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Center for Architecture & Design Seattle, Washington


Center for Architecture Design Seattle Under Construction

Proud to be the newest Eco-friendly architectural building product that is more lightweight and stronger than other traditional building products, Sing Core is a part of this forward thinking movement that is creating an advanced attitude that embraces high tech while maintaining a green perspective.

“The Center is shared home and place of collaboration for AIA Seattle, Design in Public, Seattle Architecture Foundation, and AIA Washington Council, as well as a place for our partner organizations to convene events and conversations relevant to design and our city.”- CFAD Seattle

To help support the efforts of all progressive architects and designers in the Northwest, Sing Core has donated $36,000 in its patented Eco-friendly architectural building materials thus far.

We are honored to be joining forces with Suyama Peterson Deguchi, Krekow Jennings and OAC Services. Seattle Architecture Foundation, Design in Public and AIA Washington Council will also be joining the project later this year.