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Sing Core Definition of Terms


Sing Core panels acclimatizing: According to the type of the skin. Aluminum, metal, plastic skin, concrete, and ceramic skin will be delivered in perfectly straight condition without any acclimatizing. Plywood, hardboard, and HPL will take much less time to acclimatize than MDF. The best way to acclimatize is stand panels on edge with 4” or more of equal spacing between each panel.


Contrarian Sing Core purports to introduce a new degree of Eco-friendliness in sustainable building materials, not expendable and disposable import products which dominate the present day architectural landscape. Sing Core is ecologically conscious throughout its Made in the USA manufacturing process. The factory expends very little energy, local manpower, to manufacture Sing Core which is built from the smart use of a combination of natural wood resources, insulation and formaldehyde-free adhesives in the non toxic manufacturing process of the sustainable lightweight and high strength building material designed to last for centuries.


Edges of Sing Panels can have a variety of options. They can be open-faced (no edges) which means the patented Sing core material would be exposed and visible from the edge, between the two surface materials (skins). Edges can be embedded and pre-sealed between the surface skins per specification. Standard edging is 1.25 inches solid wood. Edge-banding is commonly applied by millwork or other finishing agent.

Embedded Chases

Chases or channels for cable, electrical or other services (such as water) can be pre-installed to specifications during the manufacture of your Sing Panels. Contact your Architect or Sing Representative to make certain your embedded chases are manufactured to meet your needs or specifications in advance.

Grid Size

Due to the specifications and requirements of your Sing Panel or door substrate the size of the wood torsion box grids inside can be adjusted to fit your needs or performance expectations. Three sizes of torsion box grid size are available. Small grade: 2×2 inch grids. Medium: 2×3 inch grids. Large: 3×3 inch grids. Default size is 2×3 inch unless otherwise specified. Check with your Architect or Sing Representative to make sure you have the right structure grid size for your project.

High Strength

Even though extremely light in weight compared to other lightweight honeycomb and/or substrates, patented Sing Core was independently tested for structure strength and rated at 660 PSI (which can achieve higher ratings, if necessary for your specs) making it stronger than steel pound for pound. Other lightweight materials have structure strength of 10 to 110 PSI. This is what gives patented Sing Core its stellar reputation for high strength with little or no deflection over long spans with little substructure.


The otherwise left empty voids in traditional torsion box is filled with rigid insulation material which serves as rigid material which shores up the vertical grain torsion box walls imbuing patented Sing Core with its unparalleled structure strength, while adding insulation qualities of climate control (R-value) and sound deadening (STC-rating*) attributes. The insulation used inside the Sing Core torsion box structure grids can be altered to meet architectural specifications and/or performance expectations.

Internal Blocking

Internal blocking or solid implants can be strategically placed inside your Sing Panel or door blanks per your specifications. Please double-check your specs prior to having your Sing Panels or door blanks manufactured.

Large Door

Where Sing Core shines in the door industry is in the ability to provide a lightweight high-strength door blank to door manufacturers and millworks for doors over 7 ft. tall and 3.5 ft. wide that will not warp. Solving not only issues associated with door warp, but also minimizing the weight of large doors without compromising strength. How large can a door be with Sing Core inside? Sing Core can build large door blanks in nearly any size up to 50 ft. tall and/or 50 ft. wide, or more.


The average weight of a Sing panel is 1/2 pound to 2 pounds per square foot. Weight is determined by many factors including torsion box grid size, rigid insulation material and glue used as well as other components of the panel’s composition including patent pending professional warp-free stiffeners, surface materials (sins) and adhesives used in the manufacturing process. Your architect or Sing representative can present you with a projected weight estimate prior to manufacture.

Paint Grade

We deliver your panels as unfinished “paint grade” as opposed to paint ready. Under normal circumstances, Sing panels and door blanks are provided as paint grade to millworks and door manufacturers who prepare the surface area for paint if necessary or required. If you require paint ready Sing panels or door blanks be certain to specify expectations prior to manufacture.

Post and Beam

Post and beam is only represents the depiction of a specific dimensional characteristic of an otherwise normal Sing panel, where its dimensions dictate the proportions and function of it as a post or beam. When used as posts and/or beams, Sing Core offers unique advantages over traditional wood and/or metal posts and beams.

Professional Grade

Professional grade panels can be guaranteed warp-free for 50 years. Composite stiffener technology is integrated with the structural core, which prevents warping and provides a truly flat panel. Professional grade panels provide a 50-year non warp guarantee when used in appropriate applications.


A Sing panel is classified as a Reinforced Structural Insulated Panel (RSIP) due to its underlying reinforced torsion box grids which is the heart and soul of patented Sing Core.
Sing Core

Patented Sing Core is the key to the success of Eco-friendly, lightweight, high-strength Sing products. The specifics of the design features small (2 inch to three inch) vertical wood grain torsion box grids where the voids (which would otherwise be left open) are filled wall to wall with rigid insulation material. This core material is sandwiched between two surface skins and may (or may not) be framed with wood or an alternate framing material inside the exterior stress skins.

Sing Panel

A Sing Panel consists of a substrate of patented Sing Core sandwiched between two stress skins of any available flat building material which may or may not feature exposed edges or closed (framed edges).


The dimensions determining the size of any patented Sing product are determined by architectural specifications and include: length or height x width x thickness (in inches). These dimension are necessary for a preliminary price quote.


