It is clear that not all interior sliding doors are the same. You never know when you might be seeking out Sing Core for your interior sliding doors. While they are primarily featured in large exterior sliding doors due to their lightweight and high strength as well as their ability to be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years. It’s a tall order, but there’s only one way to accomplish such a feat with an exterior sliding door and it requires having Sing Core inside.

The Only 50 Year Warp-free Guarantee and full structure warranty

When architects and designers are working on very high end homes (i.e., multimillion dollar estates), their clients want only the best, so they seek out characteristics which can only be attributed to Sing Core. Besides giving the best door companies, millworks and custom door manufacturers the ability to make big interior sliding doors (tall, wide and thick) that are lightweight and high strength, they also feature insulation for sound deadening capabilities and climate control.

Interior sliding doors with Sing Core inside can feature any available flat building material on the surface of the interior sliding doors such as any species of natural wood stave, aluminum, cement, concrete, fiberglass, FRP, glass, HPL, Kevlar, LVL, metal (brass, copper, etc.), and steel (including cold rolled steel, diamond plate steel, galvanized steel, hot rolled steel, and stainless steel), just to name a few. So, the possibilities are vast, indeed.

Not just exclusive to the very wealthy, sometimes homeowners just want to have the best (you know who you are), and they have their architects, designers and door companies seek out Sing Core for their interior sliding doors also. Just know that we do not make or sell the interior sliding doors for which we are credited with. We only supply the raw material to the door companies, millworks and custom door makers who make us and doors with Sing Core inside look so good. While we do not deal with the end users, you can have your trade professional(s) deal with us directly.

Some of the best uses of interior sliding doors with Sing Core inside include,

Closet Doors

Closet doors are probably the number one interior use of interior sliding doors with Sing Core inside, especially in very large homes with large closets. In some of these huge homes and estates, the closets can be as big as a normal-sized living room, or an entire small house. These wardrobes can go far beyond what you might think of as a walk in closet, requiring large sliding wardrobe doors. See our new C Series line of Affordable Barn Door and Sliding Closet Doors.

Often high end closets are climate controlled, all but requiring sliding closet doors with Sing Core inside to complete the safety and security of the temperature and humidity maintenance without wasting unnecessary energy, which also support the Eco-friendly attributes of the most modern closet doors featuring Sing Core.

Of the many types and styles of closet doors being shipped from Sing Core include bifold closet doors (as well as other folding closet doors), closet barn doors, French closet doors, wood sliding closet doors and our classic unbreakable sliding mirror closet doors. And remember, they can be made of anything from beautiful, exotic natural woods to any metal, including silver plate or gold plate interior sliding doors.

Unbreakable Mirror Closet Doors

Ever since the introduction of the Sing Unbreakable Mirror, high end fashion custom door manufacturers have been sourcing Sing Core for their sliding mirror closet doors due to their impervious nature and the ability to create a high end mirrored sliding closet door that is not extremely heavy and potentially very dangerous, both to the weight of the door, and the fragility of the glass mirror surfaces of the sliding mirror closet doors.

Whether you’re a famous actor or rock star, if you want the best mirrored sliding closet doors, that offer both safety and security during the operation of the door (that can come with a 50-year guarantee), then you know you want all your sliding mirror wardrobe doors to have Sing Core inside. Hands down the only way to effectively create lightweight unbreakable mirror closet sliding doors.

Image on the left is a modular large 8×10 door shipped in a pair of 4×10 components cam locked together on site for near seamless paint-ready perfection. Image on right is close-up of near-seamless connection (+/- .006 in.).

Bifold Doors

Interior Bifold doors with Sing Core inside have the distinction of being the most exquisite high performance articulating bifold doors due to Sing Core’s ultra high precision (+/- .006 in.) tolerances. Again for those special jobs requiring large bi fold doors you are likely to encounter problems associated with warping bifold doors which may compromise the operation of these specialty interior doors altogether. With more moving parts, the importance of having non-warping bifold doors is of primary importance.

Internal bifold doors aren’t much good if the operation of the bi fold internal doors’ systems are failing due to warp, bend or twisting interior bifold doors. The same goes with folding closet doors of all kinds which operate with more than the normal number of hinges which might be used in standard hinged doors. Internal folding doors benefit widely when using Sing Core inside folding internal doors.

Sometimes the hardware used for interior bifold doors includes a combination of folding sliding and pivoting hardware in this type of folding interior doors.

Sliding Barn Doors

Interior sliding barn doors are gaining more momentum in the interior sliding door market every day. Contemporary architects are specifying Sing Core inside their large exterior doors, though there is a growing trend of specifying the patented Sing Core as substrate for sliding barn doors, too.

Why specify Sing Core for your interior sliding doors? Mostly because sliding barn doors are more costly than their hinged door counterpart, and the hardware is more expensive. The weight of the interior sliding barn doors determine the type of hinges which are necessary. This task is far easier than one might expect.

Simply weigh the Sing door blank and use the appropriate interior sliding barn door hardware. All hardware for sliding barn doors is determined by the weight of the door. Even though Sing sliding barn doors are more lightweight than other interior barn doors, qualifying them for using lighter weight-rated hardware for sliding barn doors, owners, project managers, designers and architect may elect to select higher-than-current-weight-rated hardware. Why?

Because, since the doors accommodate the higher opening and can be very tall and wide, the door designer can opt for a much thicker barn door (which would be next to impossible to build and still maintain a good strength-to-weight ratio). Large sliding barn doors would be much less impressive, visually, if the size and weight of the sliding barn door hardware was reduced to match the weight of the interior barn doors. Sliding barn doors made with Sing technology are far more attention-grabbing when viewed by professionals who cannot understand how such large doors can be operated with such sleek and lightweight hardware.

To maintain the visual impact of the modern barn doors the designer may opt for very heavy duty barn sliding door hardware to achieve the impressive appearance from the barn door interior.

Also, barn door closet applications are quite the rage as sliding barn doors continue infiltrate the market of closet doors. So, be on the lookout for indoor barn doors as they become more commonplace as barn closet doors. You can get Sing closet barn doors directly from your favorite local door company, millwork or custom door manufacturer.

Interior Sliding Doors