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Custom Pivot Doors

Even though you find the best custom pivot doors with Sing Core inside in the best million dollar homes in the world doesn’t mean you have to be a billionaire to have such prestigious custom doors in your home.

The Only 50 Year Warp-free Guarantee and full structure warranty

All custom doors considered, custom front doors present the greatest challenge for the manufacturers, especially if they are custom wood doors. Specifying custom wood doors sounds easy; just spec the size of the wooden door, the type of wood you or your client wants to see and the type of door operation, such as a “pivoting;” although, it’s not quite that easy.

For instance, on a 16 ft tall pivot front door made of teak in a high end luxury home many factors come into play. In the first place wooden pivot doors over 7 ft tall are going to warp. This is the primary concern of the pivot door manufacturers, followed by matching the door with the appropriate pivot hinge and other pivot door hardware. Then there is the installation. The size and the weight of the door can cause a great deal of concern in handling, transportation, and installation of the custom pivot door.

Pivot Front Door

A pivot front door leaves a lasting first impression when someone first encounters the structure. To focus on this unique design element opportunity architects and designers are opting for pivot entry door which are large in size and feature an elegant wood grain. The nature of the pivot front door poses challenges because pivot entry doors traditionally face two varying climates, one on the inside of the structure and the other the exterior which may be exposed to the elements and various weather conditions. This is the perfect recipe for a warping pivot door.

Unlike hinge doors, which have hinges along the side of the door to help keep at least one side of the door from warping much, the pivot hinge is anchored only at one point at the top and the other on the bottom of the custom pivot door. That’s it. Unlike hinged doors, you cannot add an additional pivot hinge to help keep the door straight.

Warp-free Pivot Front Door

The advantage of seeking out a proficient custom pivot door manufacturer, is relying on their years of experience in working with specialty custom front doors over their service life. They know what will work, and what will cause problems over the life of a custom pivot door’s service record. They are aware of the challenges faced in dealing with large custom wood doors, and know there is only one way to build wooden pivot doors that will not warp, and that’s with patented Sing Core inside.

50 Year Warp-free Guarantee

Most custom pivot doors are exempt from warranty, or may carry the customary one-year warranty because (and the client is always informed of this before the contract is signed) it is likely that the custom pivot door will warp. Warped pivot doors will create problems for the doors operation, adding pressure to the pivot door hardware and will likely prevent the custom pivot door from securing correctly. While a warp-free custom pivot door will always seal and operate superbly. And unlike any other custom pivot door made today, only custom pivot doors with Sing Core inside are guaranteed not to warp, bend twist, or otherwise fail (including full structure warranty) for 50 years.

Save On Expensive Pivot Door Hardware

Another huge advantage of building your custom pivot door with Sing Core inside is that the resulting large pivot door will weigh in at a fraction of other large custom pivot doors with solid pivot door substrates. The key, here, is the use of a patented vertical grain torsion box/recycled rigid foam insulation composite resulting in the high performance solid core that is high strength (660+ PSI) which is stronger than steel pound-for-pound, yet adds very little weight to the door. Lighter weight custom pivot doors means you save thousands of dollars on pivot door hardware because the hardware is based on the weight of the door.

No more paying many times the price of your custom pivot door on just the pivot door hardware to operate the pivot door safely and securely over time.

That leaves more for your budget to spend on the expensive pivot door hardware that you can see, like the handle on this 16 ft tall teak pivot door which cost many thousands of dollars.

You’re in Good Hands with Sing Core

When you trust the warp-free experts at Sing Core with the inside of your custom pivot doors, you know they will support your core values with their best efforts to deliver only the best custom pivot doors possible to your most discerning clients with high expectations.

How Do I Get Sing Custom Pivot Doors?

Good question. While Sing Core is featured inside the most prestigious, high end doors in the world, Sing Core does not make doors. The fine details of any door with Sing Core inside are handled by the most proficient and competent craftspeople in the millworks and custom door manufacturers who add the finishing details of the making of your custom pivot door.

That’s why Sing Core doors are the best doors because it takes a team of professionals to get the job done and to do it right. We do what we do the best, the base door, and they do what they do the best, the finishing. This results in your assurance that you are only getting the best of the best in custom pivot door technology and craftsmanship.

To get your custom pivot door with Sing Core inside, contact your local custom pivot door manufacturer, pivot door company, or millwork and be sure to tell them you want, “Sing Core inside.”

Custom pivot door manufacturers, pivot door companies, or millworks can click for pricing of custom pivot doors.