Sing Core technology is changing the face of traditional metal fabrication industries.

Imagine the new Sing Metal building material that is lightweight, stronger than steel and Eco-friendly.

This new technology is a safe, sane and sustainable approach to replacing standard metal fabrication/welding methods without compromising strength; with the added benefits of being lightweight.

Low Health Hazards

no-welding-free-metal-fabrication-lightweight-eco-friendly-stronger-than-steelTraditional metal fabrication process is fraught with challenges and health hazards and risks, including eye injury from ultraviolet radiation, exposure to dangerous metal fumes, electrical shock, cuts, burns, contact with oils, industrial liquids and other chemical hazards.

The new revolution of metal fabrication technology that is Sing Core has none of the hazards or risks of traditional metal fabrication, and on-site workers experience fewer injuries. Labor and heavy equipment costs are greatly reduced because Sing Core metal panels are so lightweight.

No Welding

Welding is not necessary using Sing Metal but may be used as an option for some applications when called upon for performance or aesthetic requirements.

How Strong is Sing Metal?

Sing Metal is pound-per-pound stronger than steel.

How Eco-friendly is Sing Metal?

Sing Metal is constructed based on patented Sing Core composite material that consists of renewable vertical grain torsion box filled with high density recycled foam. This structure within the frame gives Sing Metal the unique ability to retain structural integrity over long spans and can be true flat or perfectly straight.

The manufacturing process uses less energy, creates less waste, uses less skilled labor, low temperature and uses no toxic chemicals or creates no toxic waste.

Made in the USA

Patented Sing Metal is proudly manufactured in the United States in our factory in Washington State using American-made components and composite materials.


Sing Metal is made to last lifetimes but is structurally guaranteed for 10 years.

Now, the metal fabrication industry has no need to be dangerous and unhealthy. By using patented Sing Metal, you can avoid burns, electric shock, vision damage, inhalation of poisonous gases and fumes, and exposure to intense ultraviolet radiation, while helping us to make a better World for all Earth’s creatures.