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Sing-tropical-storm-doors-used-by-NASA-Boeing-United-States-NavySing Storm Doors are severe weatherproof flush doors or French doors that can feature any size or shape of lite opening/window cut-outs that will accommodate impact rated glass.

When discriminating architects, homeowners, designers and the most high-end millworks are seeking to find storm proof front doors or tropical storm patio doors, they have come to trust the unique high performance of Sing Storm Doors as their long-term solution for exterior doors that are 100% extremely exposed to unbridled elements.

Sing Storm Doors are superior functioning high security storm doors that are featured in many a hurricane-proof house, while maintaining the elegance and beauty of the natural appearance of wooden storm doors.

Wood Storm Doors

Sing Core has the ability to provide extreme weather resistance in wooden storm doors by starting with the patented material invented by Peter Sing.  Everyone knows that it is impossible to use a solid wood door as a storm door because wood (due to its innate natural qualities) will bend, warp and twist.  This movement will cause the door to fail, either in the seal between the door and the frame or by compromise the protective coating of the beautiful wood storm door.

One small crack in either the surface or the seal could cause the loss of your home.  That’s why upscale hurricane-proof homes can feature Sing double storm doors or custom storm doors with the highest confidence that your investment is protected, leaving you safe and secure when storms start brewing, which also puts less pressure on federal emergency management.

Sing-Core-Hurricane-Door-Exterior-InteriorHurricane Doors*

Introduction of the Sing Hurricane Door* was an instant success, with its fiberglass exterior surface on the one side and beautiful wood (or any other flat building material) interior surface for unparalleled hurricane protection*, high performance, beauty and elegance.

Even though Sing hurricane doors come standard as French storm doors in their appearance, Sing Core has the ability to alter the design to duplicate the look and feel of any other kind of door regardless of being a tornado safe storm door or not.

It is this ability for any Sing Storm Door to look like any door – all you have to do is provide us with a picture – and we can match the appearance of a pre-existing door if it is a replacement, or your dream decorative storm doors that have our fans depending on us to go the extra mile.

So, whether you’re looking for hurricane panels, hurricane doors or even hurricane garage doors Peter Sing’s hurricane impact doors* will leave you feeling safe and secure when you need assurance most.

Stainless Steel Storm Doors

Sing Core makes the most Eco-friendly lightweight, high strength, fully insulated metal storm doors in the industry, bar none.  That’s why NASA, Boeing and the US Military branches trust us with their high performance metal impact entry doors.

Our metal doors for steel storm shelters or other applications are available in your choice of Sing Metals including aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel or any type of metal based on your specifications.

*Customer will need to perform lab tests to certify hurricane rating for local code compliance.