SingCore is the provider of SingCore technology that companies use in supplying luxury components to Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings, the Pope and even to you.

lightweight-university-logoSingCore is excited to announce the newest opportunity available to Sing Club Members to enroll in our exclusive Lightweight University. The courses will teach many applications of sing core to help you in the process of building your dream furniture, houses, boats, flooring and anything that requires lightweight technology and high strength at low cost.

(if you Google search you will find out sing core, sing superhoneycomb is at the top of this search words. click here

The best example is the show home that we built for the California home show in San Jose. It took 4 people 4 days to build an entire home.  This home was built completely with Sing core from foundation to roof.  The truth is that everything in this home but the door knob all use sing core.

Imagine what you could create using the Sing Core product board or flat panel…
4 Day SingCore House


As a student of Sing Lightweight University, we will disclose our Sing technology for our students to use sing core to build endless products. Click here to view some of the Sing products, that only scratch the surface of the possibilities.

We are offering SingCore Block on Demand Membership Training Program for our students who open a Sing certified manufacturing account. This program consists of a fee as low as $500 to those who would like to have a sing block at their factory on loan from Sing Home Inc. You only pay for the sing core that you use for your project at lowest price by end of each month.

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Peter Sing


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