8x8-Tiny-House-DIY-Kit-do-it-yourselfPatented Sing Core has endless applications. Because some of the finest, high-end tiny houses are built using Sing technology, we get a lot of calls about using Sing Panels in tiny house designs with varying degrees of preparation.

We work with architects and designers who have the concept completed, and they order the number panels in the size and thickness that they need, specifying the exterior and interior surface materials, and where they want the window and door openings cut. This is the way that we operate.

There is now doubt that we love the entire Tiny House movement and their commitment to making the world a better place by living small and Sing Core technology is a perfect match for this application, due to allowing a frameless design (yielding more living space) as well as being pre-insulated, lightweight and high-strength.

8x12-Tiny-House-DIY-Kit-do-it-yourselfThe inventor of Sing Panels has always had a passion for tiny houses, he believes that living small is good for the earth, but in real life he is making his living by serving millionaires and billionaires to build their mansions. By supplying the famous true flat stay flat and fully insulated, lightweight, high strength sliding door and more… especially the very large sliding door which could be as heavy as a small car but Sing products provide a stronger building material at less than 80% of the weight.

High- end upscale tiny house

You can make any tiny house perfect for your needs. Pick and choose the specifics that best suit what you are looking for.  Click here to learn more.

Why do billion dollar homes use Sing Core Doors?

Because patented Sing Core offers fully insulated true flat doors that stay flat virtually forever. Besides, it is super lightweight and super strong (stronger than steel pond for pound). No other door could claim this on planet Earth.

Copper-DoorDo those high-end sliding doors have anything in common with a tiny house? You bet it does. And it all starts with the same patented Sing Core in the heart of the basic insulated high performance building material.

The contrast is in the application, one used in billion dollar homes, the other in the smallest individual dwellings or homeless alternative shelter.

Why people use Sing panel to build tiny house?

The advantages of building a Upscale Tiny House using Sing Reinforced Structural Insulated Panels are well known. No other system offers Eco-friendly frameless technology that is lightweight, stronger than steel pound for pound and pre-insulated.

Tiny House Lightweight Insulated Structural Panels#1 – More Useable Space – When building small homes, maximizing each square inch can be huge in performance and enjoyment of your tiny house. (1.25 inch walls vs. 4.5 inch walls).

#2 – High Strength – More rigid and strong than other materials. In fact, Sing Core has been tested at Washington State University at 660 PSI, stronger than steel pound-for-pound.

#3 – Lightweight – Sing Tiny Houses are approximately half the weight of other tiny houses built with traditional building materials. For instance, a Sing Tiny House weighs only 2,600 pounds (easy to tow on trailer) compared to equivalent 5,000 pound tiny house.

#4 – Insulation – Our pre-insulated panels take the time and expense out of insulating your tiny house, and can achieve 6.5 R-values per sq. inch.

8x20-Tiny-House-DIY-Kit-do-it-yourself#5 – Choices – Customizing options for your tiny house are almost unlimited. You can select any surface material for the interior and/or exterior of each panel including wood, plywood, aluminum, metal, cement board, etc…

#6 – Easy to Build – We can build a Sing Tiny House complete with floors, walls and roof in three-and-a-half hours. The average, inexperienced do-it-yourselfer might take two days to build. Finish-work can take a couple of weeks, depending on your home design.

In an effort to reach out to the larger Tiny House community we have lowered the price for Tiny House applications to make Sing Tiny House Panels the most affordable Eco-friendly high-tech building material available

8x24-Tiny-House-DIY-Kit-do-it-yourselfThis is a limited offer to make planning your Sing Tiny House building project easy and painless. We even offer low down payment lay away program to assure you the price does not increase, lock-in your half-price discount and have it delivered when and where you want it.

Even though we are enthusiastic supporters of the Tiny House movement and offer our high-end Sing Panels at an incredible discount in support of all Tiny House dreamers and builders unfortunately we do not provide R&D services. If you have any questions see our Tiny House FAQ where you will find the answers to the most common questions. Alternatively you can gain knowledge from others by visiting Tiny House Blogs.

Helping the Homeless

With the affordability we can help the homeless by providing tiny housing kits to provide shelter and privacy for their families. To learn more click here.

Tiny house inspired working units

These units were created with by the inspiration of the tiny houses. With the look and durability, concession trailers, food carts, coffee kiosks and espresso stands can be made to fit your needs. Click here to find out more.


  1. Click on your choice of Tiny House Kit size that you desire to purchase outright or placing on layaway by making a small down-payment. (Plans and designs are not included; it is assumed that you, your architect or contractor already have the design and features worked out.) If you purchase the kit upfront, do not schedule delivery until you have:
  2. Completed your design with your architect, contractor (or on your own) so that you can make any necessary modifications to your Tiny House Kit prior to shipping. These modifications may include, adjusting wall thickness, specifying different exterior and/or interior surface materials (skins) and having door and window openings pre cut for you.
  3. Once your kit is complete (and paid for), it will be flat-pack crated and shipped to you or your specified location.
  4. After your kit is delivered you and/or your contractor will build for you the best tiny house that you could dream of.

We are not able to design tiny house

We are not able to instruct people how to build 

We are not able to provide answers to people eager to learn how to build Sing tiny house.

Due to lack of staff we are unable to provide good customer service or answer questions for individuals, though we do have a lot of information posted online.

Our successful retail customers have their own trade processionals (architects, designers and builders) who obtain the necessary Sing Panels for their tiny house project.

Since Sing Core is a manufacturer and wholesaler we do not have customer support for retail clientele. Our customer support is provided by the trade professionals who use our product and obtain it from us (or their local distributor). Your questions can be answered by your local industry experts who will be building your project.

For the DIY Do-it-yourself tiny house enthusiast

Tiny House Construction (49)We do work directly with the rebellious tiny house enthusiast and we support the renegade tiny house builders who are an active part of the tiny house movement. For the most part, these are highly innovative and clever people who apply very creative methods of building their tiny house while utilizing the best of all the attributes that Sing Panels provide.

In this case, we do not offer customer support, but we do provide the individual with the panels, so that they can let their creative genius flow.

If you are not equipped with the woodworking skills necessary to design and build your tiny house, we do suggest that you seek out a professional to help ensure that your tiny house project will be a success.

Trade professionals (architects, designers, general contractors, mill works or wood working professional) can show you how to build your Sing tiny house with their years of training and experience.

They are likely to be able to explain the difference between Sing tiny houses and stick frame or SIP tiny houses.

Yes, Sing Core does make the best reinforced structural insulated panels (RSIP) for use in Tiny House applications as walls, floors, ceilings and roofs. We have a huge desire to support the tiny house industry but be aware that we only offer Sing Panels for tiny house construction to professional distribution channels. Since we offer no support for our products (besides what is readily available via our web site). Our operation is not setup to sell our products to people in need of retail customer service. We suggest that you seek answers to any questions about how to use Sing panels by consulting with your engineer, architect, builder or contractor.

Note: We do occasionally offer products direct to the do it yourselfer, like Tiny House panel Kits or Tiny House Surplus Panels. Though we may provide you with the materials, we offer no how-to support to the DIY enthusiast except that which is available via our Tiny House FAQ (frequently asked questions) and other online resources.

How to Buy Sing Panels to build a tiny house

Pricing of Sing Panels is very easy and ordering Sing Panels is even easier.

It comes all the same size: 4 ft x 8 ft

The only difference is the thickness and skin options.

Sing Core, as a company, is positioned as a specialty plywood manufacturer or building material manufacturer that wholesales directly to lumber yards or professional trades.