Contemporary architects and modern designers are increasingly coming up with unique approaches to design features in modern architectural design mashups, like mixing contemporary designs with the classic look of Sliding Barn Doors. See our new C Series line of Affordable Barn Door and Sliding Closet Doors.

About Sliding Barn Doors

The beauty of modern sliding barn doors is in the melding of new and old technologies and adding Sing Core into the mix of your sliding barn doors takes your project to an entirely new level. Known for their rustic barn door appearance, now barn doors do not need to be heavy, flimsy, or inaccurate to maintain their charm if they have Sing Core inside.

Inventor, Peter Sing has advanced the entire scope of the interior and/or exterior sliding barn door industry to new heights, starting with reduction of weight (1/3 or less), incredible strength (660+ PSI, stronger than steel lb for lb), and ultra-high precision (+/- .006 in. tolerances).

And we’re just getting started.

You don’t have to sacrifice anything and still get a sliding barn door that is easily 20-times the door of any other barn door ever made, and let it be know that to date, there is no other way to do it. The biggest and best door companies, architects, engineers, millworks, and custom barn door manufacturers already specify and use Sing Core inside all their large sliding barn doors.

Additional benefits of having Sing’s core inside your sliding barn doors include (but are not limited to) fully insulated for sound deadening and increased climate control, weatherproof, and build to remain perfectly straight forever, which is guaranteed by Sing’s

50-year Warp-free and Structure Guarantee

No other large sliding barn door is so sustainable with superior dimensional stability, high precision, high performance, and guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years.

Sliding Barn Doors



Sliding barn doors are an unexpected surprise when they are featured in a high end multi-million-dollar home, mansion or estate. Only these high end sliding barn doors aren’t your run of the mill DIY sliding barn doors. Though they may look the same, don’t let that simple appearance catch you off-guard. More often than not, you’re likely to find Sing Core inside.

Interior Barn Doors

While barn doors are customarily thought of as being used only in exterior applications, it can be a charming addition to the country feel inside the home that features interior sliding barn doors. These barn style doors hang from sophisticated rolling barn door hardware which is exposed to add to the character of the modern barn doors.

Interior barn doors can add all the country elegance you could possibly desire while being delighted at the visual appeal with a safe and secure sense of feeling at home with your interior sliding barn doors. Having insulated indoor barn doors, especially if they have Sing Core inside, you can have hands down the best barn doors for homes available that can be made of any material you like, even wood barn doors.

Interior barn doors for homes can feature any type of available natural wood grain, exotic wood, or any other flat building material to create the most unique and impressive indoor sliding barn doors that will easily outperform any other barn style interior doors in terms of weight, strength, high precision and longevity. Your Eco-friendly and sustainable interior barn style doors could be the only sliding indoor barn doors that come with a full 50 year guarantee protecting all your inside sliding barn doors from warp, bending, twisting or otherwise failing (including full structure warranty).

You can save on household injuries by taking advantage of the lightweight (even if they’re really big barn door style interior doors) which also keep your modern barn doors interior hardware and maintenance costs down over time. Interior barn sliding doors are noticeable as a unique feature in any upscale home, especially, if you’ve gone all out and have interior double barn doors, the envy of anyone who has modern interior barn doors.

Once you’ve got Sing Core inside your sliding wood barn doors interior, you can be proud to say your decision to invest in such a desirable sliding barn door for interior functionality and lovely appearance. Barn door interior doors do require a flat surface wall for the barn sliding doors interior to matriculate to the expansion of the high end representation of barn doors for homes interior.

Interior doors barn style room dividers are the next generation of sliding barn style doors for interior design. Sliding barn doors for inside house can easily outperform any other available decorative interior barn doors. Since your internal sliding barn doors have Sing Core inside your barn doors sliding interior can have sound dampening qualities and climate control characteristics which add to the satisfaction and accomplishments enjoyed by the creative craftspeople that help to beautify our barn doors for interior use, even as a barn door room divider.

If you’re considering barn doors for house interior decorating and high performance, make sure your barn door interior sliding doors have the secret ingredient of the best sliding barn interior doors. If your barn doors for inside homes don’t have Sing Core inside, you could do better and have interior sliding glass barn doors (featuring custom lite openings/window cut outs) and have our rock solid 50 year warp-free guarantee.

How to Make a Barn Door

When you make sliding barn doors with Sing Core inside, the resulting modern barn doors are imbued with unique characteristics which are what sets these unique sliding barn doors apart from any other barn style doors available.

