French Doors

French Doors

You might be able to relate to this story about the most sophisticated high-end door company in history with the longest track record become one of our newest Sing Clients.

Recently we were contacted by one of the most reputable door manufacturers in the United States inquiring about patented Sing Core to be used in their high-end doors. We welcomed them, just like we would any other door company who has worked with Sing Core doors, and it wasn’t long before they became authorized Sing Core door makers.

Our new client said that he had lost several large jobs with long-standing clients to a competitor hundreds of miles away for high-end doors. After doing some research the clients told him that they went with the younger door manufacturer because they offered Sing Core doors. The new Sing Core client used mostly solid wood core and LVL core which is not always true flat plus heavier and less insulated.

Sing Core doors won our new happy customer by providing door planks or door blanks especially for large oversize doors, with any core thickness, skin, size and solid implant even with custom lite window cut outs for any design appearance.

True Raised Panel Doors

True Raised Panel Doors

Please contact us; we’d be glad to discuss with you how we could make you the top player in the door industry so that you are prepared to deliver the best doors to your most high-end clients, guaranteed.

See also our case study about our solution to replace 120 year old wood church stile and rail doors that were constantly in need of repair and maintenance. Sing door replacements matched exactly, yet remain maintenance free for years and years.

And learn more about how our nearly indestructible Sing true raised panel door is changing the landscape of the traditional raised panel door industry.

Only Sing doors can provide door companies with true flat doors that are Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength and guaranteed for life.

These could be your success stories.

It may be important for you to seek out how to make a sliding door that has a high level of performance. And what are the benefits that will increase the performance of your sliding door? Consider:


1. True flat straight and will stay flat
2. Lightweight 1/3 the weight (or more)
3. High strength stronger than steel lb. for lb.
4. Insulated starting at R3
5. Sound-deadening starting at SCT 30
6. Resistant to warp, twist & rot to meet your specifications
7. Longevity built to last for centuries
8. Guaranteed 10 to 50 year guarantee
9. Eco-friendly sustainable true green technology

Only one door company can deliver a sliding door that delivers high marks in all those important features. See our comparison chart comparing Sing Core doors panels to other door core materials.

architectural-door-specs-illustration-torsion-box-coreThere are 3 ways to build large wood grain doors.

When it comes to oversize doors, one door stands out above the rest for high-end applications; see comparison. Look for these features in your door for the most discriminating taste(s):

  • Available in any size (up to 16 ft.)
  • Lightweight
  • Strong (stronger than steel pound for pound)
  • Insulated
  • Sound-deadening
  • Guaranteed True Flat
  • Resistant to warp, twist, crack & rot
  • 10-year warranty

For more detailed information on our doors, see our Architectural Specifications.

Though Sing Core Doors are available in nearly any wood species, our standard varieties include:

sing-maple sing-cherry sing-oak sing-vg-fir sing-walnut

Note: Door designs can be modified to meet your specifications and requirements including fire resistant and bullet-proof applications. Please Click Here for more information.

No need to be limited in your door solutions. regardless of the type of door that you may be building today; tomorrow you could be making the best oversized large doors, steel doors, French doors, sliding doors, flush wood doors, carriage doors, etc… (just to name a few).