Skin refers to the flat building material that acts as the stress skin for completing the reinforced torsion box design. While the core supplies the vertical torsion box walls, the exterior stress skins seal the top and bottom of all interior boxes. Skins can be made of any flat building material including any available species of natural wood, aluminum, concrete, fiberglass/FRP, Kevlar, LVL, MDF, Metal, Steel, etc… These skins are adhered in an Eco-friendly manner using formaldehyde-free glue, cold pressed with very little energy expended and little no toxic fumes or unnecessary waste.

Standard Grade

Standard grade panels utilize our patented torsion box core and provide unparalleled strength and lightweight properties unachievable with traditional building materials. Standard grade Sing Core is not guaranteed to any degree of flatness, though easily out performing any AWI allowed variance in warp for a door which is considered to be flat. AWI allowance equivalent to ¼ inch along the greatest distance for a standard sized door. There is no expectation for warp resistance for large doors (doors over 7 ft. tall).

Storage and Protection

Store your Sing Core door in an upright position and allow to acclimate to room temperature following shipment receipt or prior to finishing or installation.

Strength of Sing Core

The strength depends on the thickness of the panel. For instance, if you double the thickness it will be 4 times the strength. The thickness of the skin could make up the extra strength but increasing the thickness to gain strength will result in added weight, which may compromise the end result. The answer is usually a combination of matching the right Sing Core width with the appropriate surface material to achieve the desired results without loss of structural integrity or unnecessary additional weight.

Structure Warranty

The structure warranty that accompanies professional grade or hot press ready grade Sing panels or door blanks warrants your Sing product against structure failure. Also ensures that your Sing products are not disposable, are reusable and can easily be repaired if damaged, often on site without disassembling using regular woodworking skills and tools.


When Sing Core representatives reference the thickness of a Sing panel or door blank, it generally includes the thickness of the Sing Core insulated reinforced torsion box core, as well as the thickness of the exterior surface materials (skins) included.

Torsion Box

Sing Core’s patented torsion box design is a significant improvement on the torsion box design which has been used in traditional wood working. In Sing Core’s patented design the torsion box grids are not made with horizontal grain wood, it is instead flipped on its side so that the grain runs vertically (up and down instead of sideways) and the size of the individual boxes are small (2 to 3 inches). The voids, which are left vacant in traditional woodworking torsion box structures, are filled wall to wall with structurally rigid insulation and this substructure is sandwiched between two skins of plywood or any other applicable sheets of flat building material to complete the composite panel.

Trade Professional

Sing Core only supplies their patented material to trade professionals, like architects, cabinet makers, millworks and door manufacturers. Sing Core does not offer materials for retail. If you are a home owner who desires to have Sing Core products incorporated in your home, contact your local trade professional (architect, contractor, builder, cabinet maker, manufacturer or door company) for more information. As you know, we do not ship finished materials and only ship to authorized finishing facilities (millworks) who are responsible for finishing your Sing products. These are the people that make us look so good.

Trimmed / Untrimmed

The default condition of Sing products is normally untrimmed. This means your sing products will arrive at your millwork or finisher with unfinished, untrimmed edges and exposed glue may be visible from the edges of the Sing panel or door blank. Alternatively, your Sing panels or door blanks can be trimmed by request, leaving a clean, smooth finish on the edges. Allow ¼ inch for trimming, if requested to be completed prior to shipping from Sing Core. Be certain to specify “trimmed” when ordering your Sing products, as they will have to be build oversized to allow for the ¼ trimming.

True Flat

True flat is what Sing clients have referred to Sing products as. It is not an industry term, but it did become common vernacular in reference to Sing products which outperform any known lightweight, structurally strong product in terms of flatness or lack of deflection under load and among long spans. True flat is considered proprietary nomenclature and does not have a scientific definition or industry-wide classification because nothing compares to Sing Core in terms of Eco-friendly, lightweight and high strength.

Turnaround Time

The standard turnaround time for Sing products is approximately four to eight weeks, so take this into consideration when you are ordering your Sing products. In a hurry? Check with your Sing representative, rush service may be available for an additional fee.


The standard condition for delivery of Sing products is, “Unfinished.” That is to say Sing products are not manufactured to be an end-sale product. Sing Core’s standard method of operation includes wholesaling and shipping Sing products to millworks, cabinet shops, finishers or door manufacturers who complete the process and ready the items for installation or resale. Sing products are not retail-ready and not available directly to consumers.


Warp-free is the Sing Core promise for the condition of professional Sing panels which are built for specific purposes and high precision expectations. Professional grade Sing products are a concerted effort of the designers , architects and the True Flat team at Sign Core to create a Sing panel or door blank that will endure the environment and circumstances facing the regular use of said panel or door over a 50-year lifespan. A professional Sing panel built to these specifications and used for its prescribed conditions can be delivered wit an accompanied hard copy signed certificate insuring the product to be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years.

Wood Stave

Wood staves (a narrow length of natural wood “stave” with a slightly beveled edge) can be utilized to form the exterior of Sing Core panels or door blanks. These can be used to replace other types of solid wood building materials. Natural wood stave species are subject to availability. Standard wood stave exterior measures 1/8 inch and is available in other thicknesses according to architectural design and specifications.


* Note: STC rating varies according to size, thickness, skin, and other factors. Sing Core does not rate doors, although we are fortunate enough to have one of the best sound testing labs in the world, here in the Pacific Northwest. If you require a specific STC rating, Sing Core can build a door to your architectural specifications and have the resulting door tested at our rating facility for an official rating.