small-door-manufacturers-compete-with-huge-corporationsNew patented door technology teams up with you to win large quantity door contracts even if you have a small work force

We can build any style/type of door by the thousands as high end door blanks in matter of days or even completed doors ready to install. See: Sing Core door clients

Sing Core Team Guarantees:

1. On-Time Delivery
New technology enables higher production at lower costs, perfect for large quantity orders in least amount of time and shipping is much quicker and easier than other methods.
2. On Budget
Our simple pricing method makes it easy to track your bottom-line, plus our commitment to help you, “Win the Bid,” for large quantity orders and lower cost of shipping due to lightweight.
3. Highest Quality
We only build the best door for the best clients in the world. High-end clients rely on us because we deliver only the best. Rest assured, your clients will be getting only the best doors.

Case Study

One of the top custom door manufacturers in New England submitted an initial order for 28 large oversized doors of 17 different sizes, valued at $60,000.00 which was well over the budget for the project at hand. Time to call in the “Win the Bid” experts in Sing Core’s True Flat Team to see if there was a way to reduce the expenditures, while still delivering the high quality precision doors with Sing’s 50 Year Warp-free and Structure Guarantee.

The team concluded if this were an order for 28 pieces of one size of door, the costs could be greatly reduced. They went to work with the door company to see if they could find a way to reduce the variety of sizes to a single-sized door blank which the door company could cut to size. The custom door manufacturer agreed this was a great approach to reduce the cost of the door order.

The result?

A savings of


per door

The door company was able to reduce the size variety to four basic untrimmed door blank sizes. In the end, instead of paying an average of $2,142.86 for each door, they ended up paying $465.52 for each door, turning the $60,000 door order into a $13,034.56 order of door blanks that the door company could cut to size and finish in their own door shop, saving them a whopping $‭46,965.44‬, and well within the working budget of the job.

You, too, could experience massive savings, like this, on your next quantity door order – and get Sing’s 50-year Warp-free Guarantee.

How is it possible?

High Technology
Best Price
Best Doors
Increased Capacity
Sing Core uses the latest and most sophisticated, yet Eco-friendly technology to build the best doors in the world. Our specialty is the most challenging oversized doors for the most high-end clients in the world, with pride. Sing core door with our modern facility and new door building technology is 5 times more efficient than conventional door manufacturing. Fill out the simple price quote then you will see how together we can win the bid. Sing Core doors are the only doors that can be guaranteed true flat, lightweight, stronger than steel pound for pound, insulated, sound deadening, Eco-friendly, long-lasting and resistant to warp, twist and rot over time in the door industry. Thanks to Sing Core, you can bid on jobs that may have been considered previously to be too large for you. No reason to be intimidated by door jobs of more than 50 doors, as we can easily make 300-door-blanks-a-day for you.

Wood Flush Door Special $158

We are committed to help you win the bid for large door contracts with most hardwood species patented Sing Core door

Most door manufacturers are now operating on skeleton crews and the highly custom door builders may have never been able to compete for quantity jobs but Sing Core will help in either situation to reclaim market share from the large door corporations.

That’s where Sing Core comes in, “We are committed to do whatever we can to help you win the bid,” says inventor, Peter Sing, “We partner with the true craftsmen in the door industry to help bridge the production gap,” explaining that, “Smaller companies are losing market share to larger companies.”

Foam-Panel-Interior-Structural-Torsion-Box-Sing-Core-RevealedProvide high quality doors in quantity without expanding your operation

Sing Core has the technology and manufacturing facilities that can easily make and ship the highest quality doors blank or doors in quantity to your factory site with no added cost for equipment or labor.

The lowest price wins

Oftentimes, the bidding process is won or lost on the basis of: The lowest price tag wins, but now you could offer the lowest price and the highest quality door! Join us we will Sing together.

See: Less than $120 Doors with Sing Core inside.

Sing Core uses the latest technology and their patented manufacturing system to provide door companies with the high-quality doors they need, in the quantities they need at the price that helps them win the bid, when they want them. Any large quantity, anytime, anywhere at a price that enables the craftsperson to compete.

Where else can you get a door with these characteristics?

  • stacks-of-lightweight-strong-true-flat-doors-ready-to-ship-to-nyc-at-best-priceGuaranteed true flat
  • Lightweight
  • Stronger than steel lb. for lb.
  • Will not warp, twist or crack
  • Can be made of any wood species
  • Manufactured to your specifications
  • Up to 50 year structural warranty
  • Eco-friendly
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in any size
  • Available in any quantity
  • Fast turnaround and delivery
  • At a price that assures you can win the bid

See: Door Specifications

Case Study

One of our most prestigious clients in Chicago needed 700 specific door blanks to fulfill an order. Rather than dedicate their resources to this sing order, they reached out to Sing Core. We made the door blanks in ten days, so the client was able to go on about their business as usual without having to bear the cost of adding staff, equipment and re-tooling.


Fast turnaround time – It took less than 10 days for Sing Core to complete the order

High quality – Each door was manufactured with patented Sign Core technology in Washington state, ensuring the end user guaranteed strongest true flat and lightweight doors. Note that the light weight of these doors saved more than half on shipping costs.

Easy to fabricate – Due to the patented Sing Core process and our factory’s design and dedication to high quantity production, we are able to make more Eco-friendly doors in less time at less cost.

Cross-county Relay of Modern Door Technology: We built the doors in Washington State, sent the doors to Chicago where they finished and installed hardware then delivered to Atlanta, Georgia for final installation on time.

This is just one example of the high quality quantity support that we provide to our door manufacturers and millworks for on-time rapid delivery at prices that support your bottom line.

Simple pricing and production methods build the best door in the world. Visit & see for yourself  working-together-is-success-henry-ford

Every phase of your operation will be please with how convenient and easy it is to work with Sing Core doors. Your estimator is happy to know that all we need is the height, the width and the thickness of the door to determine the price. Your receiving department sees the doors blanks or finished doors arrive when and where you want them delivered. Your contractors and installers will love working the these lightweight and super-strong doors. Your accountant will be impressed at how you maintain your bottom line. Your homeowners and clients will be overjoyed at both the appearance and performance of your Sing Core doors and you will be able to sleep well at night, knowing that we have your back with a unprecedented guarantee.

“…we were unable to compete for large quantity orders.”

Many of our partners report, “Before teaming up with Sing Core, we were unable to compete for large quantity orders,” admitting that they simply stopped bidding on large quantity jobs (anything over 50 doors), because they knew they were no match for the major players; until Sing Core.

Sing Core routinely provides 200-to-300 doors blanks a day to distinguished door manufacturers, enabling them to compete even against companies that provide cheap import doors. With the majority of the work done in advance (Sing door blanks are easy to work with to build all types of sing doors) you can concentrate on finishing, adding hardware, delivering and installing the doors, knowing that they are receiving a superior product that guarantees satisfaction and longevity.