Warp free large sliding doors by Sing Core

“I love these doors.” *

This photo depicts the installation of some of our latest warp-free large sliding doors. These Eco-friendly lightweight, high-strength professional Sing large sliding doors are 12 ft. tall, 68 inches wide and only 1.5 inches thick, and guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or structurally fail for a full 50 years. When we say lightweight and high-strength, we mean it. For example, these Birch (1/4″ facings) large sliding doors weigh in at 150 lbs. per architectural specifications of Carol A. Wilson FAIA.

* = Linda Rice of Kercor Construction

The Only Warp-free Large Door Guaranteed

Large doors used in high end construction, luxury homes and mansions cost between $10,000 and $50,000 and all of them either are guaranteed to warp or guaranteed not to warp for (at the most) one year… except for one.

Our #1 job is to serve the door companies who make the best doors, so they can deliver warp-free doors to their most discriminating clientele.

$20,000 Door + 1 year = Warped Door

Warping large doors are burning moneyWhen a customer requests and the architect specifies a large door, especially a large sliding door or large pivot door, most door manufacturers will be reluctant to build it. If they do build it, they are not likely to offer a warranty for warping or structure failure because, unfortunately, large doors will warp.

Some offer a one year warranty and charge an extremely high professional for the large door, because they know it is likely that the door will warp. They install the door and pray… after one year has passed (either with or without service calls to straighten the door due to seasonal changes), they wipe the sweat from their forehead, then the burden for maintenance of the large door fall on the customer.

Large doors present a high degree of challenges because large doors (over 7 ft. tall) will warp.

The Only Warp-free Doors

Guaranteed for 50 Years

True Flat Guarantee premium certified true flatEvery door manufacturer who has sought out Sing Core as their large door solution knows there is no other way to make a hassle-free non-warping large door.
In fact, Sing Core door substrates are the only composite door core material that can be guaranteed not only to be warp-free but also maintain full structural integrity for a full 50 years.

High-end Door Manufacturer’s Secret Ingredient

Sing Core works with high end door manufacturers and millworks specializing in the most exotic oversized (therefore problematic) doors.

“When the door manufacturer calls us, they know, we know, everyone knows that custom large doors will warp. We help them solve the problem so they can deliver a product that will not fail to their clients who desire only the best doors without fear of warping.”

If you’re seeking out a high-end door that does not warp, ask your door manufacture to build your door with Sing Core Inside.

Infinite Structure

Patented Sing Core infinite torsion box 2x2 structure grids insulation

Infinite 2×2 in. grids filled with rigid foam

Sing Core’s internal vertical grain torsion box structure is reduced to form 2 inch x 2 inch grids and the torsion box voids (empty spaces) are not left empty; they are filled wall-to-wall with rigid foam insulation to add shear strength and form a high precision (.006 in. tolerance) solid composite substrate. The grids run infinitely in all directions throughout the door core resulting in a warp-free, lightweight (a fraction the weight of other heavier materials), high strength (660 PSI) that is pre-insulated (R3.5-R5.5).

Is There Any Other Way to Make a Warp-free Door?

Yes. There are many ways to make a steel door that does not warp. These large steel doors are extremely heavy (thousands of pounds). To address the issue of weight, lighter weight steel doors are made by using a steel frame (with internal steel pipe substructure) welded to thick steel exterior to make the steel door lighter than a solid steel door.

10 ft x 5 ft x 2.25 inch center pivot door solid maple wood stave warp free

Solid Maple Wood Stave 10 ft. x 5 ft. x 2 1/4 in. Warp Free Center Pivot Doors

Even so, not only is the resulting door still extremely heavy, it is hollow in between the inner steel structure. This space between the inner steel framing is left open, i.e., hollow. There could be 8 to 12 inches between steel bars (or other type steel interior frame) of nothing, only hollow space.

Normally, steel doors – while they may not be a problem for warping – are less high precision due to all the interior welding necessary to manufacture the steel door. To increase the steel door’s precision, the door can be made slightly oversize and machined to straighten the surface area imperfections.

Sing Steel Doors

On the other hand, steel doors made with solid Sing Core door substrate are Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength and high precision (Sing Core is +/- .006) as well as fully insulated for temperature/climate control and sound deadening qualities. See: Steel Doors

New Large Door Technology

Eco-friendly Sing Core technology is changing the landscape of all large door manufacturing. Sing door core substrate can be used to manufacture any type or style of door in any size (up to 50 ft.) with any exterior material, including wood doors made of any available natural wood species, aluminum doors, ceramic doors, concrete doors, fiberglass doors, glass doors, HPL doors, Kevlar doors, Masonite doors, plastic doors, steel doors (cold rolled steel doors, galvanized steel doors, hot rolled steel doors, etc…), just to name a few…

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