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The Sing 8×24 Tiny House Kit includes all the pre-framed panels necessary to build your 24×8 storage shed, shelter or modular home. No framing is necessary due to patented Sing Core’s built-in torsion box frame resulting in a Reinforced Structural Insulated Panel (RSIP) that are lightweight imbued with unparalleled high-strength (660 PSI = stronger than steel pound-for-pound). 50-percent-off-tiny-house-half-price-sale

Offer expires August 25, 2017

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8 x 20 foot Tiny House built in 1 day to last forever!

Standard Sing Tiny House Panels are fully structurally fabricated with our patented Sing torsion box core, fully insulated wall to wall for added thermal and sound-deadening properties and features Luan plywood exterior surface (skins). Inexperienced Tiny House builders are now able to construct a completed 8×24 Tiny House structure in a day using their Sing Tiny House Kit, which ships flat to your location, ready-to-build your 192 square foot building.

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8x24 Tiny House on wheels kit with pitch roof upgrade

8×24 Tiny House on wheels kit with pitch roof upgrade

Kit includes 28 Panels:

  • 15 – Wall Panels
  • 1 – Door Panel w/door 
  • 6 – Roof Panels
  • 6 – Floor Panels


This kit includes standard 4×8 trimmed-to-fit interlocking cam-lock panels with pre-installed electrical and plumbing chases. Walls are 2 inches thick with 3/8 inch CDX plywood faces. Floor and roof panels are 3 inches thick with 1/2 inch AC plywood faces. No special tools are necessary for assembly (except for Allen wrench to operate cam locks for assembly and disassembly).  Kit includes flat roof, pitch or slanted roof available at extra charge. Door panel is full size interlocking panel with pre-installed hinge door (also made of Sing Core) which required additional hardware (door knob, locking mechanism, not included) and jam finishing. Window cutout can be pre-cut at additional charge. Sing Panels can be easily modified using standard woodworking tools and equipment, including CNC.

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Help Wanted: Sing Core has many opportunities to join the team, including Tiny House Delivery Drivers, a generous Referral Program and you can even earn a Free Tiny House. Help-Wanted-Sing-Core-Sales-Consultants

Yes, Sing Core does make the best reinforced structural insulated panels (RSIP) for use in Tiny House applications as walls, floors, ceilings and roofs. We have a huge desire to support the tiny house industry but be aware that we only offer Sing Panels for tiny house construction to professional distribution channels. Since we offer no support for our products (besides what is readily available via our web site). Our operation is not setup to sell our products to people in need of retail customer service. We suggest that you seek answers to any questions about how to use Sing panels by consulting with your engineer, architect, builder or contractor.

Note: We do occasionally offer products direct to the do it yourselfer, like Tiny House panel Kits or Tiny House Surplus Panels. Though we may provide you with the materials, we offer no how-to support to the DIY enthusiast except that which is available via our Tiny House FAQ (frequently asked questions) and other online resources.