Door is Not a Wall

It is important to learn what the core structure is made of. Doors are not the same as walls. Doors need to move repeatedly everyday while walls are permanently placed. Walls commonly use 2” x 4” framing methods which do not work well for building doors. If the structure of the door is not strong, it will not feel or sound very solid. When you close the door, there will be rattling sounds and/or it can deform over time. It is very easy to tell, all you have to do is close the door and hear how strong or solid the door is made. It may look the same, but it does not sound the same. You can tell the difference by knockings on the door, you can tell what is inside. Solid like a rick but still light like a feather when you swing the door closed. The structure of the door that makes the difference, not the door skin.

You Want a Warp-free Large Sliding Barn Door

We already know you want a large warp-free sliding barn door. How do we know? Because Sing’s email servers are filled with people asking about how they can get a sliding barn door with Sing Core inside? Unfortunately,

Sing Core Does Not Sell Doors

Even though sliding barn doors with Sing’s core inside are among the best doors in the world, Sing’s factory does not build doors. Rather, they provide the raw warp-free base materials to the door building companies and millworks who create the enormous warp-free sliding barn doors, that the inventor is credited with, even though Sing only provides the base material. So, if you really want one, just contact your favorite door builder or millwork and tell them you want a door, “with Sing Core inside.”

What is the Secret?

How to Build a Large Sliding Door

Undoubtedly, you have wondered how does Peter Sing build such large lightweight sliding barn doors that are stronger than steel pound for pound and can be guaranteed not to warp for 50 years? Following are the methods that Sing uses to build warp-free doors of any size, made of nearly any flat building material, secrets revealed.

First, the architect or door engineers, specify the door dimensions and the material that the door will be made of, and submit the specs to Sing’s True Flat Team. The team goes to work, gathering all the data necessary to predict what the challenges will be for the door. Questions like, will it be an interior or exterior door? Will it be exposed to the elements? In what geographical location will the door be installed and at what altitude? Which direction will the door face?

The team starts with Sing’s patented rigid foam reinforced torsion box core, then add additional patent-pending anti-warp technologies to compensate for exterior door skins and environmental concerns.

That is the secret inside these huge warp-free doors.

How Can You Ship Such Large Doors?

Of course, the military can do amazing things with transportation that cannot be accomplished by mere mortals, so Sing has created a modular technology that supports his 50-year guarantee. In this manner, any size of door can be built and shipped in high precision sections that are assembled on-site.

Joining a modular door shipped in sections

This saves so much on shipping and handling costs, and if the large door needs to fit in an elevator or tight doorway, not problem. High precision modular solutions are the answer. Sing Core has built many large doors that are joined on-site without any warping.

Don’t try this at home. Average dowels and even larger biscuit-joining will not prevent door warping. Let’s say you wanted to build a pair of 10’ x 20’ double barn doors that were 2-inches thick. Stacking and joining four 5’ x 10’ x 2” panels together will not be an easy task. But Sing Core has had many years of experience with oversized doors, and has been devoted to solving the common issues with larger modular doors.

If you have a good budget, high precision demand, and no issue accessing the job site then a one-piece large door panel is the way to go, if it can be shipped to your location.

Otherwise, modular door sections joined on-site will be the best option. There are two major factors to achieve high quality when building large doors. One is to make sure there is no warping once the modular sections have been joined. The second issue is maintaining a high precision joint line so that it is not noticeable. This requires a very high precision core to achieve. Sing Core is the most precision door core available, with a tolerance of ± 0.007”. It is important to be sure that the thickness of the core is within these tolerances.

Elegant Mahogany sliding door

Weight and Strength

Strength plays a key factor when building larger doors. Traditional door building methods may dictate that strong doors are heavy and lightweight doors are weak. Weight is a major issue with oversized doors. Heavy doors are significantly more expensive due to additional structure costs, higher labor costs, and extra shipping and handling costs. Heavy door core does not mean that it will have high strength and the larger the door is, the more strength is necessary to maintain a long lifespan.

When using Sing’s metric interior technology where every two inches is mitigating the potential of the exterior surfaces to move two to three inches at a time. Rigid foam insulation is used inside these small torsion box grids made of vertical grain natural wood fiber which pushes and pulls against the surface material’s tendency to move, keeping it straight when it would otherwise warp. It also provides a huge weight advantage over any other method of trying to keep a door from moving following installation.

What type of skin is best to build a large modular door?

Paint Grade – It is easy to hide the seams. Seams can be almost unnoticeable if modular sections are joined with a Sing Spline. If the spline is made of solid wood, it can move or warp after the moisture levels change and it will be reflected on the surface of the door. This can cause the surface of the door to crack after the seasons change.

HPL (High Pressure Laminate) – See how precise the joint is using only a Sing Spline. HPL is available in a wide variety of patterns. The best choice for HPL is a vertical pattern to help the joint blend into the surface. HPL is a good choice when ordering one of our modular oversized doors. The patterned HPL allows the joint line to be hidden in plain sight. The door can be as big as 12 feet tall and 40 feet wide without having any noticeable seams.

HPL Barn Door Joint
Metal – If it is paint grade metal, the seam can be filled with joint compound and then painted making a seamless joint. Metal doors are traditionally very heavy, but with Sing Core inside your metal door can weight roughly 1/3 of a traditional metal door. You can choose from any type of metal you would like, but our most commonly made metal doors are Aluminum or Cold-Rolled Steel. Click here to see a paint grade Sing metal door.

FRP – FRP, or Fiber-Reinforced Plastic, can be used to make very large doors and very durable doors. FRP can be smooth or have a textured surface. It is much more visually appealing and functions much better than solid wood which has potential to crack, warp, twist, and cup. Besides, solid wood weights a lot more than Sing wood stave planks. Sing wood stave planks are the ideal material to replace solid wood for such jobs as, doors, tabletops, post and beams, and many more. An advantage of choosing wood staves are that they are much more precise than solid wood because their tendency to move over time is minimal in comparison. On the other hand, wood staves are much harder to match with surrounding patterns than a wood veneer skin.

Wood Veneer – Wood veneer has an average thickness of 0.020″-0.030″ and is very difficult to hide joint line in the face of the panel. Wood veneer is often much more challenging because it is usually very thin, normally only 0.020” thick. We always suggest using thicker wood staves which are usually 0.125” thick rather than veneer. However, Sing Core has a proprietary technology to make a veneer panel seamless as large as 10′ by 16′. This requires the veneer to be staggered and hot-pressed. It is very costly to use veneer, oftentimes we use wood staves to build larger doors.

For a tighter budget, we recommend using a paper backed veneer which only requires being cold-pressed. Sing Core provides the smoothest MDF skin for our clients to hot-press. Cross banding is not required with our smooth and high precision substrate, which may be hard to believe for some people. We have been doing this for many years with our innovative technology. We always recommend that our clients purchase our veneer substrate, complete with the same warp-free guarantee, and hire your local veneer contractor or do it yourself to save some money. One advantage to using a wood veneer as the skin for your door panel is that veneer can be easily matched to the surrounding area. One disadvantage to using wood veneer skin is that it is not well suited for exterior purposes, such as entrance door, and it can be difficult to repair if damaged. Veneer skins are the also limited to the maximum door size of 10′ by 16′.