Patented Sing Core may be the most significant advancement in high-tech/low-tech composite building materials in the last century.

No other affordable building material can compare in terms of

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • High strength
  • High precision
  • Insulated/sound deadening
  • Eco-friendly

In fact, the inventor of Sing Core is offering a reward for anyone who is able to discover a commercially available material that can out-perform this revolutionary new material that is proudly made in the USA. For instance,


Here is a 5 ft. wide, 20 ft. long 1 inch thick Sing Panel with 2 men standing atop a span between two saw horses with very little deflection.

Any other foam panel would sag-to-the-ground without any weight on it. That’s just one example of superior sing strength.

Easy and Fast

Lightweight and high precision are key components in this 10 ft. tall 70 ft. long trade show display that is easily assembled by a single man (who has never done it before) in 47 minutes.

Making is easy to disassemble ship and store flat-packed when not in use, and can be guaranteed for 50 years.

Premium Wood Stave

The unique properties make Sing Panels the perfect substrate for high-end premium large oversized doors that can be guaranteed not to fail. No more service calls, and easily repairable when using solid wood stave.

It is easy for a small shop to acquire Sing aluminum plank to vacuum bag or cold press wood stave to build a high end large door without millions of dollars of equipment.

See how easy it is to vacuum-press solid wood stave to Sing substrate for high precision sliding door.

Free True Flat Consultation

When your project calls for extreme circumstances, including a large wood-based door 100% exposed to the elements without fail, Sing’s large-door technology and experience will confidently fill the bill with the proper composite components with free premium large door consultation for AWI members.

Achieve the appearance of any style door. These large church doors were fashioned with molding to match the appearance of problematic stile-and-rail doors that were replaced once and for all with the sing solution.