For instance, by building your sliding barn doors with Sing Core inside, you can have a sliding barn door of any size (even extremely large and wide barn doors, up to 50 ft.) made of any flat building material, such as natural wood grain, exotic wood or materials like Kevlar, metals, like aluminum, copper, galvanized, cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, stainless steel that are Eco-friendly, lightweight (10% the weight of wood), high strength (660+ PSI, stronger than steel pound-for-pound), high precision (+/- .006 in.), insulated (R 3.5-6.5, STC 30+*) and can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years.

All these attributes can be realized in your sliding barn doors by simply architecturally specifying your barn style doors have Sing Core inside. With the unique qualities of Sing Core you can exercise your imagination fully when creating ornate barn door designs without limiting your barn door ideas, while we work with trade professionals building a barn door that will exceed the expectations of anyone considering inside sliding barn doors , without limiting your barn door style doors.

To get Sing Core inside, just contact your favorite custom door manufacturer, door company or millwork, tell them what type and style of door you want and make sure you say you want, “Sing Core inside,” and we will work hand-in-hand with your trade professional to deliver the high end product our clients expect.

Note: We do not sell doors, we only supply the wholesale sliding barn door blanks to the manufacturers and millworks that finish, add hardware and install the doors. We do not respond to retail inquiries.


Exterior Sliding Barn Doors

We help the best high end door manufacturers create the best exterior sliding barn doors that can withstand the rigorous regular use in any climate conditions, even if used as an industrial barn door. Outdoor barn doors can be problematic due to being on a building’s exterior, meaning one side is exposed to the elements, while the other side faces the interior space. This particular type of circumstance will end up with doors warping due to differing conditions on either side of your sliding barn doors.

High performance sliding barn doors exterior is impervious to warping because you have Sing Core inside your barn style front door. Now, you can be confident in all your exterior barn door designs, without having to worry about failing sliding exterior barn doors as your outdoor sliding barn doors can be backed by our 50 year guarantee.

No other barn style exterior doors can have such a guarantee, as well as being insulated, lightweight and high strength, even if used as exclusively exotic sliding stable doors.

Metal Barn Doors

Metal barn doors are readily available, though they are commonly very heavy in weight causing the need for much maintenance and added expense both in the handling and are not high precision due to toxic welding and construction methods. Sing metal sliding barn doors are made in a ecologically sound way that maintains the highest precision (+/- .006 in.) creating the only sliding barn doors of any size that will not warp.


Even our steel barn doors weigh a fraction of the weight of other steel barn doors, while remaining Eco-friendly, and outperform any other sliding metal barn doors. All Sing metal barn doors are proudly made in the USA and exported world-wide.

Sliding Barn Doors with Glass

At Sing Core, we do our best to bring out the best in your sliding barn door designs by inserting custom blocking, framing and providing custom lite cut outs to feature windows or other glass inserts at any location, in any size or shape, regardless of what material your sliding barn doors might be made of.

A sliding barn door with windows can be very impressive as well as adding to the sliding barn door’s overall functionality. Another trend we’re seeing as an alternative to clear glass inserted in your sliding barn doors is the use of mirrors. A sliding barn door with mirror insert can have the appearance of a glass insert with a twist, when you make a sliding barn door with mirror inserts.

Think about updating your sliding barn door with glass and turn it into a mirrored sliding barn door.

Large Sliding Barn Doors

You want ‘em big, we can make your sliding barn doors so big, no one else can do it. If your sliding barn doors are 40 feet tall or as wide as hangar doors, we can help you create the large sliding barn doors in any size and still have the high performance standards of all our other Sing large sliding doors, that you all have come to depend on, know and love.

We still make the only large sliding barn doors that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail (even including full structure warranty) for 50 years, even if it’s an extremely wide barn door.

With Sing Core inside, you will never have to worry about your large barn door being too heavy or not performing up to standards no matter the size of your big barn doors and you get the advantage of having fully pre-packed sliding barn door insulation inside all your wide sliding barn doors.

* Note: STC rating varies according to size, thickness, skin, and other factors. Sing Core does not rate doors, although we are fortunate enough to have one of the best sound testing labs in the world, here in the Pacific Northwest. If you require a specific STC rating, Sing Core can build a door to your architectural specifications and have the resulting door tested at our rating facility for an official rating.