make-the-world-a-better-place-lightweight-high-strength-sing-core-panelsSing Core has introduced leading edge technology that is truly a revolution in building materials. Providing this material to the world is in-line with Sing Core’s mission to make the world a better place for the earth and all creatures.

Patented Sing Core is the only Eco-friendly lightweight, high-strength building material that will bridge long spans without complex/heavy framing with minimal deflection under load and will not warp, bend or twist over time. This revolutionary composite comes in your choice of panels or posts and beams and is the only structural material that can be made to be true flat and guaranteed to stay flat for 50 years.

Sing Panels possess super-strength the secret of which relies in its simplicity and our commitment to not overcomplicate its simplicity in any details of this concept. How do we keep it so simple?

Simple Design

The structure of patented Sing Panels is simply a fusion of old-world technology and space-age technology and consists of four components, that when combined in the patented Sing process, result in the only affordable Eco-friendly lightweight high-strength building material in the world.

Traditional-Torsion-Box-Diagram1 – Wood Torsion Box Structure

Wood torsion box structure has been used by high-end woodworking craftsmen for thousands of years as the labor intensive solution for building lightweight tabletops, countertops, desks, etc… Due to the painstaking torsion box process, these products could only be afforded by the extreme elite.

Sing Core utilizes a torsion box core with an important improvement: by flipping the grain to run vertically, instead of horizontally, Mr. Sing’s process picks up a 400% PSI strength increase over standard torsion box structure… but there’s more…

2 – Recycled Foam

While wood torsion box is an excellent lightweight substrate with superior PSI strength, the nature of the torsion box design itself does not have the shear strength performance that is so illusive in high-end applications that require lightweight, high-strength and unparalleled shear strength.

honeycomb-panel-torsion-box-coreSing Core’s solution is to pack the torsion box voids wall-to-wall with recycled foam that creates a solid flat substrate surface to build upon. The weight is comparable to hollow core, paper core or foam core, because it is still only 8% natural wood fiber, packed with recycled foam which is 80% air.

The foam packing not only makes the surface solid and perfectly flat for outstanding shear strength but also imbues the structure with insulation and sound deadening qualities.

3 – Formaldehyde-free Adhesive

The Sing Core process includes using a high-end adhesive to bond all the material composites together. Though expensive, this formaldehyde-free glue perfectly fuses all the components into a solid piece that is waterproof and will not delaminate over time.

This special adhesive is used in an effort to support Mr. Sing’s commitment to build long-lasting products that will last for centuries (not filling landfills, like less expensive disposable items that we’ve become so accustom to these days).

Engineered-plywood-cutaway-exposing-vertical-grain-torsion-box-and-foam-insulation4 – Stress Skin

To complete the process, Mr. Sing adheres a lightweight plywood exterior surface material to seal the open ends of the torsion box resulting in a solid super-strong product (starting at 660 PSI as tested at Washington State University) that looks like a standard piece of plywood or post and beam (depending on the dimensions) and can be treated, sawed, cut or ripped just like any other lumber product without any additional tools or skills.

Solid edges and implants can be included or window/glass opening can be pre-cut based on your needs and/or requirements.

To make things even better, the exterior material (bonded stress skin) can be any flat building material – or combination of building material – to meet the demands of the architect or designer offering the ability to replace any heavy non-eco-friendly solid building material.

Simple Order Process

In keeping with Mr. Sing’s commitment to keep it simple, he has initiated a simple ordering process whereby anyone can obtain a price simply and easily using his free online price quote.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

simple-order-lightweight-high-strength-panel-process-length-width-thickness1 – The length

How long does your table, window, door, post or beam need to be? Mr. Sing’s factory is tooled-up to manufacture panels, posts and beam in up to fifty-foot lengths.

2 – Width

Again, the Sing process can accommodate nearly any width (which on occasion does cause challenges for shipping particularly large components, but since this is what we specialize in, we can figure out the best way to deliver the end product to you).

3 – Thickness

Of all the possible variances, the thickness of Sing Core is suggested not to be less than one-half (and three-quarters is even better) of an inch to see the structural benefits vs. the cost. Standard thicknesses accommodate up to 8 inches, but could exceed that to meet your specifications.

Options in the ordering process may include alternate skin combinations/variations to achieve the performance results that you require for your challenging project.

Sing-Core-Home-of-lightweight-high-strength-panels-guaranteed-for-50-years-never-warpSimple Web Site

Sing Core may be one of the largest building material web sites in the world due to the wide range of applications of this revolutionary new building material. The mere size of its contents could be overwhelming to the average user if not for the simple method of organizing all that information in a way so as to be available to the average user in a logical format.

Starting with a hierarchy that is similar to an aerospace parts catalogue, one can navigate the natural structure of the website via an organized Table of Contents.

The top Navigation Bar provides quick and easy access to the main parts of the site with simple single-clicks from any web page, including one-click access for Online Pricing.

A Site Search function is also provided for those used to searching for what you want and perusing the search results.

Simple Process

Sing Core has made the process simple enough to get this material into the hands of the people who would like to enjoy long-lasting maintenance-free enjoyment of their projects or products while making the world a better place by using his Eco-friendly lightweight high-strength building material.

Sing Core is the manufacturer of our patented invention and as such we are not qualified to deal with or train end users on the uses for – or handling of – the building material itself.

If you want to use patented Sing products in your upcoming project, there are ways you can make that happen.

millworkers-woodworkers-woodcraftsmen-woodworking-professionals1 – If you are a manufacturer, millwork, high-end woodcraftsman and you already have a commercial account with us, then you have access to our materials – including the rare, high-end one-off custom projects that we help to solve every day. If you are a high-end retail establishment, you may be eligible for a commercial account. Please contact us and find out, today.

2 – Lumber retailers and sheet product distributors are invited to carry regularly stocked Sing Core products that retail well to local builders, contractors, woodworkers and DIY homeowners.

3 – DIY creative artists are supported by Sing Core indirectly. Though we do not have support available for the end-user, we do provide all the necessary information for your due diligence as you research the integration of Sing Core products into your project.

Homeowners-can-get-Sing-Panels-for-dream-home-or-to-build-tiny-houseHomeowners or project creators ask, How Do I Get Sing Core?

If you possess adequate woodworking and building skills, you may be able to educate yourself enough to begin your do-it-yourself Sing project. For projects like these, please contact your local lumber supply or home building center. We’ve made it easy for them to set up with us and we will ship the items that you want directly to that supplier. You can easily pick it up at their location or have it delivered to your location (if they offer that service).

Simple Way to Tell the World

Much of what we do to promote Eco-friendly Sing Core is done by word of mouth based on over-delivering affordable options in the areas of affordable lightweight and high-strength.

You can join the Sing Team by singing our song. We invite you to help us spread the word about Sing Core by joining our Referral Program and we will pay you 20% of every sale that is made through your referral link.

It’s free and a great way to help us make the world a better place together.