Temporary wall panels are an excellent way to take charge and become the master of your space of any size, or any environment. If you have large open spaces, these can easily be redesigned or divided in separate spaces quickly and easily using insulated Sing temporary wall panels.

For obvious reasons, inventor Peter Sing’s temporary wall panels are found mostly in the Greater New York area and are used primarily as insulated room dividers. Space is a premium commodity in this part of the country and Sing Core helps make the best use of available space.

Temporary wall panels can be a little tricky, so if you’re not the owner of the property, you need to be sure to check with the owner to see if it’s okay to erect wall dividers in your space, also there may be local building codes that may prevent you from using a room separator.

For those who are creative enough to exploit a loophole, while there may be local code restrictions for room partitions, or hanging room dividers, furniture is unrestricted. Many people are using Sing temporary wall panels as the backside of a bookcase by installing bookshelves on one side of the temporary wall panels. Now you have a bookcase, which is a piece of furniture which sits on the floor, and is not considered a wall, as long as it is not anchored to the ceiling.

That’s how you find Sing temporary wall panels installed in many buildings in the New York area providing more privacy and maximized use of available space as a DIY room divider bookcase built by the avid do-it-yourselfer, though some companies who specialize in New York room dividers, use Sing Core inside their temporary walls.

And if you have the bandwidth, in terms of excess wall space on either side of your opening, sliding room dividers, are an excellent way to open a full space and separate it into divisible space instantly. The sliding room dividers are always in place as the wall slides open or close on demand, perfect for a permanent installation. You see these in retail and entertainment space establishments around the New York area.

As portable room dividers, the most popular configuration in office settings in and around New York state appears to be hanging room dividers, where room dividers are hung side by side from commonly used and easily obtainable barn door hardware. Because temporary wall panels with Sing Core inside are so lightweight in comparison to other solid door core doors. The entire door, even outfitted with barn door hardware, can easily set in place or removed altogether by one person.

When not in use, they can be stored out of the way, to the side, or off-site. Then easily snapped into place and slidden back and forth to your heart’s content.

Then there are folding room dividers which consist of bi fold doors which are hinged together and fold atop each other to one side.

For years, Sing Core has been at the top of the top in the field of doors of magnitude, especially Pivot Doors, Sliding Doors, Pocket Doors, and Metal Doors of enormous size. Now you can have this same high-ranking technology inside your temporary wall panels, not just in New York, where we are very popular, but even in your hometown.

We serve the world with the only Eco-friendly insulated, lightweight, and high strength solutions built to last centuries without fail, but can be guaranteed for 50 years.