Sing Core assists office building to customize and maximize their office spaces on demand. Sing office space optimization components are modular, sound deadening, lightweight, and stronger than steel pound for pound.

We offer our customers a variety of options of panel sizes so that you can create any size space, subspace, or space division, with whatever degree of privacy you desire. You may include sound-insulated floor and ceiling, or not.

Other office phone booths are predominantly imported from overseas, while Sing office space optimization panels and products designed for privacy in offices and phone booths are proudly made right here in the United States.

You have access to all the components, the wall panels in a variety of sizes, as well as floor and ceiling panels. Kits may be configured with wire chases built-in, or you can have your craftsmen or millwork handle that part. We can also provide you with accessories that you might need to help complete your kit.

For instance, if you’re designing a soundproof phone booth for your office, you will want to include walls with wire chases, a floor, a ceiling, a fan, and electric access. You can select all the components you need, right here, or if you’re of the DIY persuasion, you can do it yourself.

We empower you to do the work yourself and save a lot of money by getting the components, separately, but in exchange for all that cost savings you, or your contractor will have to assemble and finish your portable office or privacy phone booth.

Sing phone booth walls are fully insulated to provide you with the best sound dampening results. Now, you, and your staff, can take private phone calls without having to leave the office, just step into your office privacy phone booth with Sing Core inside.


Also, no other portable phone booth system is so versatile, as you can easily expand, or change the design of your phone booth thanks to our cam lock modular design. What is a phone booth this morning could be transformed into a Sing conference room at lunch time.

Sing Portable Conference Room

You can opt to get the Sing Portable Conference Room which sets up quickly and easily on demand, whenever you need to have a meeting with your associates within a few minutes. The standard Sing Portable Conference Room measures, 168 x 120 x 92 tall, but you can have it be any size you want, just by adding the extra sound dampening wall panels that you need. It’s as easy as that.

Privacy Phone Booth Sizes

  • Sing Soundproof Phone Booth in MDF

    Sing Soundproof Phone Booth in MDF

    41 5/32 x 41 5/32 x 87 5/32

  • 41 x 45.5 x 84.5
  • 46.5 x 84 x 84.5
  • 92.75 x 92.75 x 84
  •  47.5 x 29.5 x 80.5
  • 85 x 46.5 x 80.5
  • 47 x 47 x 90
  • 46 x 43.5 x 91
  • 53 x 77 x 91
  • 77 x 77 x 91
  • 47 x 47 x 85
  •  86 x 47 x 85
  • 84 x 84 x 84

The Sing Soundproof Phone Booth uses patented and patent pending technology to provide a lightweight modular technology that assembles and disassembles in minutes for easy transport. Base models available in Small, Medium, and Large, in smooth stock raw MDF finish, ready for applying any exterior material, treatment, or vinyl wrap, and featuring an attractive French door glass cutout in the front door of your soundproof phone booth.

Other finishes include any available exterior material, like skins used on Sing Doors, to satisfy any design theme you may have in your office at extra charge.

DIY Kits

Sing Soundproof Phone Booths are available as DIY do-it-yourself kits, where you can buy the modular panels, purchase and install your choice of lighting and ventilation/air system on your own. Save a lot of money by selecting your connection method and doing it yourself.

Now with Ventilation Ducts!

We all know that being alone in a phone booth is a recipe for unpleasant smells, temperature, and humidity. With SingCore’s patented and patent pending revolutionary booth panel design, we have ventilation covered.  Our cutting edge manufacturing techniques allow us to build venting  ducts directly in to the fabric of the wall panel’s themselves. This means you have no mess and no fuss, just clean air when you need it.

Unlike other comparable phone booths or privacy booths, which either feature direct ventilation or no ventilation at all, our indirect ventilation allows you to get all the fresh air that you need from sources outside the noisy room. This means you have complete privacy, with the ability to stay in your box for hours or even days at a time.

Wire Traces for Optimum Lighting and Power Option Flexibility

With multiple integrated wire traces included in every panel, you have maximum flexibility when it comes to choosing the exact position of electrical elements including power outlets, wall outlets, USB charging stations, ethernet / networking ports, switches, area and work lighting, and so much more!

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Save time and money, without the need for ugly exposed wiring, or custom installation of wire conduit. Our non-conductive wire chases mean that safety is of top concern. Our patented wood and foam interior construction allows you to freely cut in to and install wiring boxes, covers, lights, or anything else that you desire.

Your Choice of Accessories

SingCore office privacy booths are the ultimate in flexibility. They are fully customizable, with any number of third party components. Here is a short list of our top recommended products, although many other similar products are suitable for use with our booths

Quiet Ventilation Fan

Take advantage of our innovative low noise, high external isolation air flow design with this ultra quiet fan. Bask in the bliss of perfect silence, even when surrounded by the ceaseless storm of business, engineering, design, and commerce. Bull pen environments, open concept offices, factory floors, or any loud room can be the home of one our perfectly still refuges.

Led Ceiling Light

Illuminate your office inside the office to perfection with this stylish and modern low power LED light fixture. Sleek, it complements any number of styles and complements the minimalist design of our sound isolation cubes. Combined with our included wire traces, this fixture is a breeze to wire, including in wall switches located in a variety of positions around the room.

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