Sing Core is honored to be a part of creating an intimate space inside restaurant Osteria Mornini in Miami, FL.


Nusla Design helped imagine this space and spearheaded the design. Following Nusla’s design, Sing Core fabricated four stunning door panels to be used in the Osteria Morini restaurant.

Watch the video below and hear the difference Sing Core’s true flat doors make.


These Sing Core sliding doors are used as a temporary room partition for private parties or meetings.



Sing Core doors naturally dampen the noise of the bustling restaurant. These doors were designed without the addition of acoustic skin layers or acoustic seals. Miami crowds can be lively, and this sliding door room divider creates a separate space to break up that sound transference.

The doors stack up flat parallel against one wall when not in use. Then each of three doors slides independently to the far wall to line up in a perpendicular position. And finally, the fourth door is a fixed pivot door that can swing in or out to completely close off the space. When completely closed the sliding doors and pivot door create a completely flat wall that is camouflaged to blend into the background of the restaurant. And with the use of the pivot door can still be used to serve the guests in a private setting while maintaining the look of a flat wall.




Notice how flat and straight Sing Core’s sliding doors are, even after two years of heavy use in a commercial space. Sing Core doors are created specifically to remain flat for 50 years using our patented and patent pending door technology.

These look like one single panel, but are actually to perfectly straight flush panels next to each other

This sliding door and temporary wall system was made using four Sing Core professional door panels. The panels are each 38.875” wide by 108” tall and only 1.75” thick. Each door was hot pressed with .020 vertical grain oak veneer. A professional millwork then received the true flat door slabs and stained the veneer to match the various other wood details throughout the restaurant and installed the sliding door hardware. Sing Core is able to provide solid wood blocking in our customers’ specified locations to suit their hardware requirements. As in this case where no blocking is needed for door pulls to keep the illusion of a flat wall when in use.


Each panel can be slid on the track with only one finger. Sing Core’s lightweight door technology keeps the weight of each panel down to less than 150lbs.



Sing Core is proud to be a part of the continued evolution of door technology to make our customers’ lives more enjoyable. Whether that be in pivot doors, sliding doors, hinge doors, pocket doors, or any oversize door. We enjoy the challenge. We invite you to GET AN ESTIMATE and see for yourself how Sing Core’s true flat door cores can help you make the doors that your customers are asking for. Here’s to a Happy holiday for you and yours from the entire Sing Core family.




It was a pleasure to visit this breathtaking restaurant in Miami Beach, FL. And we encourage you to have a meal at this New York Times voted best Italian restaurant in Miami, FL.