Patented Sing Panels are used in billionaire’s homes from coast-to-coast. You will find the most prestigious millworks in the United States using Sing products for their high-end clients. See our Clients List.

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large-lightweight-high-strength-garage-carriage-doorsWhy do the best homes in the USA use Sing Doors?

Patented Sing Door is the only door blank manufacturer in the world that can deliver doors that are true flat and designed to stay flat for centuries regardless of size. Sing sliding doors are fully insulated, lightweight, high strength and so much more… Especially very large sliding doors that are problematic, unless made with Sing door planks.

Likewise, carriage doors are prone to failing due to a number of factors, as traditional carriage doors are not insulated, are likely to warp, bend or twist and are not strong enough to avoid light damage such as dings and dents. Sing carriage doors are the only true flat carriage door that could be built as air-tight insulated carriage doors to keep the temperature (hot or cold) controlled within.

YellowSteelCarriageDoorIs there any difference in the Sing material used in million dollar homes and Sing carriage doors?

Not really. They all start with patented Sing Core as the basis of the design. Then the panels are finished by millworks or door manufacturers, and installed by qualified craftsmen. Whether your Sing carriage door is in a modest home or a billion dollar home, the function is the same; block the heat and cold, not bending, warping, twisting or cupping while maintaining unsurpassed structural integrity.

Why Use Patented Sing Panel Carriage Doors?

For the same reasons that millionaires and billionaires use Sing Panels in their homes as insulated maintenance-free sliding doors of any dimensions, especially large sliding doors that could weigh as much as a small car, but thanks to Sing Core, you can also have a stronger door while saving more than 80% of the weight of a traditional door.

CarriageDoorPanelsUnfinishedHow to Order Sing Carriage or Garage Doors

Sing carriage doors are sold by garage door companies who have expertise in working with wood carriage doors (most garage door companies sell steel or aluminum doors and do not handle wood or metal doors in the same manner as Sing Core).

We make it easy for your door professional to get the Sing Products that you need with our simple online ordering process.

Since most carriage doors are high quality with a high degree of craftsmanship, they can cost more than $4,000 each or in the case of double carriage doors more than $7,000 for a pair.

Carriage Doors

Carriage Doors

Why Don’t We Sell Carriage Doors Retail?

Sing Core is not equipped to deal with retail trade. Building a carriage door is not our area of expertise, though providing the best door substrate for building the world’s best carriage and garage doors is our specialty.

Every large city has highly trained door makers (such as pre-hung-doors, millworks and wood craftsmen) who turn Sing Panels into the most high-performance elegant insulated carriage doors and garage doors that are guaranteed to be true flat and stay flat.

We supply the appropriate Sing products to your door professional. All you have to do is to provide your door professional with your specifications, a photo and/or glass details and they can use Sing door core to build any style of door imaginable.

CarriageDoorPanel2And according to your specifications your Sing carriage door can be made with any wood species available, as well as any other flat building material that you might like including (but not limited to) aluminum, brick, cement, ceramic, cold rolled steel, concrete, copper, fiberglass (FRP), galvanized steel, glass, LVL, metal, MDF, plastic, stainless steel, etc…

You door professional will be certain to match the appropriate carriage door hardware and finish the door to meet or exceed your specifications at an affordable price.

Also note that your door professional can also provide you with countertops, tables, partition walls, sliding doors, floors, cloud ceilings, etc… Once you experience the incredible advantages of Sing Core, you will want to have it everywhere in your home, too. See different applications.